The Irish did well in the United States and in the individual states for a number of reasons. Among them would be the fact that:

they spoke the language; were familiar with the system; and learned to use it to political advantage. They were the

first effective minority in the United States, and as an organized minority, early in the history of the country and the

states, used the political process and carved for themselves opportunities.

You have seen in this chronology just what they accomplished. By the beginning of the twentieth century, opportunity was open to them in more fields and they took advantage of it. In the heavy urban centers of the East Coast, however, the Irish were still considered a minority. In some of these places, opportunity was still closed to them as shown in an acronym understood by the Irish who lived through the period, NINA (No Irish Need Apply, this acronym was usually found after a job listing in the paper or in a store or business window). By the time the boys came home from "the War to end all wars" in 1918, the signs were mostly gone.

The minority status designation for the Irish was over. They were able to move up a notch and leave the minority tag to newer immigrant groups. Soon the Irish were excelling in all fields. So many Irish and Celts distinguished themselves in so many fields there is only room to list some of the names, many of which you will recognize. Those you don't recognize were accomplished people in their field and their story can be found in your local library with just a little research. Some things can't be listed like Roy C. Sullivan, a park ranger who has survived being struck seven times by lightning, or that Cathy Rigby, the first U.S. woman gymnast to win a medal in world competition, is now Mrs. Tom McCoy; or that Mary Lou Retton, the darling of the 1984 Olympics, is now Mrs. Shannon Kelley. Those stories and more will have to wait for another time and place. One thing the lists do tell us, as in the building of this country, the Irish are still very much among the pioneers of America and America's future. Our everyday life is touched by accomplishments of Irishmen.

It was an Irishman that first powered an automobile with gasoline (Duryea brothers), and an Irishman who brought the automobile within reach of all Americans (Ford). It was an Irishman who invented the parking meter we pay to park the car (Magee). Both ends of the pencil came to us from Irishmen (Dixon and Train). The shape of the doughnut (Gregory)we eat and the stamps we mail (Train) were designed by Irishmen. The beverage can (McManus) from which we drink and refresh ourselves, or the aerosol can (Connelley) we spray, came to us from Irishmen. The heeled shoes we walk on (O'Sullivan), the swivel chair we sit in at the office (Jefferson), the use of shorthand (Gregg), the telephone (Bell) we use to talk and hear from others, the vacuum cleaner (McGaffey) we use to clean with, are all gifts of the Gaelic mind. Marion O'Brien, who married James Donovan and became Marion Donovan invented the disposable diaper, the denta-loop for teeth flossing and the Zippity-Do that allowed women to zip up the back of their dress without help.

Today's microcomputer chip (Cochrane and Boone) and photoelectric cell (Carey) technology were begun by Irishmen.

Unfortunately these lists won't tell you the story behind these inventions, nor will it tell you an Irishman (Cooley) made the first implantation of a mechanical heart into a human.

Did you know the first person launched into space was a woman, an Irishwoman? Maggie McGrew, a missile engineering executive at Patrick Air Force Base died while working on the BOMARC missile program. At her request, she was cremated and her ashes sealed into the nosecone of a Bomarc missile. The missile with the nosecone containing her ashes was launched from Cape Canaveral into space in the spring of 1956, five years before Yuri Gagarin was launched into space.

Many of America's heroes in the Twentieth century were Irishmen. Men like: Teddy Roosevelt, John L. Sullivan, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, Tom Dooley, Jack Kennedy, John Wayne, and Ronald Reagan all have an Irish heritage. Celtic women, too are much admired in America, the very first Miss America was an Irish woman, Margaret Gorman (1921). In 1987, Rita Whalen McCaffey was named National Mother of the Year, in 1991, Kelli McCarthy was Miss USA. Women like: Jackie Cochran, Georgia O'Keefe, Margaret Mitchell, Christa McAuliffe, and Sandra Day O'Connor, have all reached high acclaim. Most of these names are known to all Americans. The Irish and Americans can both be proud of their contributions.

I would have liked to write a paragraph or even a sentence on each of the names of the Celts listed, but this appendix is already too long. My apologies to the families of any I have left off this list. The point here is to show to what degree the Celts were able to lift themselves from the lowest levels of American life to find success, often at the pinnacle of their chosen career fields.

There is only one reason for why the names are listed in the order they are, I listed each as I learned they had a Celtic connection either from their biography a personal interview or from an interview of a close friend.

I. Entertainment

A. Stage, Screen, and Television

Fred Allen Jimmy Dorsey Alan Ladd Steve Allen Tommy Dorsey

Cheryl Ladd Gracie Allen Paul Douglas Burt Lancaster

The Andrew Sisters Mike Douglas Janet Leigh Ethel Barrymore

Warren Douglas Joshua Logan Lionel Barrymore James Drury James

MacArthur Amanda Blake Howard Duff George MacCready

Debbie Boone Faye Dunaway Jack MacGouran Pat Boone

Sandy Duncan Ali MacGraw David Niven Richard Boone

James Dunn Marion Mack Lloyd NolanPolly Moran

Stephen Boyd Dan Duryea Shirley MacLaine Elliot Nugent

William Boyd Richard Eagan Patrick MacNee Dan O'Bannon

Peter Boyle Maurice Evans Gordon MacRae Edmond O'Brien

Scott Brady Morgan Fairchild Shirley MacRae Margrt O'Brien

Alice Brady Eileen Farrell Donald Madden Pat O'Brien

Walter Brennan Mia Farrow Patrick Magee Carroll O'Connor

George Brent Carrie Fisher Dorothy Malone Glyniss O'Connor

Pierce Brosnan Geraldine Fitzgerald Mary Martin Mollie O'Day

Edgar Buchanan Errol Flynn Andre McArdle Maureen O'Hara

Billie Burke Red Foley Diane McBain Dan O'Herlihy

Carol Burnett Dick Foran Mary M. McBride Dennis O'Keefe

Ellen Burstyn Bryan Forbes Davis McCallum Ryan O'Neal

Edd Byrnes John Ford Mercedes McCambridge Tatum O'Neal

James Cagney Glenn Ford Leo McCarey Jennifer O'Neill

Jeanne Cagney Stephen Foster Andrew McCarthy Maureen O'Sullivan

Rory Calhoun William Frawley Charley McCarthy Annette O'Toole

Kirk Cameron Gallagher Kevin McCarthy Peter O'Toole

Rod Cameron Judy Garland Doug McClure Buck Owens

Glen Campbell Greer Garson Patty McCormack John Payne

Hugh Carey Jackie Gleason John McCormick Gregory Peck

Carey McDonald James Gleason Myron McCormick Regis Philbin

Hoagey Carmichael Arthur Godfrey Tim McCoy Dick Powell

Art Carney Ruth Gordon James McCracken Eleanor Powell

Pat Carroll Stewart Granger Joel McCrea Jane Powell

Jack Cassidy Merv Griffin Hattie McDaniel William Powell

David Cassidy Andy Griffith Jeannete McDonald Tyrone Power

Shawn Cassidy Hughes Griffith Marie McDonald Anthony Quinn

Joan Caufield D. W. Griffith Roddy McDowall Eddie Rabbit

Rosemary Clooney Melanie Griffith Darren McGavin Ronald Reagan

William Cody Dan Haggerty Fibber McGee Debbie Ryenolds

George M. Cohan Larry Hagman Molly Mcgee Ginger Rogers

Chuck Conners Alan Hale Patrick McGoohan Roy Rogers

Michael Conners Alan Hale, Jr. Maureen McGovern Will Rogers

Sean Connery Richard Harris Dorothy McGuire Mickey Rooney

Tim Conway Rex Harrison Frank McHugh Pat Rooney

Jackie Coogan Helen Hayes Reba McIntire Katherine Ross

Alistair Cooke Peter Lind Hayes Siobhan McKenna Irene Ryan

Broderick Crawford Susan Hayward Rod McKeun Robert Ryan

Bing Crosby Rita Hayworth Victor McLaglen George C. Scott

Bob Crosby Victor Herbert Henry McLaughlin Zachary Scott

Bill Cullen Paul Hogan Ed McMahan Mack Sennett

Jamie Lee Curtis Rock Hudson Fred McMurray Robert Shaw

Dana Delaney William Hurt Kristy McNichol Artie Shaw

Tyne Daley Ruth Hussey Steve McQueen Charlie Sheen

Dennis Day Buster Keaton Gerald McRaney Martin Sheen

Loraine Day Diane Keaton Audrey Meadows Ann Sheridan

Ruby Dee Bob Keeshan Jayne Meadows Alastair Sim

William Demarest Brian Keith Anne Meara Barbara Stanwyck

Brian Denehey Emmett Kelly Liza Minneli Jean Stapleton

Bo Derek Gene Kelly Marilyn Monroe Rod Stewart

Dudley Digges Grace Kelly Colleen Moore James Stewart

Walt Disney Patsy Kelly Polly Moran Barry Sullivan

Brian Donlevy Arthur Kennedy Michael Moriarty Ed Sullivan

Patrice Donnelly George Kennedy Richard Mulligan Donald Sutherland

Phil Donohue Deborah Kerr Audie Murphy Laurette Taylor

Eleanor Donohue Evel Knievel George Murphy Gene Tierney

Peter Tosh Spencer Tracy Blair Brown Ali McGraw Hattie McDaniel

Mike Wallace Michael Keaton McGuire Sisters Kyle Maclachlan

David Wayne Carrie Hamilton Michael Moriarty Anita O'Day John Wayne

James McCallion Andie MacDowell James Barton May West

George Primrose John Barrymore Don Bouicault Richard Widmark

Edward Harrigan Tony Hart Preston Sturges Amy Madigan Willis O'Brien

Aline MacMahon James McCain Mickey Rourke Alice Brady

Van Morrison John Huston Walter Huston Angelica Huston Leo Gorcey

Mary Tyler Moore Stephen Foster Bill Murray Chevy Chase

Gerry Mulligan John McClaughlin Bunny Berrigan Bill Haley

Jim Carroll Eddie Cochrane Shannen Doherty Roma Downey

Richard Burton Peggy Ryan Valerie Perrine Anne Murray

Sam Neill Jack Nicholson Patricial Neal J. Carroll Naish

Edward R. Murrow Paul McCartneyJohn Lennon George Harrison

Liam and Noel Gallagher Elvis Costello Roger McGuinn Jim McCarty

and Huey Lewis

I. Entertainment

B. Sports

1. Automobile Racing-

Bob Carey Pat Flaherty Wilbur Shaw

Jimmy Bryan Roger McCluskey Danny Sullivan

Mark Donahue Shirley Muldowney Danica Patrick


In 1969 professional baseball celebrated its 100th anniversary and named the following as its greatest participants:

Babe Ruth - Greatest Player Ever

John McGraw - Greatest Manager Ever

Joe DiMaggio - Greatest Living Player

Casey Stengel - Greatest Living Manager

Of the four only "Jolting Joe" is not Irish, Casey Stengel's mother was Irish.

A list of the major league pennant winning managers from 1903 is dominated with Irish and Celtic names:

National League /American League

John McGraw /Joe Collins

Pat Moran /Connie Mack

W. Robinson/ W. Corrigan

W. McKechnie/ W. Gleason

Joe McCarthy /Miller Huggins

Bill Terry /Joe McCarthy

Frank Haney/ Joe Cronin

D. Murtaugh /G. Cochrane

Casey Stengel/ Joe McCarthy

S. O'Neill

Casey Stengel

Earl Weaver

Tom Kelly

From Baseball's Hall of Fame come the following Celtic names:

Catchers- Pitchers- First Base-

Roger Bresnahan- Clark Griffith -Roger Conner

Gordon "Mickey" Cochrane -Tim Keefe- George Kelly

Mike Kelly- Joe McGinty -Bill Terry

Connie Mack -Ed Walsh

Second Base- Third Base- Short Stop-

Eddie Collins -Jimmy Collins- Joe Cronin

John McGraw -Travis Jackson

Roderick (Bobby) Wallace


Max Carey Joe Kelly George (Babe) Ruth

Ed Delahantey Thomas McCarthy

Hugh Duffy James O'Rourke

Others that need to be mentioned are:

Umpire, Tom Connally; Pitchers, Denny McClain and Nolan Ryan; and Manager, Leeland McPhail.


Greg Campbell Tom Hennessey Ed Thompson

Annese Kelly Pat McBride


Greg LeMonde Sterling McBrideLance Armstrong


Heavyweight Champions-

Gerry Cooney Bob Fitzsimmons John L. Sullivan

Jack Dempsey Milton McCrory Gene Tunney


James Morrisey Norman Selby "Kid McCoy"

Jerry Cooney


Members of the professional Hall of Fame with Celtic names include:

Joe Carr Ray Flaherty John Blood McNally

George Connor Tim Mara Steve Owen

Art Donovan George McAfee Art Rooney

Paddy Driscoll Hugh McElhaney Jim Thorpe

Record holders in college football with Celtic names are:

Most Touchdowns in one season by Mayes McLain of Haskell, 38 in 1926.

Most Yards in one season by Jim McMahan of B.Y.U., 4,627 yds. in 1979.

Most Yards in a career by Jim McMahan of B.Y.U., 9,723, 1977-1981.

Most Yards in one game by Jim Thorpe of Carlisle, 362 in 1912.

Most Yards passing in a season by Jim McMahan, 4,571 in 1979.

Most TD passes in a season by Jim McMahan, 47 in 1980.

Most TD passes in a career by Jim McMahan, 84, 1971-1978, 1980-1981.

Most TD passes in one game by Tim Delaney of San Diego State in 1969.

Most Field Goals in one game by Edward Robertson, 7 in 1900.

Celts with N.F.L. records are:

Longest Field Goal (63 yards) by Tom Dempsey of New Orleans in 1970.

Longest punt (98 yards) by Steve O'Neal of N.Y. Jets in 1969.

Other recognizeable Celtic names in football include Duffy Daugherty, Frank Ryan, Frank Leahy, Bear Bryant, "Red" Grange,

Bill Walsh, George Mara, and Jack Murphy.

Heisman Trophy Winners With Celtic Names:

Earl Campbell Larry Kelly Pat Sullivan

Howard Cassady Davey O'Brien

Archie Griffin Steve Owens


Billie Burke George Dunlap John Mahaffey Fred McLeod

Jack Burke Chandler Eagan C. MacDonald Mark O'Meara

John Burke Chick Evans, Jr. Pauline MacKay Bob Murphy

Bill Campbell Walter Hagen Maurice McCarthy Patty Sheehan

Dorothy Campbell Ben Hogan John McDermott Sam Snead

Gary Cowan Bobby Jones Barbara McIntire


Roger Craig Ted Kennedy Bob McMillan Larry Regan

Rick Kehoe Don McKenney Herbert O'Connor

9.Horse Racing (Jockies)

Kentucky Derby Winners Harness Winners

Billy Donohue Con McCreary James Arthur

P.Duffy JimmyMcLaughlin Del Cameronr

Linus McAtee John Mooeny Billy Haughton

John McCabe Isaac Murphy Tom Haughton

Joe O'Brien


All Around Cowboy Champions

Larry Mahan Tom Ferguson Paul Tierney

10.Racquet Ball-

Marty Hogan


Maureen Connolly Chuck McKinley Elizabeth Ryan

Jimmy Connors Don McNeill Jon McEnroe Helen Wills Moody


Dennis Conner

II. Business, Industry and Finance

James Butler Marcus Daly Joseph P. Kennedy Madeline McWhinney

Andrew Carnegie James A. Farrell John W. MacKay Michael Moran

Albert V. Casey Henry Ford David H. McConnell Thomas Murphy

John A. Coleman Wiliam R. Grace Elijah McCoy John Phelan

Thomas Corcoran William R. Hearst John B. McDonald Thomas F. Ryan

Daniel Crimmins Howard Hughes,Jr. Andrew McNally James B. Brady

B. Aeronautics

Thomas E. Braniff Donald Douglas T. Claude Ryan

Jacqueline Cochrane Howard Hughes, Jr. James V. Sullivan

Nancy Corrigan B. Franklin Mahoney

"Wrong Way" Corrigan James S. McDonnell

C. Astronautics

Gerald Carr Bruce McCandless Don McMonagle Katherine Sullivan

John Glenn Mike McCulley Ronald McNair Ed White

Gerald Griffin John McBride "Shorty" Powers Bryan O'Connor

Christa Corrigan McAuliffe James McDivitt Joseph Shea Andrew "Drew" Gaffney

D. Science

Melvin Calvin* Elmer V. McCollum Michael O'Reilly

Rachel Carson Edwin M. McMillan* Robert M. O'Reilly

James W. Cronin* Stanford Moore James Tobin

Allan N. Cormack* John Benjamin Murphy

Barbara McClintock* Joseph O'Dwyer

* Nobel Prize Winners

E. Inventors

Alexander G. Bell James Finley Carlton Magee

Gary W. Boone Robert Fulton Cyrus McCormick

Mathew Brady John R. Gregg I. W. McGaffey

Melvin Calvin Hanson C. Gregory Charles McManus

G. R. Carey Joseph Henry Samuel Morse

Michael J. Cochrane Michael Hicks Thomas E. Murray

John Connelly John P. Holland J. A. O'Neill

Joseph Dixon Stephen Horgan M. J. Owens

Charles E. Duryea Thomas Jefferson Humphrey O'Sullivan

J. Frank Duryea William Kelly Jack Ryan

F. Medicine

Allen M. Cormack* Ephraim McDowell

Thomas A. Dooley William P. Murphy*

Charles B. Huggins* Francis P. Ross*

Barbars McClintock* Earl W. Sutherland*

* Nobel Prize Winners


Terence Cardinal Cooke John Cardinal McCloskey Joseph T. O'Callaghan

Charles E. Coughlin Julia McGroarty Hugh O'Flaherty

Richard Cushing William McLellin Fulton J. Sheen

Francis Patrick Duffy Aimee McPherson Francis C. Spellman

Edward J. Flanagan John C. Murray

IV.Fine Arts

John Singleton Copley Mary Gallagher Archibald MacLeish Georgia O'Keefe

John Steuart Curry Martha Graham Patricia McBride Augustus

Alan Dugan Victor Herbert John McCormick Saint Gaudens

Isadora Duncan James E. Kelly Phliss McGinley Louis H.Sullivan

Eilleen Farrell Ralph Kilpatrick Ellen McLaughlin James Whistler

Suzanne Farrell Edward McDowell Thomas Moran

V. Journalism and Literature (including History and Poetry)

Charles McClean Andrews* George F. Kennan* Relman Morin*

Jimmy Breslin John F. Kennedy* Robert D. Mullins*

Anne Bronte Walter Kerr* Don Murray*

Charlotte Bronte Joyce Kilmer Edward R.Morrow

Emily Bronte Louis L'Amour Frank M. O'Brien

William C. Bruce* Ring Lardner Edwin O'Connor*

William Cullen Bryant Joshua Logan* Flannery O'Connor

Edna Buchanan Charles Mccauley* Mary Flannery O'Connor

William F. Buckley, Jr Archibald MacLeish* John O'Hara*

James McGregor Burns* J. K. McNelly 2* Mary O'Hara

Robert Butler* James V. Magee* Eugene O'Neill*

Marc Connelly* Dumas Malone* G. M. O'Neill*

Anthony Dolan* Mary Margaet McBride John W. Owens*

David Donald* Sean McBride John Patrick*

Lloyd C. Douglas Mary McCarthy Edgar Allen Poe

Alan Drury Samuel McClure Sumner C. Powell

Edmund Duffy 3* Robert McCormick James Whitcomb Riley

Peter Finley Dunne Alvin McCoy* Robert L. Ripley

Will Durant John McCutcheon* Abraham Ryan

James T. Farrell John MacDonald Fred A. Shannon*

Daniel Fitzpatrick 2* Ross MacDonald Irwin Shaw

Frances Fitzgerald* William S. McFeely* Gaylord Shaw*

F. Scott Fitzgerald Ralph McGill* Susan Sheehan*

Thomas F. Fitzpatrick* Mary McGrory* Mickey Spillane

William Fitzpatrick* Charles McIlwaine* Brad Stokes

Andrew Greeley Ben McKelway Jesse Hilton Stuart

Constance M. Green* Andrew C. McLaughlin* John Kennedy Toole*

Oscar O. Griffin Jr.* James Alan McPherson* William Touhy*

Jeff Chandler Harris William McPherson* Denny Walsh

Margeruite Higgins* Edna Vincent Millay * Pulitzer Prize Winner

George Kelly* Margaret Mitchell #* multiple winner

Ruth McKenny Elizabeth Cochrane (Nellie Bly)

Horace McCoy Dorothy Kilgallen

George McManus William Donahey

Walt Kelly Chester Gould

Gene Ahern Frederic Opper

Jack Cole Roy Crane

Milton Caniff Rose O'Niell

Robert MacNeil John McLaughlin


W. A. "Tony" Boyle Peter James McGuire

Elizabeth Flynn Gurley George Meany

Thomas "Teddy" W. Gleason Kate Mullaney

John "Jack" Henning Phillip Murray

Mary Harris "Mother Jones" Leonora O'Reilly

Kate Kennedy Mary Kennedy O'Sullivan

Mary Elizabeth Lease Terence V. Powderly

Augusta Lewis Michael Joseph Quill

John L. Lewis Daniel Tobin

Lloyd McBride

Patrick H. McCarthy

VI.Military Service

Patrick Brady Arthur Mac Arthur

Arleigh Burke Douglas MacArthur

Douglas Campbell Margretha Z. "Mata Hari" MacLeod

Clair Chennault Alfred Thayer Mahan

Daniel J. Daly Anthony McAuliffe

Roger Donlon John McGinty

Willam J. Donovan Audie Murphy

Francis P. Duffy John Joseph O'Connor

James M. Gavin Butch O'Hare

"Ned" Hogan George S. Patton

Charles E. "Commando" Kelly Collin Powell

Colin P. Kelly John D. Ryan

Thomas Kelly the Five Sullivan brothers

William D. Leahy Alvin York

VII.Government, Politics and the Judicial

Frank A. Barrett James Farley Patrick McCarran

James G. Blaine Miriam Ferguson Eugene McCarthy High O'Brien

James Brady John Fitzgerald Joseph R. McCarthy Sandra Day O'Connor

William G. Brennan Thomas F. Foley Leo McCarthy William O'Dwyer

Gerald E. Brown Gerald Ford James A. McClure Joseph C. O'Mahoney

William Jennings Bryan James Forrestal John McCormickk Thomas "Tip" O'Neil

James Byrnes John Nance Garner Vance McCormick Thomas M. Patterson

Jane Byrne Robert Hannegan Jesse McDonald Sam Rayburn

James F. Byrnes John Hay Robert McFarlane Ronald Reagan

Jimmy Carter Margaret Heckeler James P. McGranery Teddy Roosevelt

William J. Casey Lyndon Johnson J. Howard McGrath Nellie T. Ross

John Connally George F. Keenan Kenneth McKellar Leo J. Ryan

Tom Connally Edward M. Kennedy William McKinley James M. Slattery

Thomas G. Corcoran John F. Kennedy Ann D.McLaughlin Alfred Smith

James Michael Curley Robert Kennedy Brien McMahon Joseph Tumulty

John A. Danaher Martin Kennelley Robert S. McNamara Gene Tunney

Harry M. Daugherty Michael C. Kerr Charles N. McNary David I. Walsh

Eamon de Valera Jeane Kilpatrick James Mitchell Lawrence E.Walsh

Thomas Dewey Patrick J. Leahy Daniel Monynihan Woodrow Wilson

Ignatius Donnelly Francis Maloney James Murray Jimmy Walker

Willian Allen Eagan Mike Mansfield Richard Nixon

Edward Keating John J. Coughlin Michael Kenna Margaret Sanger

Frank Murphy Tom Walsh Joseph P. Kennedy William O. Douglas


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