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This is a new flower in the garden for 2011, but I forgot what it is named, can you help me?

This feather - like leaf plant also escapes my memory. It is a shade plant and very interesting don't you think?

The Climbing Red Rose is baaaack !

Dianthus at the base of a potted Hibiscus

Bridal Bush in the backyard

The 2011 White Hibiscus

Again I do not remember the name of this Hibiscus, but suspect it is one I bought from the estate of a member of the Hibiscus Society who had passed away and it was marked "Unknown". If any one knows its name please let me know.

Erin Rachel Hibiscus for 2011

Hibiscus Hanging Basket 2012

Double Peach Hibiscus Doubles

My wife calls these Not Redenuf Hibiscus

Yellow Hisbiscus 2012

Quad Yellows - 2012

NotRedEnuf Hibiscus

Blue Tuxedo hibiscus 2012

The Blue Tuxedo after it has been in the sun several hours loses the white accent in its throat, the overall blue then fades to a light gray, making it a very unusual hibiscus.

Here you see two Blue Tuxedos after they have been open for awhile

Intertwined Bougainvilla

Hanging Basket

Plumbagos by coach lamp

Vincas and Zinnias

Small Stacked triple pots bought in the 99 cent store filled with 99 cent flowers - 2012

Fuchia Big Bloom Hibiscus, 2013

South side ofmy hideaway area, 2013, the jungle

Six foot elephant ear I call Igor

Though slightly out of focus , you can still see the size of Igor beside me.

The Plumeria 2013 still waiting for it to bloom, 3rd year of waiting.

An experiment, this is an upside down tomato cage with Impatients and Petunias, 2013

Tomatoes, green beans, banana peppers, jalapenas, squash, cucumbers among tems in our vegetable garden. Most have been plentiful.Planted and maintained by son Casey, Mmmmm good/

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