Participants In The Battle Of Sabine Pass

September 8, 1863

A Compendium Of All Pertinent Lists And Sources,

And a list Of Individuals With An Interest In The Battle

Name/ Rank/ Unit/ Comment or Remark

Abbot, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard

Abercrombie, Leonard A.*/ Lt. Col./ Elmore's Rgmt, 20th Texas Infantry

Anderson, John/ Private /Davis Guard/ His real name was John A. Drummond

Bailey, George H./ Lt./ Ass't Surgeon Assigned to Captain Daley's Company, Post Surgeon at Beaumont

Banks, Nathaniel P.* /Major Gen. USA,/ Commander, Department of the Gulf

Carrington, W. T./ Lt./ CSA, Assistant Adjutant General in Magruder organization

Carr, Michael /Private /Davis Guard

Carter, Abner R. /Private /Davis Guard

Cassidy, Joseph O. /Lieutenant/ Spaight's Bn Commanded Capt. R. D. Keith's Co. as sharpshooters aboard Uncle Ben

Castro /Lt/. Commanded elements of Captain Richeley's Co. on Uncle Ben

Chasten, J. M. /Lieutenant/ Griffin's Bn, F Co. Commmanded Captain Bickley's men on Roebuck and then gun on Uncle Ben

Chester, /Lieutenant/ Griffin's Bn., F Co.

Clare, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard

Clepper,* /Captain/ His company was aboard Grand Bay from Niblett's Bluff. He commanded prisoners aboard the Roebuck to Beaumont.

Cook, Richard V. Captain,Griffin's Bn., I Co.

Corcoran, James /Private/ Davis Guard

Crocker, Frederick /Acting Lt. USN,/ Commander of all Naval units

Dana, W. H. /Lt. Cmdr. USN, /Master of the Cayuga

Dana, John W. /Lt. USN, /Communications Officer, Clifton

Dane, Henry C. /Lt. USN, /Communications Officer, Sachem

Deagan, Hugh /Private/ Davis Guard

Delaney, William /Private/ Davis Guard

Donovan, Daniel /Private/ Davis Guard

Dougherty, Thomas /Ord. Sgt./ Davis Guard

Dowling, Richard W. /Lieutenant/ Davis Guard Commander during the battle

Eagan, Michael /Private/ Davis Guard

Fitzgerald, David /Sergeant/ Davis Guard

Fitzgerald, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard

Fleming, James /Private/ Davis Guard

Flood, John /Private/ Davis Guard

Franklin, William B. /Major Gen. USA,/ Tactical Commander of ground troops

Gleason, William /Private/ Davis Guard

Good, W. S. /Captain/ Ordinance Dept. Chief Ordinance Officer, Eastern Sub-District

Hagerty, Thomas /Private/ Davis Guard

Hall, G. /Captain/ Captain of gunboat Uncle Ben

Hardin, William* /Private/ Davis Guard, Detailed elsewhere during battle

Harris, Charles /Lieutenant/ Commanded scouts from Captain Daly's calvary company behind cover at old beach

Hassett, John /Corporal/ Davis Guard

Hennessy, John* /Private/ Davis Guard, In a hospital at time of battle

Higgins, James* /Private/ Davis Guard, Real name Robert, recalled by some veterans as having been at the battle, father of Patillo O'Higgins

Huggins, Timothy /Private/ Davis Guard

Hurley, Timothy /Private/ Davis Guard

Irwin, L. C. * /Captain/ Marine Dept. Sent re-inforcements from Niblett's Bluff

Jett, W. Livingston* /Private/ Davis Guard, Recalled by some veterans as having been in the battle

Johnson, Amos /Captain USN/, Acting Master, Sachem

Lamson, Charles W. /Lt. USN,/ Acting Master, Granite City

Madigan /Captain/ Commanded the Owasco

Malone, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard

McCabe, Alexander /Private/ Davis Guard

McDonnell, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard, Sometimes shown as McDonald

McDonough, Timothy /Sergeant/ Davis Guard

McGraw, John /Private/ Davis Guard

McKeever, John /Corporal/ Davis Guard

McKernan, Michael /Private/ Davis Guard, Commanded gun that stopped the Sachem

McNeelis, John /Private/ Davis Guard

Monahan, Michael /Corporal/ Davis Guard

Mulhern, Terrance /Private/ Davis Guard, Detailed to Sabine City with Mrs. Dorman's dishes

Murray, J. G. D. /Acting Ass't Surgeon

O'Hara, Peter* /Private/ Davis Guard, Detailed, probably was the same person as Richard C. O'Hara

Odlum, Frederick H. /Captain/ Davis Guard, Left command with Lt. Dowling, stayed in Sabine City

Payne, John /Captain/ of the Josiah Bell Commander of all gunboats on Sabine River

Plunkett, Laurence* /Private/ Davis Guard, Recalled by some veterans as being in the battle

Powers, Maurice /Private/ Davis Guard

Price, John /Captain/ Captain of the steamer Florilda owned by T&NO RR

Pritchard, Edward /Private/ Davis Guard

Rheins, Charles /Private/ Davis Guard

Rhodes, Robert /Lt. USN,/ Acting Master (XO), Clifton

Richardson, /Captain/ Marine Dept. Commanded the steamer Roebuck

Smith, Leon /Commodore/ Commander Marine Department of Texas

Smith, Nicholas H. /Lieutenant/ Engineer Corps Acting Lieutenant for Davis Guards

Sullivan, Patrick /Private/ Davis Guard

Sullivan, Thomas /Private/ Davis Guard

Sullivan, Michael /Private/ Davis Guard

Tibbitts, H. /Capt. USN, /Acting Master, Arizona

Tomerlin, William Jeffers /Private/ Elmore's Rgmnt On board the Roebuck

Walsh, Mathew /Private/ Davis Guard

Weitzel, Godfrey /General USA, /Commander of landing force

Wesley, John /Private/ Davis Guard

White, John* /Private/ Davis Guard, Detailed during battle

Wilson, Jospeph /Private/ Davis Guard

Other Players In The Battle

Bell, Henery H. Commodore USN, Commander Western Gulf Squadron

Benchley, Henry Weatherby Conductor on Houston and Texas Central Railroad helped promote benefit musical perfomances by Houston artists for the guards

Bickley, Charles Captain Commander of a company in Beaumont, sent 15 men aboard Roebuck also newspaper correspondent under name Tom Vapid

Brotherton, P. P. - Captain Dick Dowling presented the sword he carried at the battle to him after obtaining a more superior one.

Brotherton, P. C. H. Son of P. P. Brotherton, presented the sword to Dick Dowling Camp, UCV in ceremony in Houston December 6, 1900

Burch, Increase Citizen of Sabine City provided sweet potatoes

Dorman, Kate Ran hotel at Sabine City, organized cooking of meal for Davis Guards before battle

E. H. Cushing Editor Houston Daily Post and a Texas History textbook with an article on battle, he publicized effort to award silver medals to the Davies

Gottchalk, Charles - Houston jeweler who fashioned the silver medals for the Davis Guards

Griffin, William H. Lt. Col. - Previous commander of Sabine City after whom fort was named

Halleck, Henry W. Gen. USA, General-In-Chief

Hennessey, P. H. Lt. A member of Davis Guard, on furlough during battle and married to Dowling's sister Mary.

Keith, K.D. Captain Commander of the artillery militia company raised in Sabine City , not present during battle

Kellersberger, Getulius CSA, Engineer Corps, a German who fixed fort's guns, was enroute to assist

Looscan, Adele Historian and wife of Irish born Judge Michael Looscan who served in CSA.

Lubbock, Henry S. Captain Over saw repairs to the Clifton and Sachem.

Luckett, P. N. Brig. Gen. CSA, Commander Eastern Sub-District of Texas

Magruder, John Bankhead Major Gen. CSA, Commander District of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

Malone, Thomas M. Of Elmore's Regiment on board Roebuck from Beaumont to battle

McGaffey, Neal Citizen of Sabine City supplied a beef for the meal cooked for the Davis Guards

Mills, A. N. Capt. Assitant Adjutant General in Magruder's organization to whom some reports where sent of the battle

Murphy, John Provided a wagon to bring ammunition to fort before battle

Otis, Charles Capt. Helped organize musical entertainment benefit in Houston on October 6, 1863 for Davis Guard

Pace, Mrs R. B. As a seven year old child watched battle from housetop.

Sherfflus, Henry Capt. Master of the repaired Sachem on its voyage to Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Staunton, Edward M. U. S. Secretary of War

Sulokowski, Valery Col. CSA, Chief Engineer designed Fort Griffin was enroute to assist

Turner, Edmund P. Capt. CSA, Assistant Adjutant General in Magruder organization to whom some official reprots were submitted

Vosberg, Mrs Took food to the fort in Kate Dorman's buggy

W. P. Doran Newspaper correspondent at scene next day, signed some reports as "Old Sioux"

Watson, Margeret L. Correspondent for local papers and historian.

Welles, Gideon U. S. Secretary of Navy

Zoppa, Father Felix Chaplain to Davis Guards and spirit behind effort to award medals to the Davis Guard

Individuals Interested In The Battle

Bryan, Dudley. D. Member of Dick Dowling Camp with responsibility to get the names right for the monument

Cato, Josephine Second oldest sister of Dick Dowling

Caraway, Ann A co-founder of the Dick Dowling Heritage Society and a decendant of Dick Dowling.

Cohen, Lawrence, L. Dick Dowling Camp member whose design was first considered for the 1905 monument

Collerain, Mrs. P. W. Granddaughter of Dick Dowling.

Cotham, Edward T., Sabine Pass, The Confederacy's Thermopylae.

Daniel, Walter R. Married Dick Dowling's widow, Elizabeth Ann, February 14, 1870

Dick Dowling Heritage Society, dedicated for the care of the statue in Hermann Park and the story of Dowling and his men.

Drew, O. C. Commander of Dick Dowling Camp of United Confederate Veterans when monument was erected and a strong supporter early on

Fall, Philip H. Member and Adjutant of Dick Dowling Camp of UCV proposed motion in 1886 calling for fund to be established to erect a monument

Frank, Anton, Reverend Longtime - Chaplain of Dick Dowling Camp of United Confederate Veterans and a Historian.

Friends of Sabine Pass Battleground was organized in late 2007 to assist the Texas Historical Commission in its mission at the park. The organization is made of of different interested individuals and organizations such as the local Lions Club, Confederate organizations such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and re-enactment groups as well as several scout units and some Hiberians.

Jackson, V. G. Author, wrote "A History of Sabine Pass" for her Masters thesis, University of Texas, August, 1930

Lambert, Will First Commander of Dick Dowling Camp, United Confederate Veterans that started monument project.

Miggins, Larry, He and his family cared for the statue and arranged the annual program in Sam Houston Park, also a co-founder of the Dick Dowling Heritage Society

Moore, Weaver P. Established the "Sabine Pass Medal" of the Texas Chapter of the Stars and Bars in 1971.

Moran, Gerard P. Historian, author and Texas State Historian, Ancient Order of Hibernians 1979-2000 and author of this study (Website)

Muir, Andrew Forest History professor at Rice University and Guggenheim Fellow who researched the battle extensively

Pat Needham Cared for the 1905 statue for many years prior to Larry Miggins

Orgaine, Mrs. Kate Alma Historian, Texas Division, United Confederate Veterans, 1905

Pray, Mrs Author of book Dick Dowling

Roberston, William F. Judge Married Dowling's daughter, Mary Anne

Roberts, Oran M. Author, CSA officer and former Governor of Texas

Sackett, Mrs Frances Robertson Author

Scharf, J. Thompson Author, wrote History of the Confederate States Navy, 1887.

Sholars, Mrs. S. W. - Author of a paper, "The Heroic Defense of Sabine Pass" presented at Texas Convention of United Daughters of the Confederacy December, 1906

Sullivan, A. M. - Secretary General, American Irish Historical Society wrote poem "The Ballad Of Dick Dowling", 1954

Taylor, Mrs, Neta V Compiled the scrapbook for the Dick Dowling Monument Association that contains letters from the veteran survivors of the Davis Guards

Teich, Frank - Sculptor in San Antonio who did the 1905 statue

Texas Historical Commission took over responsibility for the Sabine Pass Battleground on January 1, 2008.

Texas Parks and Wildlife had previously controlled the park.

Tolbert, Francis X. Author, Dick Dowling at Sabine Pass

Young, S. O. Adjutant General, UCV, Galveston, historian and author

The Sabine City,( now a part of Port Arthur) Lions Club kept the story alive by staging a re-enactment of the battle for many years at the state park.

Dick Dowling Camp 1295 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Beaumont has financed, planned, sponsored, and hosted, with the help of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the re-enactment event since 1996.

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