XI. Bernard Gerard Moran

Bernard "Bernie" Moran, a retired telephone company executive, was the last child and he paid for it often. He was born July 17, 1930. There was a definite pecking order in the house and when you are last, you get all the jobs, assignments and problems no one else wanted. It made Bernie tough along with being in Dorchester. There was something about where you lived in those days that helped to make you who you became. People were much more involved with one another and their neighbors back then, and there was a sense of pride each neighborhood had. It even reached down to streets. People were referred to as coming from Crescent Avenue and that was meant to convey something about them even though Crescent Avenue was just blocks away from Harbor View Street. It did not matter if you were from Back Bay, Brookline, South Boston or Cohassett, all the neighborhoods and streets had rich histories and traditions that were guarded and maintained generation to generation. It was during Bernie's life that things changed faster than in previous generations. He was there to see things as they used to be and were supposed to be, but then things changed. The second world war, with most of the men gone from the neighborhoods was the first change. When they returned to the neighborhoods as changed older men with different experiences than previous generations was the second change. Attempts were made to make things like they were before they left by those who returned, but they were different and what they did was different from what they probably would have done had they never left. Then there were the many people who never did come back from the war. Almost every family had holes in it, so that they weren't the same any more either. Add to that the prosperity the nation enjoyed after WWII and the technological advances that reached into everyone's lives and the past was no longer the prologue it had been to the future.

Streetcars were no longer the community's only means of transportation, cars began to appear with more and more frequency. And where they used to be hidden in garages, out of site, they began to take up valuable play space in the streets. The men who survived the war were emboldened with their new experience to strike out and head for non-traditional careers and locations. Street loyalty waned and then neighborhood loyalty and not too far behind that the family that used to pray together, and stay together began to stretch so that they were not the cohesive unit they once were. Had there not been a war, it was a sure bet that most of the generation involved would have done things like their parents and pretty much stayed with the old neighborhood or not far from it. Instead the Moran family had all their sons in the military at some point, with some of them going back into it. They moved and lived far from Dorchester, not as much a part of the family as previous sons, uncles and aunts had. Though some remained, every family had members gone so that Dorchester, Harbor View Street and Bernie's life was different than it would have been.

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My most vivid early memory of Bernie is of him as a young man. He had gone swimming with some of his friends and they took turns diving into the water. Bernie dove and landed on some submerged rocks. He was hurt bad, his spleen and other organs were damaged. He almost died. After a long recovery, Bernie came back to his life and met Mary T. Dunne. Machine Gun Dunne I heard her called for how fast she could talk. I was at their wedding and remember meeting Mr. Dunne. He was a real quiet man. Bernie and Mary had seven children:





a. Mary Theresa married John Dowling who works at Silicon Graphics and they had two children:

1. Christine

2. John

Mary Theresa and John Divorced and Mary took the Moran name back.






b. Bernadette married Jim Scutti. They have three children:

1. Chistopher

2. Michaela Rose

3. Dominic





c. Gerard works for the telephone company













d. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Moran is in advertising and sales. He works for AT&T Media Sales. John married Kelley Ryan (pictured with him) on May 22, 1999 and they are expecting a child.

e. Patrick was with the Merchant Marine as an Engineer, and is now a salesman with the Chesterton Co. He married Penni Robinson. They have two children:

1. Patrick Bernard (shown with his dad)

2. Madison Margaret Mary







f. Bernard works for the Boston Globe. He married Kim Rayne. They have one child:

Steven Michael born April 27, 2001.

Bernie had a son previously with Kim MacDonald:

Daniel Patrick.









g. Regina works at the Boston Police Department and is un-married. Regina is Bridget Agnes Moran's last grand child. Like her father she is the end of a generation, a generation that has seen much change in Dorchester and in the Morans.








Bernie and Mary at home after the kids were grown

Bernie had a long history of heart problems and lived a lot longer than anyone believed he would. He died May 5, 1998 when he was 68 years old.

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