I. Francis Patrick "Frank" Moran


Francis Patrick was the first born of the children of Patrick John and Bridget Agnes (Traynor) Moran. He was born March 10, 1909 at home, 491 East Third Street, South Boston, Massachusetts. Frank was a contemplative sort, always thinking. More at home with a book than a ball. He was also a bit of a "cut up" remembers his sister Kae. Not surprisingly, Frank entered the seminary in his teens. The seminary was not for him and he soon found himself back home in South Boston. Frank, though a quiet man, was very at ease with people and they with him. He naturally found himself in a sales career. He sold a number of different things over the years. One of his first jobs was as an insurance salesman.

He was also active in politics. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, in her book , Times To Remember, described Boston politics. She is well suited to describe the situation because her family lived in Dorchester when her father, John Francis Fitzgerald, "Honey Fitz" became mayor of Boston. Honey Fitz was a successful product of ward politics. Before being elected Mayor he had already served on the Boston city council, been elected to the State Senate and to the United States Congress as a U. S. Congressman. Rose Kennedy compared Boston politics to how things got done in ancient Ireland:

The Irish had their local chieftains, who often warred against one another for fancied

glory and advantages for themselves and their followers. They made unstable alliances

that could find one year's ally another year's foe. Yet they produced especially

strong leaders, superchieftains who reigned as kings over large regions, in turn allying,

and defecting and forming new constellations as the winds blew. Occasionally one

would be successful enough to claim the status of "High King" but never without

challenges, direct or brewing, against his authority.

The Democratic Party was predominant in Boston. However, in Boston, it was less a party than number of leaders representing neighborhood and district interests. We should also include the parish in that list as a majority of the Catholics were also Democrats. Like most Irish Americans in Boston at the time, Frank was a Democrat. He worked for the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During the early days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first term as president, Frank, like all good Democrats supported Roosevelt. But then something changed. Different issues caused important backers to question some of Roosevelt's policies. Among these were his Vice President, John Nance Garner , and Huey "The Kingfish" Long of Louisiana. There was another early Roosevelt supporter who now began to criticize the administration. He was an important man not only in politics but also in the Irish American community not only in Boston but in many large cities in the Northeast. Frank's mother thought the world of this man as did a lot of the Boston Irish. He was Father Charles Coughlin. Fr. Coughlin was also an early supporter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but as time wore on he felt President Roosevelt strayed from issues Fr. Coughlin felt were important. Father Coughlin was known as the "Radio Priest", his weekly radio show broadcast from the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Royal Oak was one of the most listened to programs of its day. Father Coughlin set up organizations to further his points of view. One of these was known as the Chrisitian Front. Frank became a leader in the organization.


.................Frank met Honora K. Gormley during this time in his life. They were married on October 1, 1941.

As in everyone's life at the time, Pearl Harbor changed Frank's life. He joined the U. S. Army and was sent to California where he helped to guard the interned Japanese. When the war was over in 1945, Frank was a Sergeant. When he got back to Boston he was able to combine one of his favorite things, reading, with his work. He went to work for the Boston Public Library. He was with the library for many years before he again went into sales.

Frank's family had grown to four children by 1952. During vacation time, Frank and the family often went camping. It was one of Frank's favorite things to do.

Frank was still always glued to a book. It was a rare occasion to find him without one. His children recall that he would awake in the morning and reach for two things, his current book and a cigarette. He would walk, book in hand, to the dresser, lighting his cigarette, still reading, and collect his clothes. He would return to the edge of the bed dressing and reading and smoking. In the 1950s Frank had some serious medical problems. He had a serious heart attack and broke his back. It took years for him to rehabilitate himself. In August of 1971 all that smoking caught up with him as he was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs. He died October 6, 1971.


Francis Patrick Moran and Honora "Nora" GORMLEY Moran had four children:

A. Sheila Patrice, born December 31, 1942 married William Thomas "Billy" English on April 28, 1962. They had four children:

1. William Joseph "Bill" was born October 18, 1962. After serving four years in the United States Coast Guard, Bill is now an Electronic Technician living in New Hampshire.

2. Kathleen Anne "Kate" was born November 24, 1963. She married Mark Mooney on December 30, 1985. They have three children:

a. Jessie born April 4, 1987

b. Sara born September 29, 1988

c. Hannah born August 16, 1990

Kate and Mark divorced. Kate lives with her children in Somersworth, New Hampshire where her children attend South Eastern New Hampshire Christian Academy.

3. James Edward "Jimmy", born June 13, 1965, married Sherrie. They divorced and he then married Sharon on October 10, 1990. Jim is a Senior Sonar Chief in the United States Navy.

4. Elizabeth Anne "Liz", born December 15, 1971, is a single mother of:

a. Jenna Kathleen English-Pantano born April 29, 1996

Liz lives with her sister Kate and helps by being a nanny and housekeeper.

Sheila divorced Billy English and later married Michael "Mike" Winfield Ashenfelder. They live near Sheila's children in a cozy log cabin in Milton, New Hampshire. Sheila works as an Assistant Office Manager for New England Speech Services while Mike is a Contractor Specialist with Hancock Lumber in Kennebunk, Maine.

B. Claire Frances, born July 30, 1944, married, married William "Bill" L. Peterson on September 10, 1966. Claire works as the Treasurer/Bookkeeper for Fontbonne Academy, a private parochial girl's school. Bill works for the Department of Defense as a Cost-Price Analyst. They have three children:

1. Kimberly Ann, born April 16, 1969, married James "Jim" Cirame June 1, 1996. A graduate of Babson College, Kimberly works as an accountant for a major real estate investment firm. They live in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

2. David Walter, born January 11, 1971, served more than three years in the U. S. Army, Special Forces. He attends Wentworth College.

3. Michael Joseph, born January 17, 1967, attends Bridgewater College.

C. Kathleen "Kathy" was born October 1, 1948. Her Godparents are Kae and Jim Sullivan. Kathy graduated from Saint Theresa of Abila Elementary School in West Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1962. She went on to graduate from St. Thomas

High School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Kathy then attended Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts for one year before she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston in September of 1967 and became Sister Kathy

Moran. After completion of her membership into the Congregation, Sister Moran completed her education at Regis, receiving a degree in Biology.

Sister Kathy Moran, CSJ entered into a teaching career within the schools operated by her community. She taught junior high school for one year in Lynn, Massachusetts and then four years teaching high school biology and chemistry in Newton, Massachusetts. Sister Moran went back to school to study for her Masters in Divinity at the Weston School of Theology at

Cambridge, Massachusetts. When she completed that task she expected to be assigned a parish or retreat ministry but instead was surprised by her community when they asked her to become the Principal of Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, Massachusetts.

After St. Joseph's, Sister served as a part time campus minister at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Newton and the rest of her time at the community retreat center in Cohasset, Massachusetts. She was working full time at the retreat center when she was elected to her Congregation's leadership team in the Spring of 1994.

The year 1995 was Sister's twenty-fifth anniversary of her religious profession. In 1996, Sister Kathy Moran became the Provincial Supervisor of her Order.

In January of 1997, the National Catholic Education Association named Sister Kathleen Moran, CSJ as the Catholic Elementary School Distinguished Graduate of the year. In a ceremony at Saint Theresa's in West Roxbury, Sister was presented

the award on January 26, 1997. Accepting the award, Sister Kathy told those present but especially the students, that Saint Theresa's school had been a place in which her faith was developed and sustained, where her talents were recognized and

encouraged. She went on to say her decision to enter her Congregation was a response of gratitude to God for the many gifts she had received throughout her younger days, specifically including among those gifts, the gift of a Catholic education starting at Saint Theresa's. Sister Moran then asked the students present to being open to the possibility of becoming a Sister or Brother. Sister Moran concluded her remarks by citing the prayer said silently by the priest during every Mass,

What return shall I make to the Lord for all He has given me?

On the personal side, Sister loves a good book, camping and hiking. She credits her Dad for her love of camping and both her parents for her love of reading. Unfortunately, her increased responsibilities within her community, have made even a finding time for a good book a rare indulgence.

4. Kevin Patrick, born January 15, 1952 in the hospital in Milton, graduated from Brighton High School in 1970. After a tour with the U. S. Army which included being posted in Germany, Kevin returned to Massachusetts. He married Gerardette Bedard on November 10, 1989. His wife, Gerardette, had a daughter from a previous marriage, Nicole A. Hammond born March 20, 1983. Kevin and Gerardette have a daughter, Kelly Marie, born December 27, 1989. The family lives in Carver Massachusetts.

This section written with the help of Sheila, Claire, Kevin and Kathy.

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