B. Colonies

1. Austin Colonies

Irish Born:

Martin Allen, Arthur McCormick, Margaret McCormick, Nathaniel Lynch, Alexander Jackson,

Humphrey Jackson, Bernard Rogan, Florence Stark, Edward Hogan, John Byran and James O'Flaherty

Scottish Born:

James Hislop


Andrews, Thomas

Burnet, David

Callahan, Morris

Campbell, Elizabeth

Campbell, James

Carroll, George

Carson, William C.

Collingsworth, George

Connelly, E. M.

Cooney, Joseph K.

Cummins, Moses

Dolan, Patrick

Donoho, Charles

Douglass, Anne Catherine

Douglass, Samuel C.


Dunn, R. L.

Eagan, Gabriel

Evans, John S.

Evans, Holdon

Finley, William D.

Fitzgibbons, William

FitzGibbons, John

Flanigan, Joseph

Gallagher, David

Gilliland, James

Gleason, Phineas

Gordon, Elizabeth

Griffeth, Noah

Griffith, Henry

Higgins, James

Horton, Josiah

Horton, Henderson

Horton, William D.

Houston, Sam

Hughes, J. E.

Ingram, Ira

Jackson, Isaac

Kennedy, Rhody

Kennedy, Margaret

Kennedy, Sarah

Kenny, Louisiana

Kerr, Lacy

Laughlin, James M.

Mayo, Mayo

McCafferty, Edward

McCain, James

McCall, William

McCaslen, Thomas

McCausland, Mark

McClure, Bartholomew

McCormick, Joseph M.

McCoy, John

McCoy, Joseph

McCoy, Thomas

McCoy, Alexander

McCulloch, Alexander

McDaniel, Winston S.

McDonald, Hugh Sr.

McDonald, Hugh, Jr.

McDonald, Daniel

McElroy, Howard

McFadden, Nathan

McFarlan, Dugald

McFarlan, William

McFarlane, William

McGary, Isaac

McGeorge, Joseph

McGuffin, McGuffin

McHenry, John

McIntire, Margaret

McIntire, William

McKensey, William W.

McKinstry, George

McLaren, John

McLaughlin, Laughlin

McLaughlin, William

McLester, James

McNeely, Jesse B.

McQueen, Thomas

Moore, Francis

Murphee, William

Murray, Rice

O'Connor, Jeremiah Scanlon

O'Farrell, James

O'Flinn, J. G.

Owens, Mary

Parker, John

Patrick, George M.

Patton, Robert

Powell, Elizabeth

Powell, Thomas

Robertson, J. E.

Roddy, Hall

Ross, James

Scanlon, Michael*

Scott, Henry

Scott, Patrick

Shannon, John

Shannon, Owen

Stuart, James

Sullivan, John

Sullivan, Dennis

Sutherland, George

Wallace, John S.

Wallace, James

Wallace, J.W.E.

Wallace, John P.

Williams, Samuel May

Williamson, Robert M.

* operated an hotel at San Felipe

2. Irish Colonies

a. San Patricio de Hibernia earliest colonists (1829)

Jeremiah O'Toole and his sons, Martin, Michael, and John; and son-in-law James O'Reilly, who arrived in 1826. They settled on Aransas Creek. The area later became known as the Corrigan Settlement for another family who settled the area. Others who followed included: James Brown, Patrick Hayes, James O'Connor, Patrick O'Boyle, William Quinn, Maria Hart, John Corrigan, Pat Fadeen, John Sweeney, David Kerr, Pat Carroll, Charles Carter, Pat Quinn, Tim and Luke Hart, S.D. Callaghan, David Craven, L. Carlisle, H.T. Clare, Henry Ryan, Eliza Clare, and the Hines, Fox, Driscoll, and Robbins families.

Most of these families were north of the town that became San Patricio. Settlements in San Patricio de Hibernia:

Blanconia Gussetville Oakville

Poesta Creek Papolote Creek San Patricio

Shannon Crossing

When the colony officially began in October of 1831, only the following were confirmed in their grants:

James, Edward, John and Patrick McGloin; John McMullen; John McSheany; John Heffernan; and

George O'Docharty, who surveyed the town of San Patricio. Not long after, Simon Dwyer and the

Reverend John T. Molloy arrived. During the period 1833 - 1834, the following arrived; Thomas Pugh,

Mark Killely, Pat Carroll, Mrs. Ann Burke, Mrs. Mary Carroll.

Peak population for San Patricio came in 1834 and was 600, the revolution took its toll on the town and it

never recovered.


Among the colonists at Refugio (1834) were: James Bray, who surveyed the town of Refugio; John Kelly;

Timothy Hart; James, John and Martin Power; James Brown; Nicholas Fagan; Robert Patrick Hearne; Edward McDonough; John Malone; John Dunn, the first Alcalde (1834); Samuel Blair; Michael Fox; Josue Davis; Isabella O'Brien; William Burke; and John Sinott.

Many of the San Patricio Colony were not able to get title to the land quick enough to please them. Some

arrived in 1829, and still did not have a title by 1835. They were aware the Refugio colonists were able to

get their titles without as much administrative delay, and so they left to join the Refugio Colony and make

a claim there. Among these families were: Robert and James Carlisle; Bridget Quirk; Mary, Felix, Pat and Timothy Hart; Daniel Boyle; Martin, Michael and John O'Toole; and Patrick and William Quinn.

Refugio Settlements :

Refugio, Fagan Settlement, Copano, Aransas City


3.Robertson Colony, Staggers Point

The Fullerton families: Mary, William, George, Henry and Sarah; the Henry families: William, James A., Robert and Elizabeth, Hugh and Elizabeth. There were also the families of: Henry Dixon, Ann McMillan, John R. and Sarah Payton, Jimmie H. Rice, Bradford and Mary Seale, and James and Isabella Dunn.

4.East Texas

a. Ayish Bayou (later San Augustine)

From personal recollection of Alexander Horton's mother in 1824 :

Bryan Daugherty, Milton Garrett, Bailey Anderson, Pater Galloway and John McGinnis

b. Nacogdoches

c. Trinidad

d. Atascosita

e. Jasper Bevil's Settlement

5.The Peters Colony

Irish surnames in the Peters Colony include:

Joseph Boyle, Catherine O'Brien, John N. Bryan, Stephen W. Callaghan, Harvey Casey, John Casey, John Casey Jr., John Casey Sr., Thomas Casey, Timothy Casey, Thomas Cassidy, Thomas Cassidy Sr., Elisha C. Clary, Elisha T. Clary, Albert G. Collins, John H. Collins, Thomas Collins, Cornelius Conely, Joseph W. Connor, William D. Connor, John Conway, Hugh Coween, Dan Delaney, George W. Dooley, James Dooley, William Dooley, William Gallagher, Abraham Hart, Caleb Hart, Jacob Hart, William J. Hart, Daniel B. Hearn, Martin Hearn, William A. Hearn, John Higgins, Lewis T. Higgins, Philemon Higgins, William Higgins, Thomas Keenan, Calvin W. Kennedy, James Kennedy, John Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Samuel Kennedy, Arthur Kerrigan, James P. Laughlin, James McBride, Gerard McCarty, Larkin McCarty, William McCarty Jr., William McCarty Sr., Patrick McClary, Joseph B. McDermott, John C. McElroy, J. McNamara, Thomas Mahan, Perry Malone, John Maloney, Charles Manihan, Delilah C. Manning, John Manning, Eli Murphy, Henderson Murphy, Thomas G. Murphy, Ambrose R. Murray. Daniel Murray, Christopher Nolan, John O'Hara, William O'Neal, Martin O'Neil, Leonida O'Quinn, Stephen O'Quinn, William O'Quinn, George W. Ragan, William M. Roark, James R. Rylie, Benjamin Shahan, Daniel Shahan, Elizabeth Shahan, William P. Shahan, Andrew Shahan, Robert E. Shahan and James Sullivan.


Peters Colony Settlements with several Celtic families-

Alton, Key School House, Chinn's Chapel Settlement, Litle Elm, Dallas, Rue, Denton Creek, Sandtown, Denton, Stewarts Creek, French, Sullivan, Holford Prairie


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