The Morans of Gorduff, Crossmolina to East Boston and Winthrop, Massachusetts

The following was sent to me by Bill Woods of Winthrop, Massachusetts.
Imagine my shock when I am reading about a family of Morans with the names Thomas, John, Joseph, Martin, Mary, Margaret (Peggy), Bridget and Rita living east of Crossmolina on the Bellacorrick Road who moved to Boston and some of whom lived on Harbor View Street ! ! All of those names match names in my family of Morans who left from an area east of Crossmolina on the Bellacorrick Road and settled in the Boston area some of whom lived on Harbor View Street.

These Morans are from Gorduff, very close to Carrowkeel. The name (Gorduff) is not in use anymore, only the oldtimers remembered it. These Morans are probably related given their location east of Crossmolina. They, however came over several years earlier (1870) than my Morans did (1900). Their Harbor View was located across Boston harbor from Dorchester (where ours was) in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

Thomas Moran
Brother of Hugh F. Moran, James Moran, Bridget Moran, Mary Moran Cecelia Moran and Unknown(Moran) Fox. Born in Ireland. Lived in the area of Webster St. East Boston. Worked around East Boston as a longshoreman. Married a woman much older than himself. Left no issue. Taught Sunday school in Gaelic in Ireland. Played the violin. Died in East Boston.

Cecelia Moran
Cecelia Moran was born at Gorduff Crossmalina County Mayo Ireland. She came to Boston Early in life. She resided in East Boston for a while and later at 417 East Eighth St in South Boston. She worked on men's clothing in a tailor shop in Province court, Boston. She never married. All the Fox Children lived with her after coming to America and until they married. Cecelia Moran was the sister of Hugh F. Moran, Thomas Moran, James Moran, Bridget (Moran) Murphy, and a sister in Ireland, and Mary.

Mary Moran
Mary (Moran) Griffin was born in Gorduff Crossmalina County Mary Ireland and came to Boston. Mary Moran married James Griffin nov 27, 1879 and they lived on London St East Boston. Parents of Edward Griffin, Joseph Griffen, Frank ? Griffin. James and Mary separated. Mary lived with the family of Hugh F. Moran on Putman St East Boston after the separation. All contact with the family of Mary (Moran) Griffen was cut off after the separation.

James Moran
Born in Ireland. Married Augusta ???. Lived on Springer St So. Boston. Worked as a bartender at the Boston Hotel on Kneeland St. Was captain of Hub Company #4 Knights of Pythias. Played the violin. Received last rights of catholic church and buried as a catholic. His widow married James Hurley and lived at 1750 Washington St. boston. James Moran and Augusta Moran were parents of Joseph Moran. James and Augusta were separated during the last few years of James's life. James lived with Cecelia Moran after the separation.

Bridget Moran
Born in Ireland and came to Boston. Bridget Moran married ??? Murphy. ??? Murphy worked as a wood turner on Border St East Boston. ?? Murphy deserted Bridget and returned to Ireland. Bridget Moran dies very young . They had one child named John Murphy. John Murphy was brought up from infancy by Cecelia Moran(his aunt) at 417 East Eighth St. S. Boston.

??? Moran
??? Moran was born in Gorduff County Mayo Ireland . She remained in the old Moran homestead and married a man named Fox. She was the mother of John Fox, Catherine Fox, Ann Fox, Celia Fox, Daniel Fox, and Patrick Fox. She lived to an old age.

Hugh F. Moran
Born in Gorduff Crossmalina Ireland. Emigrated to Boston about 1870. He was in Boston at the time of the Boston fire in 1872. Married Margaret Connelly at 198 Bennington St E. Boston Oct 20, 1880. Hugh worked at the water works coming into Boston during his early years. Parent of John H 7-23-1881, Martin(twin), James(twin), Margaret(born Chelsea died 4-28-1955), Gertrude, Hugh F.A(died Winthrop) , Cecelia G. died Medford 1950

John H Moran
Born at 198 Bennington St E. Boston July23, 1881. Worked for post office. Married Mary L. Walsh june14, 1910. Parent of Ruth, John, Ralph, Louise, and Alfred. Baptized at Sacred Heart Church E. Boston

Martin Moran
Born in Chelsea July 28, 1883. Baptized at St. Roses church in Chelsea. Martin died while he lived on Elsworth St Chelsea. He died of diphtheria when he was about three years old.

James Moran
Twin of Martin born July 28, 1883. Baptized St. Roses Chelsea. He died in early childhood while living at Ellsworth St . Chelsea.

Margaret Moran
Born Oct 6, 1884 Died April 28, 1955. Born in Chelsea. Educated at star of the sea school East Boston. At age 29 joined Sisters of Mercy Convent Manchester NH. Became Sister Mary Irma(known as Sister Irma) Baptized at St. Roses Chelsea.

Mary Gertrude Moran
Gertrude Moran born Sept 30, 1886 At Ellsworth St. Chelsea. Baptized St. Roses. Died early in childhood while she lived at Ellsworth St.

Hugh F. A. Moran
Born June 3, 1889 Died Sept 1946 Married Elizabeth Hewitt Parents of Rita, Irma, Peggy, and Betty. Also says married Lillian E. Hewitt July 20, 1913. ( I think he was just adding date later) Born at 285 Lexington St E. Boston. Baptized at Star of the Sea

Cecelia Gertrude Moran
Born June 9, 1891 at 285 Bennington St. E. Boston, Baptized at star of the sea. She worked as an operator for New England Tel and was supervisor at Mystic exchange. Married Joseph F. Howlett on Nov 16, 1916. Parents of Joseph Howlett who was killed at iwo jima Feb 26, 1945. Cecelia separated from and later divorced Joseph Howlett. She lived at 52 Metcalf St Medford

Ruth I Moran
Born at Mass Homeopathic Hospital Boston june 7, 1917, while her parents lived at 124 Tremont St

John F Moran
Born Mass Homeopathic Hosp Boston Sept 5, 1919 while parents lived at 124 Tremont. Married Mary E. Oneil of 35 Della Ave Roxbury July 11, 1953

Ralph Moran
Born Sept 6, 1921 Mass Homeopathic Hosp Boston

Louise Moran
Born at home 42 Harbor View Nov 5, 1926 Married Randall F. Wood june 16, 1951.

Alfred J Moran
Born at home Oct 16, 1928

Rita Moran
Born Sept 18,1915 at Malden MA. Daughter of Hugh F. A. Moran and Elizabeth (Hewitt) Moran. Sister of Irma (Moran) Riccadelli, Margaret (Peggy Moran) Holland, and Elizabeth (Betty Moran) Hirrel. Rita married William Holland of Winthrop and had four children. Rita and Peggy Moran (sisters married William and Gordon Holland (brothers)

Irma Moran
Irma married Fred Riccadelli of E. Boston and had three boys and a girl. The girl died in infancy

Margaret (Peggy) Moran
Married Gordon Holland at fort banks Winthrop during WW2 . Gordon Holland was raised in Winthrop and attended Winthrop schools

Elizabeth (Betty) Moran
Married Phillip Hirrel who had also attended Winthrop schools

Joseph Francis Howlett
Son of Cecelia Moran and Joseph Howlett. Killed at iwo Jima. Interned at Medford MA. Only child. Parents divorced early in their married life and Joseph was brought up and educated by his mother without any assistance from his father. His father married again and lived in Cambridge, and was the father of Marylin Howlett who married a man named Dermott.

John Fox
Born at Gorduff Crossmalina Ireland. Emigrated to Boston about 1895. His brother Patrick is now in possession of the old Moran homestead. Brother of Catherine, Ann, Celia, Dan,and Patrick. Lived with Cecelia at 417 E. 8th st . He left Boston and his wherabouts for many years were unknown. He was found dead in bed at a hotel in Brooklyn NY. A gas jet in his room was open. Interned at Holy cross cemetery. John left Boston because he was dissatisfied with the marriage of his sister Catherine. John never married.

Daniel Fox
Born in Ireland. Emigrated about 1900 and lived with Cecilia until his marriage. Worked Boston Elevated Railway and MTA. Retired 1953 Died 1954 He left a widow and two sons

Catherine Fox
Born in Ireland. Emigrated about 1900 and lived With Aunt Cecelia until she married a man named Smith. After marriage she lived in JP. She was the mother of several children. One daughter married Peter Day and lived at lived at 7 Perkins Manor JP. Daughter Teresa Smith married a man named Dellon??(not sure of spelling). Daughter Margaret Smith married a man named Pride. Son James Smith lived at 24 Wyman St JP and son Alfred Smith lived in JP.

Patrick Fox
Patrick Fox remained in Ireland. Patrick lives at Moylaw, Crossmalia, County Mayo, Ireland which is evidently the old Moran-Fox homestead(can't read but it makes mention of Gorduff as well). Patrick's
Mother was the only Moran that remained in Ireland. Patrick fox is the only member of the Fox family that remained in Ireland

Celia Fox
Born in Ireland. Emigrated about 1900 and lived with Aunt Cecelia until marriage. Married a man named John Horn and resided at 32 North Milton St Malden

Ann Fox
Born in Ireland. Emigrated about 1900 and lived with Aunt Cecelia until she married. Husbands name was Callahan and he was in the grocery business. They lived in Milton and were the parents of two boys.

John Murphy
John Murphy was the first cousin of John H. Moran. John was the son of ??? Murphy and Bridget (Moran) Murphy. He married and fathered several children. He lived for many years at buttonwood St. Dorchester. His mother died when he was a baby and he was brought up by Aunt Cecelia at 417 E. 8th St. His fater went back to Ireland and deserted his wife and son. Bill's note: next page is also John Murphy It says John lived on buttonwood st after marriage. He suffered a ruptured appendix, and was refused admission to a hospital. About 30 hours later entered a hospital but it was too late and he died shortly after admission.

Edward Griffin
Edward Griffin was a first cousin of John H. Moran. Edward was son of James Griffin and Mary (Moran) Griffin. Edward was Brother of Joseph Griffin and Frank Griffin. Lived at London St. E. Boston when young

Joseph Griffin
Lived on London St as a boy. Later lived in Arlington

Frank Griffin
Lived on London St. "the story of his adult years is not known"

Joseph Moran
First cousin to John H. Moran. James is son of James and Augusta Moran. He is only issue of that marriage. Joseph Moran married and after his first wife died he married again. Joseph Moran fathered Warren Moran and Allan Moran by his first marriage.

Warren Moran
Warren was the son of Joseph and brother to Allan. Warren was a teacher at the Boston High School of Practical Arts. He lived in JP

Allan Moran
Son of Joseph and brother of Warren. Member of first cops of cadets boston. Inducted into army WW2. Remained in army after war and intended to make the army his career.

Alfred Smith
Alfred Smith was the son of ???? Smith and Katie Fox. Brother of several Smith children. He was a member of the secretarial staff of James Michael Curly (governor). Alfred secured several jobs through political patronage.

Bridget Connelly
Born in Galway Ireland. She came to Boston and worked many years as a cook for the family of Horace Allen on Highland St. Roxbury. She never married. She is the sister of Martin Connelly, Patrick Connelly, and Margaret (Connelly) Moran.

Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly was born in Galway. After coming to America he worked as a longshoreman around Chelsea. He lived on Beacon St Chelsea. He was the father of Patrick Edward Connelly.

Martin Connelly
Born in Galway. Lived on Williams St. Chelsea. Worked as a longshoreman. Married Bridget Tully of Chelsea April 1, 1888. They were the parents of Mary Connelly. Marin Connelly drowned in a boating accident at city point south Boston. His widow married again and lived on Mountain st Revere MA

Margaret Connelly
Born in Galway. Married Hugh F. Moran and they lived at 198 Bennington St E. Boston, Ellsworth St Chelsea, Brooks St E. Boston. Margaret died in Oct 1892 while she lived at 285 Bennington St.
Typhoid fever was fatal to her. Mother of John H, Martin and James(twins), Margaret (sister Irma), Gertrude, Hugh F.A., And Cecelia (Moran) Howlett.

Mary Connelly
First Cousin of John H Moran. Daughter of Martin and Bridget (Tully) Moran. She died when she was about 20 years old from a heart attack. She was the only issue of Martin and Bridget.

Peter Edward Connelly
Peter commonly known as Eddie Connelly was born in Chelsea MA. He was the son and only child of Patrick and ??? Connelly. He lived during his boyhood on Beacon St Chelsea. Worked for metropolitan insurance co nearly all his life. Retired in 1954 Was married to Elizabeth Trainor of Chelsea. Parents of Father Robert Connelly, Eddie Connelly, Sister Peter Christine. Sister Christine died about 1952 of cancer. Elizabeth died shortly after daughter also of cancer. Family resided at 61 Longwood Ave Fitchburg.

Mary C Berger
Mary Berger was born in Cairo IL. She married John Walsh and they lived at 124 Tremont St. for many years. Mother of Mary L, Annie C, and Catherine F. Mary (Berger) Walsh was educated in Tenn. And later lived in New Orleans. The Mother of Mary (Berger) Walsh died at 124 Tremont. After the death of John Walsh Mary remarried Alexander Colvin. The marriage was an unfortunate one and the Colvins were later divorced. Mary (Berger) Walsh lived with her daughter Mary Louise and died at 42 Harbor view. Ms Walsh lived with her daughter for about 30 years.

John Walsh
Father of Mary, Annie , and Catherine. John Walsh came from Hoosick Falls NY. John Walsh was the owner of two homes on Washington St. in Brighton. He built homes 124 Tremont St. and 10 Cufflin St. He intended to get a liquor license for 124 Tremont but was unsuccessful. He also bought and later sold the house at 108 Tremont. His Wife also bought a cottage located where the nautical garden is now located at Revere Beach. Mrs. Walsh later sold the cottage and 108 Tremont.

Mary Louise Walsh
Born at 124 Tremont Aug 21, 1885. Married John H Moran June 14, 1910. After the marriage lived at 60 Batavia St. (now Burbank St) Astor St (now Symphony Rd) and later moved in with her mother at 124 Tremont. In 1919 bought 42 Harbor View. John H Moran and Mary Louise Walsh met for the first time at Condit's Gama Pavilion at Elliot Circle, Revere Beach in June 1906. They were married at the catholic church in Revere MA

Annie Walsh
Worked for Met life ins then later at Filenes. Lived her whole life at 124 Tremont.

Catherine Walsh
Born at 124 Tremont. Worked almost entirely at Café Rouge Hotel Statler Boston. Grampa said she lived her entire life at 124 Tremont. We know she came to 42 Harbor View and was cared for by her by Nana until her death, but this was after Grampa died.


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