II. Celtic Cities, Towns and Place Names in Texas T - Z

In towns that list the: general store owner, postmaster, postmistress, schoolteacher, or an early settler(s), the person(s) named was/were usually among the founding families of the community. Generally, the Celtic connection of an individual or place is not given if it is obviously a Celtic name or if the connection is made in the text of the book.

Talty, Texas

Originally settled by Irish families including the Laydens, Vaughns and O’Connors. It was previously known as Layden’s Ridge and then Irish Ridge before becoming Talty.

Tanglewood, Texas

Settled by Hugh Wilson in 1856.

Tascosa, Texas

John Snider, an Irishman, was an early settler. Frenchy McCormick was its last resident. It is now the site of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.

Taylor, Texas

George Burkett and Dan Murphy and schoolteacher John McMurry are early settlers.

Tecumseh, Texas

W. E. Gilliland was the first Postmaster.

Texana, Texas

Originally called Santa Anna and founded by Pamela McNutt Porter along with her sister's

(Martha McNutt) husband.

The Irish Settlement, Texas

Town is now called Burlington.

Thelma, Texas

Settled by Henry Milligan in 1893.

"The Survey"

Near Burkeville, it is named for a survey done for William Williams in 1834. Among the early settlers were the Collins, Conner, Jones and McGee families.

Thomaston, Texas

Laid out by Henry McCulloch. First house was built by Irishman James H. Moore who named the town after his father in law, Nathan Thomas.

Thompson, Texas

Named for J. E. Thompson an early settler and a Postmaster. Name changed to Kenney in 1890.

Thompsons, Texas

Thompson's Islands

Located in the San Marcos River, they are named for Dr. Alexander Thompson.

Thornton, Texas

Settled by Cain Hogan.

Thrifty, Texas

Settled by the John C. Mullins family in 1858. He operated the general store and was the first Postmaster.

Tidwell, Texas

J. J. Mooney ran the general store.

Tie Town, Texas

Now called McDade, Texas.

Tilden, Texas

Named for Samuel Tilden the Democratic candidate for President in 1876.

Tolar, Texas

Named by W. L. McGaughey for his friend Alf Tolar.

Tom Miller Dam

Tomball, Texas

First Postmaster was E. L. Mooney in 1900.

Toro, Texas

Jesse E. Gilliland was the Postmaster.

Trenton, Texas

Among its early settlers were: Jim Connelly Jr. and a Grady Family.

Trinity City, Texas

Located on property owned by Amon and S. B. McCommas.

Trumball, Texas

This town has a long list of former names: Switch in 1872; Ghost Hill; Mackie; Clemma in 1892 and Trumball in 1904. One of its first settlers was George Riley.

Tulia, Texas

Town was located on land owned by W. G. Connor.

Tulip, Texas

Jabez Fitzgerald was one of the founders.

Tulsita, Texas

Built on land that was once the George A. Kerr Ranch.

Turney Peak

Named for W. W. Turney.

Turney, Texas

Named for pioneer settler J. A. Turney.

Twin Groceries, Texas

Earlier name for Saltillo, Texas because it had two grocery stores. John Arthur founded the town in 1850.

Tynan, Texas

Named for John Tynan.

Union Grove, Texas

Was the plantation home of Irish born John O'Byrne.

Union Hill, Texas

Settled by William B McClellan.

Upper Cuero Creek Settlement

Settled by John McCoy in 1827.

Utopia, Texas

It was originally called Waresville after William Ware who was born in Ireland.

Van Alstyne, Texas

Originally called Mantua, it was laid out by Younger Scott McKinney.

Varner-Hogg State Plantation

Historical Park

Victoria, Texas

Its first Mayor was John J. Linn in 1835.

Virginia City, Texas

Short lived town founded by Samuel D. McCloud in 1909. Platted by Mathew C. Vaughn.

Verhelle, Texas

Originally called Irish Creek Settlement.

Votaw, Texas

Early settlers were George W. O'Neill and Augustus Dunn.

Waco, Texas

An early settler was Niel McLennan. Shapely P. Ross was an early buyer of town lots on land formerly owned by Thomas Jefferson Chambers.

Waelder, Texas

Among the early settlers were: the Kelly, Stewart, McVea, Adair, and McBride families.

Waggoner Ranch

Established by Daniel Waggoner whose mother was Elizabeth McGaugh. Ranch was started in 1851.

Waka, Texas

First man buried in the town was O. G. O'Dell.

Wallace Creek, Texas

One of the developers was Reuben McKea.

Wallace Draw, Irion County

Wallace, Texas

Named for Jesse Wallace.

Walnut Springs, Texas

Original name of Sequin, Texas which was layed out by Ben McCulloch. Early settlers were: Henry McCulloch, Mathew Caldwell, James Campbell, Andrew Jackson and John Sowell, Robert D. McAnely, Andrew Neill, and a Mr Cody. Governor John Ireland had a law office there.

Walsh, Texas

Named for William Walsh.

Wardville, Texas

Named for Thomas Ward. Land was donated by William O'Neal.

Waresville, Texas

Named for William Ware, a native of Ireland. The settlement was near present day Utopia, Texas. Five families lived there.

Warren, Texas

Settled and surveyed by Jesse Bartlett, a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans and San Jacinto. Town was located on the West Bank of the Brazos River below mouth of the New Years Creek (where Highway 290 crosses the Brazos today) in Washington County. J. W. Crawford operated the ferry there around which the town grew. The coming of the railroad spelled the end for Warren.

Washburn, Texas

Located on land owned by the J. A. Ranch. R. E. Montgomery promoted the townsite.

Washington-On-The-Brazos, Texas

Grew up around the ferry operated by Andrew Robinson, Sr..

Waskom, Texas

It was first called Powellton for Thomas D. Powell.

Waterford, Texas

Town is now called Burlington.

Waterloo, Texas

Original name for Austin. Town (Austin) was laid out by Edward Burleson.

Waverly, Texas

Named for the Waverly novels of Sir Walter Scott.

Waysite, Texas

Originally called Buelah for Beulah McSpadden. Curtiss McGehee was the first Postmaster.

Weimer, Texas

D. W. Jackson donated the townsite.

Wellington, Texas

Named for the Duke of Wellington.

West Columbia, Texas

Originally called Bell's Landing which was the home of Josiah H. Bell and his wife the former Evelyn McKenzie. It is also the location of the Varner-Hogg Plantation where James Hogg grew up.

West, Texas

Originally called Bold Springs, first Postmaster was Richard D. McCrary in 1852.

Westminister, Texas

W. S. McDougal operated the first grocery store and W. O. Griffen operated the general store.

Whalen Lake

Whitefish, Texas

First Postmistress was Beatrice McCracken in 1896.

Whon, Texas

Named for Juan, a worker on the McCain Ranch. Settled by S. H. McCain.

Wichita Falls, Texas

Townsite was won in a poker game by J. A. Scott.

Wickett, Texas

George W. O'Brien owned the property and named the town. First Postmaster was Onnie Mea O'Brien.

William Carey College

Established at Independence, Texas in 1885. It became Binford University.

Willspoint, Texas

It was settled by William A. McBee in 1850. Early settlers were the Sullivan and McKain families. The first home was built by John A. O'Neal. The first Mayor was T. J. McKean.

Wind, Texas

Was originally Shamrock and later named Nazareth.

Windon, Texas

The first settler was Nancy Fitzgerald and children, another early family were the McClellans.

Wingate, Texas

First Postmaster was Mamie McKandler.

Winnsboro, Texas

Established by W. R. McMillan who named the town for his step father John E. Winn.

Winona, Texas

Named for Winona Douglas.

Woodlake, Texas

Originally called Trinity by Mrs Helen Kerr Thompson.

Woodland, Texas

Emerged around Edward Stuart's store of 1857.

Yell Settlement, Texas

Elisha McCuistion was one of the founders.

Yoakum, Texas

An early settler was John H. Dunn.

Yellow Prairie, Texas

See Chriesman.

Yougeen, Texas

Named by Eugene McGloin.

Zephyr, Texas

Named by David McKey.

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