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There are 12 different colors of Hibiscus in the garden, some exotic. These are some of the more common.

A White Hibiscus

Another view of the prolific white hibiscus, that has at least two blooms a week and sometimes more.

This is known as a Sport Hibiscus called Capitolio

This is one of the Exotic Hibicus known as Whirlagig

Another view along side a Heliotrope.

Another exotic, this one is called Prom Queen.

This one is called Hawaiian Hula

Voodoo Queen

Another view (different camera) of the Voodoo Queen showing the color better

Voodoo Queen 2010

The Da Vinci Hibiscus



Erin Rachel Exotic Hibiscus

Erin Rachel Triplets

The hibiscus known as Chasing Rainbows

This one is called Sunburst. Along with the Capitolio, Erin Rachel and Chasin' Rainbows - it came from Larry Brunner of Deer Park, Texas

Sunburst Twins

The Black Dragon from Roger Friend just up the street.

This hibiscus is known as Rolling Hills of Gold

Passion Flower Vine

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Brunfelsia)

Mexican Oxalis, a different type of Shamrock(

Small purple orchid

This, despite the blueish look here, is a Purple Wave Petunia

Another view of it with its Marigold neighbors

This is a view from the front porch left side to the front lawn.

This is a climbing red rose in the left front of the garden now replaced by two Azelea bushes.

Rose of Sharon

Rose Of Sharon again

This is a Mallow shown with grandson Kyle so you will know it is BIG !

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