II. Celtic Cities, Towns and Place Names in Texas N - S

In towns that list the: general store owner, postmaster, postmistress, schoolteacher, or an early settler(s), the person(s) named was/were usually among the founding families of the community. Generally, the Celtic connection of an individual or place is not given if it is obviously a Celtic name or if the connection is made in the text of the book.

Nacogdoches, Texas

Early Celtic settlers were: Samuel Davenport, William Barr, Philip Nolan, Peter Ellis Bean, John Quinelti, John Cornegy, and many more.

Nash, Texas

Originally called Park for J. N. Parker.

Nashville-on-the-Brazos, Texas

Founded by Sterling C. Robertson in honor of his birthplace, Nashville, Tennessee. Became Shelbyville.

Navosota, Texas

Originally called Nolanville for James Nolan the owner of a stagecoach stop.

Nazareth, Texas

It was settled by A. V., T. P. and J. A. McCormick in 1890. Early settlers were Michael O'Kieff and Michael Gallagher and 27other Irish families. Previously known as Shamrock and then Wind. It became a German community.

NcNiel, Texas

Named for George McNiel a railroad foreman.

Neal, Texas

Now called Cottonwood.

Neale, Texas

Named for W. J. Neale an early settler.

Neals, Texas

Named for an early settler family.

Neches, Texas

Town site donated by Murdock McDonald. J. B. McDonald operated the general store in 1897. The town was originally called Nechesville.

Nechesville, Texas

Now called Neches, town site was donated by Murdock McDonald.

Neighborville, Texas

Originally called Hortontown as it was on land owned by A.C. Horton.

Neil Creek

Named for Claiborne Neil.

Neil's Creek, Bosque County

New Braunfels, Texas

The first mercantile business in town was Scotsman James Ferguson's.

New Columbia, Texas

Named was changed to Jacks, Texas to honor A. A. "Jack" McMahon.

New Deal, Texas

General store was operated by a Mr Connell and his son Billy. Town was originally called Monroe in 1910.

New Hagansport, Texas

Named for Hagan's Port on the Sulpher River.

New Ulm, Texas

Originally it was Duff's Settlement named for James C. Duff on whose land grant it was located.

Nickleville, Texas

A former town settled by a Celtic family, now a part of Wylie,Texas.

Nineveh, Texas

Named by Mrs McCreary in 1872 for town squabbling.

Nix, Texas

First Postmistress and an early settler was Elizabeth Wallace.

Nocona, Texas

Named for Comanche Chief Peta Nocona, husband to Cynthia Ann Parker.

Nolan, Texas

Named after Philip Nolan, now called Belton.

Nolan, Texas

Located in Nolan County.

Nolan's Creek

Nolan's River

Named for Philip Nolan.

Nolands River, Texas

Nolanville, Texas

Named for James Nolan owner of a stagecoach stop. Now called Navosota.

Nolanville, Texas

Nome, Texas

First Mayor was Hugh Ferguson.

Normanna, Texas

Among the early settlers were Mat Nolan and Virgina O'Neal Hernandez. Town was first called San Domingo in 1856.

Norman's Crossing, Texas

An early settler was M. R. Kennedy.

North Rusk, Texas

One mile north of Rusk which is named for Thomas Jefferson Rusk.

Northpole, Texas

Said to be named by A. Garner from the time he entered Bill Griffin's one chair barber shop and said "it was as cold as the Northpole outside."

Noxville, Texas

Named for Farris Knox the first postmaster.

Nuecestown, Texas

Founded by Henry L. Kinney for Irish families in 1852.

Nugent Mountain, Brewster County

Nugent, Texas

Nursery, Texas

Built on land owned by W. H. Kyle. Named for Nick O'Brien a railroad superintendent.

O'Donnell, Texas

Named for T. J. O'Donnell a railroad official.

O'Quinn Creek

O'Quinn Hill

O'Quinn, Texas

Oakland, Texas

Located on a site originally owned by James Bowie. Named after the homesite of David G. Burnet.

Oakville, Texas

Originally an Irish settlement in the San Patricio colony. Site donated by Thomas Wilson.

Oakwood, Texas

H. P. McCall was one of its early settlers.

Obregon, Texas

O'Byrne's Mill Settlement, Texas

Formed around the mill built by Irishborn John O'Byrne. He also built a school and church.

Odell Creek

Odell, Texas

Named for M. F. O'Dell a railroad engineer.

Odessa College

First School Master was Methodist minister, Rev. M. A. Daugherty in 1889.

Ogangeville, Texas

Settled by Daniel Dugan in 1836.

Okra, Texas

Named by Levi McCulloch an early postmaster "because the vegetable grew well there."

Old Brownsboro, Texas

Named for Irish born John "Red" Brown in 1836.

Old Franklin, Texas

Located on land donated by Edward McMillan.

Old Glory, Texas

An early settler was Howel Ely Carr.

Old Harrison, Texas

Named for General James E. Harrison.

Old Nashville, Texas

Settled by Billy Moore, John Bailey, James Laughlin, a Mr Powers, and a McCandis family among others.

Old Ocean, Texas

Originally called Chance's Prairie, an early settler was John Sweeney in 1837.

Oliveria, Texas

Now called Campbell to honor former governor Thomas Campbell.

Onalaska, Texas

An early settler was L. D. Jackson. L. C. Jackson was the first Postmaster.

O'Neal's Creek

Near Leeville.

O’Quinn, Texas

Located in Fayette County.

Oran, Texas

Named for Governor Oran M. Roberts. It was later called Parnell.

Orange, Texas

Among its early settlers was Alexander Gilmer who was born in County Armagh. He was at the Battle of Sabine Pass aboard the Josiah H. Bell.

Orangefield, Texas

Among the early settlers was a McGill family.

Osage, Texas

This Colorado County town was named by Postmaster, Samuel Davies McLeary for the trees in the area.

Osborne, Texas

It became Murphyville and then Alpine.

Owens, Texas

Named for E. Owens who donated the townsite.

Owensville, Texas

Named for Harrison Owen the first County Clerk.

Owentown, Texas

Named for Cliff Owens of Tyler, Texas in 1942.

Ozona, Texas

Built on property owned by E. M. Powell.

Padre Island

Site of the Dunn Ranch of Thomas and Catherine Dunn 1883-1970.

Paducah, Texas

Built on the homesite of the J. J. McAdams family. Among the early settlers was C. H. Scott. An early Postmaster was Benton Carroll.

Palestine, Texas

It was an early home of Daniel Parker.

Paloduro, Texas

The headquarters of the J.A. Ranch.

Pampa Air Force Base

Established largely due to the efforts of Pampa Mayor Fred Thompson in the 1940's.

Panhandle, Texas

Originally called Carson City to honor Samuel P. Carson. Among the early settlers were Billy Dixon and Jesse Wynne.

Papalote, Texas

Among the early settlers were Patrick and William Quinn, Brigida Quinn Black and Robert Carlisle, all Irish immigrants who settled there in 1828.

Park, Texas

Named for J. N. Parker, now called Nash.

Parker, Texas

The one in Johnson County is named for a railroad official.

There is another in Colin County.

Parnell, Texas

See Oran.

Pasadena, Texas

Platted by Colonel J.H. Burnett in 1895.

Patrick, Texas

Founded in 1854 by James Moore Patrick and his brothers: John Thomas and Marion Leander Patrick. The Patricks led a group of Irish families to the site by wagon train from Bethel, South Carolina

Patterson Settlement, Texas

Named For George W. Patterson, now named Sabinal.

Paul Quinn College

Established in Waco in 1872 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Pecos, Texas

Named for Pecos Callahan.

Peggy's Lake

Named for Irish born Margaret McCormick who lived on the San Jacinto battlefield.

Pendleton, Texas

Surveyed by William McFarland.

Penelope, Texas

Early settlers included J. H. O'Neal and the Duncan and Sullivan families.

Petty, Texas

Among the early settlers was H. D. McDowd.

Pharr, Texas

Named by John C. Kelly for his business partner. Among the early settlers were E. L. Calhoun, Dan McClendon, M. G. Cameron, and E. J. Kelso.

Phelan, Texas

Phelps, Texas

General store was run by Ed McGar. Among its early settlers were: the McGars and Fergusons. The town was originally called Black Jack Community.

Pike, Texas

C.L. McGowan was the first Postmaster.

Pikes Peak

Texas has two; one in Edwards County named for, Zebulon Pike, and another in Pecos County.

Pinetown, Texas

Joined with three other communities to become Maydelle named after Governor Thomas M. Campbell's daughter.

Pittsburg, Texas

Established by John D. and Major W. H. Pitts, their mother was Drusilla O'Neal.

Plains, Texas

Among the early settlers were: Leroy McCraven and Pat McHugh.

Plainview, Texas

Site of a statue honoring Ranald Mckenzie.

Platt, Texas

An early settler was J. C. McKinney who operated the general store and the one room schoolhouse.

Pleasant Hill, Texas

Founded on land granted to John Houlihan, a native of Ireland.

Pleasant Valley, Texas

In Dallas County, this town was settled by T. J. McCain and E. B. Hughes in 1881.

Pleasanton, Texas

An early settler was Tobias Kelly.

Pools Crossing, Texas

Early settler was E. L. Mullins, area is now Rosebud, Texas.

Post, Texas

Located on land once owned by Sarah Ellen Moorman who is descended from Zacariah Moorman who was born on the Isle of Man in 1620.

Port Arthur, Texas

Town was laid out by Horatio McMullen Hanks.

Port Isabel, Texas

An early settler after the colonial period was George Scanlon. Henry L. Kinney spent a lot of time in the city prior to the Mexican War.

Port Neches, Texas

Originally called McKinney for Thomas F. McKinney.

Port O'Connor

Named for Thomas O'Connor who sold the land. The point of land was originally called Alligator Head.

Port Preston, Texas

Located on land once owned by Robert Patrick Hearne.

Port San Marcos, Texas

Laid out by General Hugh McLeod.

Port Sullivan, Texas

Augustus Sullivan was an early settler.

Port Sullivan College

Pottsboro, Texas

It was originally Pottsville then Pottsborough. Among its early settlers were Holland Coffee and Colonel W. G. Cooke.

Powell Creek

Powell Point, Texas

Powell, Texas

A Mr Powell owned the site.

Powell's Cave

Located in Menard County, it was discovered in 1961.

Prairie Lea, Texas

First home there was built by Texas Ranger James H. Callahan. Thomas Monroe Hardeman helped establish the town. The Dublin Plantation was located there.

Preston, Texas

Built around Holland Coffee's trading station.

Price, Texas

One of the first four settlers was a man named McCord.

Prices Creek, Texas

Settled by Richards Powers and David Murphree.

Quanah, Texas

Named for Quanah Parker. The first schoolmistress was Edith McCann.

Queen City, Texas

Captain Ross Powell was one of its founders.

Quinan, Texas

Settled by William Edgar McKinney. It was named for Irish born Judge George E. Quinan who helped found the Texas State Bar.

Quincey, Texas

J. M. O'Brien operated the store in this Bee County town.

Quinn, Creek

Named for James Quinn.

Raliegh, Texas

T. B. Griffin was an early settler and operated the general store.

Ralls, Texas

Its co-founder was W. E. McLaughlin in 1911.

Ramerania, Texas

First Postmaster was James W. Campbell.

Randolph, Texas

An early settler was James McCoy Patton.

Ratliff, Texas

An early settler was Dr. H. L. McCall.

Ravenne, Texas

First Postmaster was Lewis B. Grogan.

Rawhide, Texas

Settled by Thomas Keenan in 1841; William Cochran was an early settler. Now called Farmers Branch.

Reagan Canyon, Brewster County

Reagan Creek

Reagan, Texas

Reagan, Texas

Named for W. R. Reagan, brother of John H. Reagan. Robert Emmet B. Baylor was an early preacher there.

Reagan Wells, Texas

Named for an early settler family named Reagan.

Red Bluff, Texas

Located in the area of a grant to Patrick Scott in 1830.

Red Mound, Texas

later became Milam in honor of Ben Milam.

Refugio, Texas

Founded by James Power and James Hewettson.

Regency, Texas

S. M. Moore was the first Postmaster in 1890.

Reilly Springs, Texas

James Reilly owned the land.

Reisel, Texas

Originally called Roddy.

Retrieve Plantation

It was the home of Abner Jackson and then James Hamilton. It is now Retrieve State Prison.

Retrieve State Prison

see Retrieve Plantation.

Reynolds, Texas

Rhonesboro, Texas

Among its early settlers were the Connally, McWorter and Nolan families.

Rice's Crossing, Texas

William Willis Avery and William McCutcheon were early settlers.

Richardson, Texas

Named by Henry Jones for Richmond, Virgina. The first mayor was T. F. McKamy in 1925. Bernard Reilly along with another donated the land which was a part of the original Peters Colony.

Rio Frio, Texas

This town which had Irishman Pat Cavanaugh's store has changed names many times.

Rio Grande City, Texas

Established by Henry Clay Davis in 1847.

Rio Hondo, Texas

It was "created" by Samuel Arthur Robertson's "Spider Web" Railroad.

Rio Vista, Texas

W. H. Hughes donated the land.

Rising Star, Texas

Named by D.D. McConnell.

Rob and Bess Welder Wildlife Foundation and Refuge

Rob Hughes Welder was a descendant of James Power.

Robert Lee, Texas

Named for Robert E. Lee.

Robertson, Texas

Robinson Creek, Hood County

Robstown, Texas

Named for Robert Driscoll.

Rock Creek, Texas

General store in this McLennan County community was operated by Thomas McCrary in the 1900's.

Roddy, Texas

Roganville, Texas

Named by John H. Kirby for his friend Charles Rogan.

Roosevelt, Texas

Named for President Theodore Roosevelt.

Rosebud, Texas

Previous names include: Pools Crossing, Greer's Horsepen, and Mullins. This town was settled by J. L. Mullins who named the town after his daughter's habit of wearing a rosebud.

Rosenberg, Texas

Founded by R. T. Mulcahy.

Ross City, Texas

Named for the donor of the site.

Ross, Texas

Named for Sul Ross.

Rosston, Texas

It was originally called Rosstown, and was named for three Ross brothers. T. A. Ross was the first Postmaster.

Rossville, Texas

Named for two Scotch brothers, William and John C. Ross.

Rotan, Texas

Among the early settlers was C. W. McCombs.

Round Top, Texas

Among the early settlers was the Robinson family. The first Postmaster was H. A. Robertson.

Rowlett, Texas

Early settlers were Owen Rowlett, Thomas Payne Daniel, and S. Ross McEntee.

Rudyville, Texas

Founded by Irish born Edward Dougherty in 1850.

Rue Settlement, Texas

It was in the Peters Colony and was settled by the Ferguson and Jackson families and others.

Rusk, Texas

Named for Thomas Jefferson Rusk.

Ryals, Texas

Ben Murphy was an early settler.

Ryan's Neighborhood, Texas

Named for John Ryan an early settler in Bee County in 1834. Now called Live Oak.

Sabinal, Texas

Originally named Patterson Settlement for George W. Patterson.

Sabine, Texas

Town developed on land owned by a McGaffney. Sam Houston was among the town's developers.

Sacul, Texas

Named for a Lucas family that were early settlers. The name is Lucas spelled backwards.

Saint Jo, Texas

See Head of Elm.

Salado, Texas

Founded by Sterling C. Robertson.

Salt City, Texas

C.W. McMean and James McMean were early settlers.

Saltillo, Texas

John Arthur settled this town in 1850. Originally called Twin Groceries, early settlers were the McGill and McAfee families.

Saluria, Texas

James Power was one of its founders.

Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Rayburn Dam and Reservoir

Originally named the McGee Bend Project in 1949, it was changed to honor Sam Rayburn.

Sam Rayburn Lake

The lake is also named for "Mister Sam."

San Augustine, Texas

Philip Nolan's mustang corral was there. The first settlement was called Ayish Bayou, but it had so many Irish it was often called Irish Bayou. See the text for early settlers.

San Benito, Texas

Founded by Colonel Sam Robertson in 1907. He was the first Postmaster.

San Domingo, Texas

Among the early settlers were Mat Nolan and Virginia O'Neal Hernandez. Town was later called Normanna.

San Felipe, Texas

Laid out by Seth Ingram.

Sam Houston National Forest

San Jacinto, Texas

A planned community of Nathaniel Lynch located where the San Jacinto Battlefield was and thus its name.

San Patricio, Texas

Originally called San Patricio de Hibernia, which means Saint Patrick of Ireland in Spanish.

San Patricio Trail

An old trail that connected San Patricio to San Antonio.

San Saba, Texas

Settled by Headly Polk a relative of the former U. S. President, James K. Polk.

Sanatorium, Texas

Developed around the McKnight State Sanatorium.

Sandtown Settlement, Texas

It was located in the Peters Colony, among its early settlers were two preachers; J. F. McElhannon and Alvis Jackson.

Sandusky, Texas

George McCain operated a sawmill and a grist mill there in 1873.

Santa Anna, Texas

Name changed to Texana in 1835. This town was founded by Pamela McNutt and her sister's (Martha McNutt) husband. After the Texas Revolution, the Allen brothers attempted to buy the town. When they were turned down, they went on to found Houston.

Sarahville de Viesca, Texas

Founded by Sterling C. Robertson, he named it for his mother.

Sarita, Texas

Named for the grandaughter of Miflin Kenedy, Sarita Kenedy.

Sayer's, Texas

Named for Governor Joseph D. Sayers.

Science Hill, Texas

Among the early settlers were: Jack Scott, Oliver Scott, and the Reverend West Jackson.

Scotland, Texas

Named by H. J. Scott. Founded by William Thomas Scott in 1834.

Scott Bay

Scott, Texas

There are two; one in Van Zandt and one in Hildago County.

Scottsville, Texas

Settled by William Thomas Scott in 1834.

Schulenburg, Texas

First Postmaster was Norman McKinnon.

Sedalia, Texas

William McDougal was an early settler.

Sequin, Texas

Laid out by Ben McCulloch. It was originally called Walnut Springs. Early settlers included both McCulloch brothers, Andrew Jackson and John Sowell.

Seven D Ranch

Established in 1868 by Peter Gallagher.

Seymour, Texas

George Jones and J. J. Moore were early settlers.

Shamrock, Texas

Now called Nazareth.

Shamrock, Texas

Named by George Nichols an Irish sheep rancher. Town newspaper is the Shamrock Texan, prints in green ink on Saint Patrick's Day. A piece of the Blarney Stone from Blarney Castle, Ireland, is on display in one of its city parks

Shannon Creek

Shannon Crossing, Texas

Early community in the Irish colonies. Located where Shannon's store was in Gussettville.

Shannon, Texas

Shaw Bend, Texas

One in Colorado County and one in San Saba County; both are named for early settlers.

Shawnee Trail

A road built by Colonel William G. Cooke following an old Indian trail from the Red River to Austin.

Shelbyville, Texas

Was originally Nashville.

Shepherd, Texas

The earliest known settler in the area was Aaron Cherry.

Sheridan, Texas

Named for Hugh Sheridan an early pioneer.

Sherman, Texas

Named for General Sidney Sherman and settled by Colonel R. J. Shannon on Saint Patrick's Day, 1846.

Shields, Texas

Founded by L. R. McCorkle.

Shire, Texas

Early settlers were the Connells, McKinley and Roddy families in 1875.

Sidney, Texas

Named for Sidney Sherman. Originally called Jimmie's Creek for James Cunningham.

Silsbee, Texas

Named by lumberman John Henry Kirby.

Sinton, Texas

On land owned by S. J. Keating. Named to honor Irishman David Sinton. The co-founder was the daughter of James Power, Delores de la Portilla.

Skellytown, Texas

An early settler was General Lou McAllen.

Sligo, Texas

The town was named by Patrick McHugh and his sister Kate for their county back in Ireland. Kate served as the first Postmistress.

Smithville, Texas

Established by Murray Burleson and Joseph D. Sayers.

Smithwick, Texas

Named for Noah Smithwick.

Smyer, Texas

First Postmaster was William McCullough, early settlers were: McCullough, Bud Scott, H. L. McCrary, and the Cowan, McDougal and Kerr families.

Snow Hill, Texas

Was originally Buchanan and is now Cason.

Sodom, Texas

Now Mineola, first settled by C. P. McMillen.

Somerset, Texas

Among the early settlers were: the McBee, Bailey, and Kenny families.

Sonora, Texas

R. W. Callahan was the principal founder. He was the storekeeper and first Postmaster.

Sorrel Creek, Texas

James Calhoun an early settler.

Sour Lake, Texas

An early settler was Stephen Jackson in 1835.

South Bend, Texas

Originally called Arkansas, town got its name from Mr. Kirby who operated the general store. He was from South Bend, Indiana.

Sowell Creek

Named for the John Sowell family. They came to Texas in 1829.

Spanish Bluff, Texas

Became Trinity, among its early settlers were: Michael Quinn, John McGee, Henry Sheridan, Hugo Coyle, James Fear, and John Mulroney.

Spanish Camps, Texas

A McKinney family were early settlers.

Spring Creek, Texas

Settled by T. J. Shaw in 1854.

Springfield, Texas

An early schoolteacher was Archibald McKinney.

Staggers Point, Texas

Located in the Robertson Colony, among its early settlers were the Dunn and McMillan families.

James Dunn built a fort there called Dunn's Fort.

Stampede Springs, Texas

Established in 1878 with several Irish families among its ealry settlers. Later became Shannon, Texas to honor the Shannon Valley in Ireland where many of the families originated.

Sterling, Texas

Founded by Sterling C. Robertson.

Stewart Creek

Stewart Heights

Stewart, Texas

Settled by J. P. Stewart an early rancher.

Stewarton, Texas

Named for W. P. Stewart.

Stewarts Creek Settlement, Texas

Named for Isaac Stewart, the first settler in this Peters Colony settlement. Among the settlers were: Jack Riley, Ben Strahan, Elder Kerr and a family of McWhorters.

Stewartsville, Texas

Named for W. P. Stewart.

Stockdale, Texas

Named for Fletcher Stockdale.

Stonewall City, Texas

Named for Stonewall Jackson.

Stonewall Jackson Camp

A reunion ground for the United Confederate Veterans of Archer County from 1898- 1935. It was near Holliday.

Stratton, Texas

William McKissack operated the general store.

Strawn, Texas

An early settler was W. C. Cochran. Built on land owned by Steven B. Strawn and James N. Stuart.

Stringtown, Texas

Settled by John D. Pitts.

Stuarts Creek

Sugarland, Texas

Named by B. F. Terry and W. J. Kyle.

Sullivan Settlement, Texas

It was named for its first settler, J. H. Sullivan in 1850.

Sullivan, Texas

Named for Jim Sullivan a railroad president.

Sutherland Springs, Texas

Named for John Sutherland, the doctor at the Alamo. Travis sent him to Gonzales. Sutherland’s brother and nephew perished at the Alamo.

Sweeny, Texas

Named for John Sweeny of the Somervell Expedition

Sweetwater City, Texas

Founded by the Thomas O'Laughlin family among others, now called Mobeetie.

Switch, Texas

One of its first settlers was George Riley. The town is Trumball today.

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