In Ballymore, County Westmeath, Ireland sometime in the period 1820- 1830 a farmhand by the name of Nicholas Moran married Bridget Donlan.They had a three children:

1. John Moran born 1826.

2. Catherine born in 1834.

3. Patrick born in about March 12, 1836 in Ballymore, County Westmeath, Ireland.

He left Ireland for Melbourne, Australia and became a miner. He married Ann Manny in Melbourne on December 19, 1859. Ann's family was originally from Ireland as well. She was a Casey. Ann and Patrick Moran had a eight children:

John born September 21, 1860 at Jackson's Creek near Sunbury, Victoria. John Moran was a miner and later a hotel owner. He owned the Railway Hotel in Ravenswood, Queensland, Australia. He married Eliza Ann Bennett in Cobar, NSW Australia on November 7, 1882. Eliza was of Cornish stock. Her father and mother, William Bennett and Elizabeth Knuckey were born in Cornwall, England. Eliza Ann was born in Snake Valley, Victoria on May 13, 1862.

John and Eliza Moran had six children:

Ernest Joseph 1883-1931

Arthur John 1885-1952,

Lola Vivienne (Mrs John Leahy) 1888-?

Herbert 1890-1967

Inez Kathleen (Mrs Horace Robinson) 1893-1988

Hazel May (Mrs John Browne) 1898-1969

John 1903-1903

Mary Ann (Mrs Stephen Rule) 1862-1920

Nicholas born May 5, 1864 at Sandhurst, now called Bendigo. He married Elizabeth Ryan on September 18, 1886in Ravenswood. He also was a miner. He died at Winton, Queensland on May 8, 1913. Nicholas and Elizabeth had three sons:

Arnold John 1888-1888

William Leslie 1891-1891

Patrick Joseph 1891-1935

Bridget 1867-1868

Catherine (Mrs James Noble) 1869-1952

Marsella (Mrs Joseph Hook) 1871-1961

Bridget Mary (Mrs Patrick Guinane) 1873-1948

Patrick Joseph 1878-1882

Patrick and Ann moved about Victoria and New South Wales from mining assignment to mining assignment. They ended up in Ravenswood, North Queensland where Patrick died December 26, 1911.

Although I know there are many more Morans down under, there is one other Australian family which I came across in my research.

John Moran and his wife Mary McCormick lived in St. Mary's Parish, Rathowen, County Westmeath, Ireland. He was a farmer and later an innkeeper. The children of John and Mary Moran were:

Ann Moran born September 27, 1823

Bridget Moran born February 7, 1825, she married Thomas Monaghan in Rathowen.

Peter Moran born in about 1830

John Moran1831 or 1833

Catherine Moran born June 5, 1839

Margaret Moran born August 19 1841 or 1843

Of these only more about Peter is known. He became one of the original settlers of the Arafat District in Australia. He arrived in about 1852. In 1856 he married Bridget Birmingham. They had nine children*:

Hannah Moran

Mary Elizabeth Moran

Margaret Anne Moran

John Thomas Moran

Frances, who married Annie Hanly on May 11, 1892 in Melbourne. They had four children:

Leo Moran, James Moran, Peter Moran and Paul Moran

Edward Moran

Peter Henry Moran

James Joseph Moran who married Kathleen Caufield. They had nine children:

James Lawrence Moran

Joseph Bernard "Barney" Moran

Peter Aloysius Moran

William Frances Moran

Hugh Stanislaus Moran

Edmund "Ted" Moran

Cecil Ewart Moran

Adrian Alexander Moran

Kevin Gerard Moran

In 1857, Peter Moran listed his occupation as Constable of Horsham & Avoca. In 1868, he ran the Three Mile Creek Hotel. In 1894 he married Hanorah Ryan at South Yarra. *Some of the later children listed may have been from that marriage.

Still more Australian Morans


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