III. William Thomas Moran

William, "Bill", was born in the family home at 66 Gates Street in South Boston on August 21, 1913. He grew up in Dorchester and went to school there. In the pictures below he is shown with his Dad and at Frank's wedding. He began his career with the Electrolux Manufacturing Company in 1936 and was able to increase his salary by subsequent moves to Packard and then the A. S. Campbell Company before WWII interrupted his career.

Bill joined the Army Transport Service in 1943 serving as a combat merchant marine. He became an Assignment Officer and eventually a Chief Engineer. The family was never really sure what it was Bill was doing for the government. He worked mostly with ports on the East Coast and over the course of the war spent a lot of time in many of their cities. Most times

his work was classified. Sister Joseph Bernadette recalls, many years after the war, when Bill came to see her in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that he knew the city better than she did. The family never knew he had been there except one. His brother John Moran also was in Halifax on occasion doing business in connection with his job at Boston Army Base and sometimes they were able to visit.

After the war, Bill Moran joined Eliot Trucking Company for three years and then moved to the Stevens-Arnold Company which was an electronic firm in South Boston. He worked there for more than fifteen years.

William Moran was a hard worker. Whenever he got on a project he dedicated all his energies to its successful conclusion. He did not have much patience for any one not keeping to the task at hand.

During his off time, Bill was very dapper. He was clearly the snappiest dresser in his neighborhood and beyond. He wasn't flashy, more - classy. He was tall and his lean, but not too lean, frame allowed clothes to drape very nicely. William T. Moran looked every bit the successful business man when you saw him dressed in his best. He was an imposing figure in his black Chesterfield coat with black satin collar trim, his Homberg hat and kid gloves.

Bill took his Irish heritage seriously and was an active and proud member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. By far his greatest avocation was yachting. Bill Moran was very active in the Massachusetts Bay Yacht Club's Association. He was a Past Commodore of that organization and of the Squantum Yacht Club. In 1961, he was honored with the title of Commodore and Yachtsman of the Year.

Bill played a large part in having the Squantum Yacht Club rebuilt after it was severly damaged in a winter storm. Besides his work already mentioned, Bill was also a Past President of the Quincy Bay Race Week Association and a Secretary to the Port Norfolk Yacht Club Association.

William T. Moran married Degna "Peg" Louise (Anzoni) Menadue January 2, 1955. They had no children, but Peg had a son from a previous marriage, James Menadue. Jim, who was born June 17, 1938, married Patricia Vitagliano in November, 1961. Patricia's mother, Agnes, was born in County Cork. Jim and Patricia had four children:

1.James Michael "Mike" was born October, 1962.

2. William Patrick, "Bill", born in March of 1964, was named after William T. "Bill" Moran. He married Melanie Lynn Werner of Roswell, New Mexico. They have a son:

Clayton Travis Menadue who was born in October of 2000.

3. Lisa born in September, 1966.

4. Derek, born in August of 1970, married Laura Kalantzis. They have a son:

Constantine James Menadue born August 2001.


Bill Moran died February 1, 1968 of carcinoma of the brain. He was 55 years old.

This section written with the assistance of Peg (Menadue) Moran and Bill Menadue.

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