British F4U Corsair

French F4U

French Corsair as they were marked for attack on Suez Canal

Argentina F4U

Argentina F4U

Royal New Zealand Corsair

An artists conception of how the germans may have marked known captured French Corsairs

Honduran F4U

In Ceylon (now Sri Lanki) even the tractors would get stuck in the mud, this called for some Rube Goldberg engineering

On Ceylon (now Sri Lanki) during WWII, elephants were used to pull F4U Corsairs out of the ever present mud. Nothing else had the traction. This painting is titled Puttalam Elephants


F4U-1As of VF17

Chance Vought Aircraft company plane (F4U-1)

Two Seater F4U, an unsolicited proposal (V-354) by Vought, the Navy had it returned to previous configuration

Private Corsair with second seat used in airshows. It is called the Corsair 82 as it is an 82% replica of the original F4U-1 Look for the small tinted window behind the pilot and below the antenna, the passenger sits in there and looks out the tinted window. The window is darkly tinted to keep the overall look of the Corsair.


Corsair firing rockets in Korea

The Corsair was popular enough that there were many toy related products, these pedal planes serving as an example

Corsair painting by Lance Russwurm


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