I am a graduate of the University of Texas and therefore UT is in my DNA.

As a gift to those who have the same molecular structure, I offer the following:

Hook 'Em Horns, a PowerPoint presentation >

Be patient, it is slow to load. Load the sound files in the Zip file below into the directory you download





the slideshow into if you hear no sound .


Best viewed with Internet Explorer and you must have PowePoint or the PowerPoint Viewer on your

computer.The PowerPoint file is very large (55 MB). The file may be too large for "dial-up" service.

When given the option to "Open" or "Download," choose "Open" to view it online. Or, you may

"download" it to save it to your hard drive.

You need PowerPoint (or just the free PowerPoint Viewer) to view the file. You can download the free

PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft web site. The presentation is 10 minutes long. You can find the

free Viewer at this link:

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=428d5727-43ab-4f24-90b7-a94784af71a4&DisplayLang=en .

If the link is not working, you can search the Microsoft web site for the PowerPoint Viewer.

If you search the site, choose the 2003 version of the viewer, which is 1.9 MB, because the 2007

version is 25.3 MB! The presentation is 10 minutes long





Sound ZIP file >

An animated cursor for a pointer >

An animated cursor for "busy" >

Alternate cursor >

Longhorn Football Schedule >

A background for a wallpaper >

To customize to your name, using the Paint program just fill in the box where my name is and type in your

name. Special thanks to UT graduate Zac Pond who is a Digital Image Technician from whose work I customized

this wall paper. It was on the Internet without any other information.


Click on the cursors and "Save Target as ..." to download.





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