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Welcome to the CELTIC COWBOY COMPANY, originally organized for the avocations of Gerard P. Moran, an historian and writer. The areas of interest and collected data include Texas history, Irish history, Moran genealogy, Vought aircraft and some miscellaneous projects.

A description of work the Celtic Cowboy Company has and does perform other than research and write on the subjects listed is presented below. Just click on the button to enter the area of the website that interests you.

There is also a status page for what is planned and what has recently been posted for each section.


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American POW in Fukuoka Japan

Wake Island History

Including the story of the Pan American Clipper


Glossary to Irish Terms & Phrases

Some Views From My Garden

Some My Views Of The Security Industry

The Soto Dam Memorial


Killeen Kangaroos, 1959 - 50 Year ROO union

The Mostly Forgotten And Important Battle Of The American Revolution

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