F. The Battles

Anahuac I, Anahuac II





Goliad I

Lipantitlan I

Alamo (Bexar) I

San Patricio

Agua Dulce

The Alamo II



Goliad II

San Jacinto

Nueces, July 1842

1. Anahuac I

Francis W. Johnson, Sergeant Brennan, William McAlpine Williamson, William Jack, Wily Martin, John Austin, William Scott

2. Anahuac II

William B. Travis, John W. Moore

3. Nacogdoches

Alexander Horton, Capt. Bailey Anderson, Maj. Samuel MacMahon, William McFarland, Sam S. Davis

4. Velasco

George B. McKinstry, Asa Mitchell, James B. Bailey, Smith Bailey, Morton Donohoe, Andrew J. Harris, Garren Hinds, Mathew T. Hinds, James Hughes, Peter Hughes, John C McLaughlin, John McNeil, Pinckney McNeil, Sterling McNeil, William Patton, Andrew Jackson Harris,

5. Gonzales

Daniel Davis, Andrew Sowell, George W. Davis, John Sowell, Jesse McCoy, William B. Travis, John H. Moore, Robert McAlpin Williamson

6. Concepcion

Jim Bowie, Dick Andrews

7. Goliad I

James W. Moore, D. C. Collingsworth, George M. Collingsworth, Ira Ingram, Spirse Dooley, Thomas O'Connor, Moragan O'Brien, John Dunn, George McKnight, Patrick Quinn, Michael O'Reilley, Robert Patrick Hearne, Samuel McCullough, Edward NcDonough, Hugh McDonald Fraser, Andrew Devereaux, James Shearn, Ben Milam, Samuel McCollock, Scott and many others

8. Lipantitlan I

Ira Westover, James Kerr, James Power, John J. Linn, William Bracken, Jeremiah Day, John Dunn, Nicholas Fagan, John Fagan, James Lambert, John Lambert, Walter Lambert, Martin Lawlor, Charles Malone, Andrew Devereaux, Edward Quirk, John Ryan, George McKnight, Morgan O'Brien, Thomas O'Brien, James O'Connor, Thomas O'Connor, Michael McDonough, Patrick O'Reilley, Michael O'Reilley, Daniel O'Driscoll, William Ryan, Peter Teal, John Quinn, Michael Quinn, Patrick Quinn, Jeremiah O'Toole, James Robinson, Patrick O'Leary, Jerry Toole, Isaac Robinson, Timothy Hart

9. Alamo I (Siege of Bexar)

James McGahey, John McGuffin, William G. Cooke, Ben Milam, Francis White Johnson, James Neill, James Grant, Jeremiah Day, Edward McCafferty, Thomas Mitchel, James Nowlin, Charles J. O'Connor, William Brenan, John S. Roberts, Isaac Robertson, John Cameron, Peter Teal, John Cameron, Pleasant McAnelly, Ezekial Cullen, William J. Bryan, Mathew Caldwell, T. J. Rusk, William Travis, William Patton, Peter J. Duncan, William Sutherland, William McDonald, J. W. E. Wallace, Aaron Burleson, Edward Burleson, Joseph Burleson II, Thomas William Ward, and many more...

10. San Patrico

Frank W. Johnson, Phineas Jenks Mahan, Samuel McKneely, John Bryan, Lucius Kerr, Thomas Mitchell, Neill

11. Aqua Dulce

James Grant, J. T. Howard, John C. McLangin, James Reed

12. The Alamo

R. Allen, Robert Evans*, Edward McCafferty, Burke Trammel*, Peter James Bailey, Samuel B. Evans, Jesse McCoy, William B. Travis, John J. Ballentine, William Garrett, William McDowell, William B. Ward*, James G. Garrett, James McGee*, Richard W. Ballentine**, David L. Wilson**, James Butler Bonham, Andrew Jackson Harrison, John McGregor**, John Wilson, James Bowie, William B. Harrison, Robert McKinney*, James Buchanan, Joseph M. Hawkins*, Robert B. Moore, Samuel F. Burns*, John M. Hays, James Nowlan*, George D. Butler, Thomas Jackson*, Christopher Parker, Robert Campbell, John P. Reynolds, William R. Carey, William Daniel Jackson*, Green B. Jameson, Thomas H. Roberts, Robert E. Cochran, Lewis Johnson***, James Robertson, Lemuel Crawford, James Kenney, Isaac Robinson**, David Crockett, Joseph Kerr, Jackson J. Rusk*, Peter Cunningham, William P. King, Isaac Ryan, John Davis, William Linn, James E. Stewart, Andrew Duvalt*, William T. Malone, William D. Sutherland

* born in Ireland - ** born in Scotland- *** born in Wales

13. Victoria

Joseph L. Wilson, Daniel B. Brooks, Stith Conner, Thomas Quirk, James Callaghan, James Callhan, Martin Moran, James H. Neely, John O'Daniel, Jr.,Edward Patterson, Thomas G. Stewart, William Welsh

14. Refugio (March 1836)

Among the Celts lost in the Battle of Refugio March 14-16 were:

Amon Butler King, Jackson Davis, James B. Murphy, William Wallace, Leslie G. H. Brady, Jesse Humphries, James Murphy, Fields Davis, Harvey H. Kirk, John C. Stewart, John Ward

15. Goliad II (Massacre)

Killed in the fighting of March 19th

John Kelly, George McKnight, William Quinn

Murdered in the massacre

Moses Butler

John Fadden

James Kelly

John K. Parker

Matthew Byrne

James W. Fannin

John Kelly

James McCoy

Michael E. Carroll

Joseph G. Ferguson

John C. Logan

James A. McDonald

George W. Coglan

Hugh McDonald Fraser

A. M. Lynch

John McGloin

Matthew Conway

Dominic Gallagher

Dennis Mahoney

Dennis McGowan

William J. Cowan

Edward Garner

John McGowen

Lewis Powell

Arthur G. Foley

George M. Gilland

Kenneth McKenzie

John M. Powers

John D. Cunningham

John Gleeson

Charles McKinley

Cornelius Rooney

George A. Davis

James A. Hamilton

Alexander McLennan

Edward Ryan

Michael Devereaux

Edward Fitzsimmons

J. B. McManomy

James Vaughan

Richard Disney

Wesley Hughes

William McMurray

A. J. Wallace

John Donoho

Wiley Hughes

James McSherry

Samuel P. Wallace

Henry L. Douglass

James C. Jack

John Moore

William Ward

William G. Douglas

John N. Jackson

James Noland

Robert W. Wilson

James W. Duncan


Zeno R. O'Neal

James Williams

Michael Ellis

John James

George W. Paine

Napoleon B. Williams

Escaped the massacre

William Brenan

Bennett Butler

John Neill Devenny

Isaac D. Hamilton

Nicholas Fagan

Spared from the massacre

Andrew M. Boyle, Peter Griffin, David N. Burke, Benjamin H. Hughes, James W. Byrne, James Hughes, John Fagan, Daniel Murphy

Men of Fannin's Command assigned elsewhere or sick at home

David N. Burke, Martin Moran, James H. Callaghan, John O'Daniel, Jr., James H. Callahan, Michael Riley, Albert C. Horton, Levi P. Scott, Dr. William H. Magee, Thomas G. Stewart, Bennett McNelly, Thomas S. Thompson

Members of Captain Nicholas Dawson's Company with Celtic Surnames

Thomas J. Butle,r Patrick Lewis, William Linn, Nicholas Mosby Dawson, Joe Griffin, John McCrady, Asa Jones, Richard McGee, John Jones, Joseph C. Robinson, Joseph Shaw, David Smith Kornegay

16. San Jacinto

John Allen - was the first Mayor of Galveston. He served four terms. Earlier in his life he was with his friend, Lord Byron, when he fell at Missolonghi, Greece fighting for Greek independence.

Walker Baylor - his great grandfather fought with George Washington, and became an aide to Washington.

Peter H. Bell - became a governor of Texas.

William Boyles

William Brennan - a member of the New Orleans Grays. He fought at Coleto, but escaped the massacre.

George Washington Browning - his mother was Scottish, he became the Chief Justice of Burnet County (no longer a present day county).

Luke O. Bryan - brother to Pryor and Chistopher Bryan.

Moses Austin Bryan - Houston's interpreter when Santa Anna was first interrogated. He wore his uncle Stephen F. Austin's coat in the battle. When the battle was over, it had three bullet holes in it. Not one ever touched Moses Bryan.

Benjamin Franklin Bryant - born in Ireland.

Aaron Burleson - brother of Edward Burleson, helped to capture Santa Anna.

Edward Burleson - commanded the troops in the front lines at San Jacinto. Burleson County is named for him. He laid out the plan for the town of Waterloo, which later became Austin.

Robert J. Calder - was later Mayor of both Brazoria and Richmond, first Sheriff of Brazoria, and then Chief Justice of Brazoria, and then of Fort Bend County.

Pinckney Caldwell

Thomas Jefferson Callahan

Joseph Campbell

Michael Campbell

John Cassady

Jeremiah D. Cochrane

James Collingsworth - Acting Secretary of State, he became the first Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.

Preston Conlee - became Sheriff of Bastrop County.

Sampson Connel

James Connor

Robert Crawford - later a Mier man.

"Choctaw" Tom Crosby

Leander Cunningham

Walter R. Dallas- nephew of George M. Dallas.

Daniel Davis

George Washington Davis

James P. Davis

Jacob Duncan

Mathew Dunn- born in Ireland.

William Mosby Eastland- Eastland County is named after him. His father was Thomas Butler. His mother married and he was adopted by his stepfather who was named Eastland.

Dr. Alexander Erwing- was Acting Surgeon General and Chief Surgeon of the Texan Army. He was born in Londonderry, Ireland.

Thomas Farley

John P. T. Fitzhugh- Assistant Surgeon

Thomas Jefferson Flynn

John Forbes- of County Cork, Ireland was the Commissary General. He was later Mayor of Nacogdoches.

He administered the Texas Oath of Allegiance to Davey Crockett when Crockett first entered Texas

on his way to the Alamo.

James Freele

Edward A. Gallagher

James Gillespie- leader of one of the companies, would later be a Texas Ranger Captain. Gillespie County is named for him.

Michael Goheen

James Gray- a native of Scotland (not on everyone's list as being at San Jacinto).

Thomas Green- Green County is named for him. He was gunner on one of the twin sisters.

David Grieves- a native of Scotland.

William Griffin

Thomas Monroe Hardeman- his mother was Mary Ophelia Polk whose nephew was President James K. Polk. Hardeman was one of the first commissioners of Caldwell County.

George Duncan Hancock

Robert Henry- born in Ireland.

George Asa Hill- known as Asa Hill, he was of Scottish ancestry. During the battle, he captured a young Mexican boy, José Mendes who told Hill he did not want to be returned to Mexico. Hill, who had five sons, adopted him as one of his own. Ironically Hill's youngest son would one day become a part of the household of none other than Santa Anna.

James Monroe Hill- Son of Asa Hill.

The Hogan brothers- James B., and Thomas Hogan both were Sheriffs of Harris County. It was their mother who led the group of women to San Jacinto to cook breakfast for the Texas Army on the morning of the battle.

Josiah H. Hogan

Sam Houston

Joseph Hyland - father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in Scotland.

William Houston Jack- who led the Texan assault in the first incident at Anahuac, author of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, and was, in 1836, Texas'Secretary of State.

Henry W. Karnes

Connell O'Donnell Kelly- came to Texas with the Mobile Grays under Captain Burk and was one of the few survivors of Grant's men. He was born in Newport, County Mayo, Ireland.

William Killeen

Alfred Kelso

David S. Kornegay

Walter Lambert- born in Ireland.

Walter Payne Lane- was born in Ireland. He was in the cavalry serving as a private. During the Mexican War he provided a special service to Texas.

Nicholas Lynch- was Houston's Adjutant.

C. Malone

William Murray

Joseph McAllister

Robert D. McCaskey

Samuel McClelland- born in Ireland, became a Mier man.

Placedo McCorley

Joseph Manson McCormick

John McCoy

William McCoy

John M. McCrab

Joseph McCrab

Jesse Lindsay McCrocklin- was on the Somervell expedition.

Ben McCulloch- he commanded the Twin Sisters.

McDermott- veterans remember a McDermott being at San Jacinto, but they could not recall his first name.

William McFadden- was with McNutt at Harrisburg. He became a wealthy stockman.

David McFaddin

J. W. B. McFarlane

Daniel H. McGary

Thomas McGay

Joseph McGee

William McGill- later helped found Burnet, Texas.

Reverend Andrew Jackson McGown

Montgomery McGready

John W. McHorse

Thomas H. McIntire- later Chief Justice of Jackson County.

Daniel McKay

Alexander McKenzie

Hugh McKenzie

Robert McLaughlin

Stephen McLaughlin

Dugald McLean

Stephen McLinn

Robert McManus- he established a business at McManus' Landing on the Trinity River.

Edward McMillan- born in Ireland.

Pleasant D. McNeel

Samuel M. McNeely

Bennett McNelly

Robert McNutt- Commander of the rear.

Edward M. McStea

A. McGrady Montgomery- his ancestors came from County Down. May be the same as Montgomery McGready above.

George Morris- born in Ireland.

David Murphree- later Chief Justice of Victoria County.

Col. James Neill- first commander of the Twin Sisters at San Jacinto.

Samuel C. Neill

Elijah Noland

Jennings O'Bannion-

who was in Captain Gillespie's Company, was famous for his enormous physical stature. He weighed

over 300 pounds and survived the battle to live a long life.

Patrick B. O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor- for whom Port O'Connor is named, was the youngest Texan in the battle. He was just 17. He signed the Goliad Declaration of Independence. He was born in Ireland.

David Odem

Daniell O'Driscoll- an antecedant of Clara Driscoll.

William O'Neill

Martin O'Toole- born in Ireland

James D. Owen

John Plunkett- born in Ireland.

Jesse Robertson

William Robertson

James W. Robinson- former Lieutenant Governor and then Acting Governor. He served as a Private at San Jacinto. He became a judge, and still later a prisoner of the Mexicans in 1842.

David Rusk- brother of T.J., was later Sheriff of Nacogdoches County.

Thomas Jefferson Rusk

William Redmond- born in Ireland.

John Sayer- grandfather of a future governor of Texas, he was Irish on both sides.

David Scott

William P. Scott- later Chief Justice of Brazoria County.

James Shaw

Col. Sidney Sherman- the man who was the first to utter the famous war cry of "Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad," during the battle, and brought the only flag, flown at the ttle. The flag never flew at another battle before or since San Jacinto. It featured a full figured woman, with her left breast exposed, carrying a banner and pointing forward.

Charles Stewart

Dennis Sullivan

William Burrell Sweeny

Patrick Usher- born in Ireland.

James Welch

R. M. Williamson- "Three Legged Willie," was a Major in the battle. He was at Gonzales, became first Ranger Major, a long time legislator, and a member of Texas' first Supreme Court.

William P. Zuber- was the last survivor of the Battle of San Jacinto. On his maternal side he is descended from both Irish and Scotch ancestors which he described in an article entitled "Ancestry and Kindred of W. P. Zuber, Texas Veteran", (1905).

D. W. Campbell, Freeman W. Douglass, Johnathan Douglass, J. G. Dunn, Benjamin, Finley, Longford Fitzgerald, J. Gordon, W. Kennedy, William McMaster, and Richard Vaughn were all in the rear at Harrisburg.

The battle was fought on the land of two Irish natives: Nathaniel Lynch and Peggy McCormick.

17. Nueces, July 1842

Patrick Bray, James Burke, Michael Cahill, Henry Clarke, Mathew Cody, Jeremiah Finlay, Edward Fitzgerald, John Fitzsimmons, James Fox, John Fox, Michael Fox, Walter Lambert, Edward Linn, Patrick Mahan, Morgan O'Brien, Thomas O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Daniel O'Driscoll, James Power, Henry Whalen, Michael Whalen, John Shearn

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