VII. Joseph Anthony Moran

Joseph "Joe" Moran was born June 12, 1921. Joe was a lively youngster growing up, well known throughout the neighborhood and beyond. He was called "Big Joe" for obvious reasons and not because he was fat, he was just huge. Another term that may have fit was ham-fisted. Joe's one hand was the size of both mine.

Joe's interests when growing up were football, swimming and diving. He was also quite a singer and dancer. Not surprisingly, he was a ladies man.

Joe joined the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Depression. In 1939, he joined the Coast Guard for one hitch. When that was done in 1940 he got out and enjoyed civilian life for a while and then joined the Merchant Marine. While with the Merchant Marine, his number came up with the draft and so he re-joined the Coast Guard. He saw duty in China and the Philippines. He was with the U.S.C.G. until well after the war ended in May, 1946.














After separating form the Coast Guard, he had a number of jobs. One of those jobs was as a bouncer at the Pat Lynch Club in Boston 1947 - 1949. The official job description was House Detective. Joe found it hard to adjust to civilian life, so he joined the Air Force in August of 1950.








In the 1950-1951 Joe married a fellow Air Force person, Patricia Braswell. Pat was originally from California and worked in Special Services for the Air Force. Joe was a member of the Air Police. He was still called "Big Joe". Somehow he found his way to our house in Japan. It turned out Joe was also stationed in Japan and took leave to visit with us. He was in Japan from 1952 - 1954. When he got home his enlistment period was up and Joe decide to leave the Air Force. He was discharged in August of 1954 as a Staff Sergeant. For whatever reason, immediately rejoined the Air Force. They credited him with no time lost. His height at this time was 6' 1.5" and his weight was 254 pounds.

Joe got back in the Air Force where he got out, Hamilton Air Force Base, California. In less than six months he was promoted to Tech Sergeant. In the summer of 1955, Joe was sent to Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming to attend an Air Force Management Course. He returned to Hamilton Air Force Base. His next assignment was in Germany where he was posted from September of 1956 until March of 1959. In June of 1959, he divorced Pat while stationed again at Hamilton Air Force Base in California. They had no children. Joe later married a German native, Ingeborg "Inge" Rünte. Inge's life like a lot of German's during and after the war was quite different from normal. But her problems began before the war. She was born in Wuppertal in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany December 6, 1935. Her father was Karl Weiss, and her mother was Josephine Mueller. Other than their names she knows nothing about them or if she had brothers and sisters. She was adopted by Ernst Maximillam Runte and his wife Elfried (Stursberg) Runte. She learned her father's and mother's names from the Runtes when they felt she was old enough to know the truth. The Runtes were born the same year, 1892. Elfrieda was eight months older having been born in Februaryl (2/4/1892) while Ernst was born in October (10/26/1892).

In June of 1956, when Inge was 21, she went to England to be a nanny. She stayed in England until 1958. She went back to Germany and took a job in Ramstein, Germany when Joe was at the base in the town (Ramstein Air Force Base) They met in a café Inge worked at called Remos. Her job there was a bit unusual. She wasn't a cook or a waiter or even the hostess. She was a translator. Later she got a job on the base as a dental assistant and her and Joe's paths crossed again. Joe's tour of duty was up in Germany in March of 1959. He again was sent back to Hamilton Air Force Base. There he found his marriage in trouble and divorced Pat. Not liking the single life, Joe sent word to Inge to come over and join him. They were married at Hamilton Air Force Base in August of 1960. In 1965, Joe got word he was being sent back to Germany. Inge was ecstatic because she would be able to introduce Joe to her mother, Elfrieda. Ernst had died in April of 1960.. Before they left the Air Force changed Joe's assignment to the RAF field at Wethersfield in Essex, England. At least they were closer to Germany than California. The bad news was that Inge's mother, Elfrieda, had to have a leg amputated because of complications with diabetes and so the reunion was not as pleasant as it would have been. Joe re-enlisted while in England. He was now a Master Sergeant. After returning from England in 1968, Joe got a hardship tour (no family) to Johnson Atoll in the Pacific where his assigned duty was to guard nerve gas stored there, but his extra duty was in the gym and recreational activities. This turned out to be something he enjoyed and in subsequent assignments at Minot, North Dakota and Kessler Air Force Base in Mobile, Alabama that is what he did. Joe's last duty station was at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. He retired May of 1974 with 28 years active duty. He put on his papers that he was going to Dallas, Texas.

Joe and Inge retired from the Air Force and moved to the Dallas area to be near Joe's brother John and family. Joe and family bought a home in Garland, Texas. The cut throat heart games between Joe, his brother John and nephews Gerard and/or Bob were usually at John Moran's house. The wailing and gnashing of teeth during those bloody games could be heard by the neighbors on all sides.

Joe worked for a time for Ross Perot's computer company and then retired from work because of health reasons.

Inge and Joe had two children:

Joe holding daughter Charmaine with son Tim

beside him












Joe and son Tim

a. Timothy Earnest, born in 1961, who was a clever child and as an adult developed into quite an artist. Tim took a wrong turn in life and died a young man.He never married.

b. Charmaine Bea born November 24, 1966 in Lakenheath, England. She is unmarried and works today as an executive assistant for two doctors in the Dallas area.

Joe and Inge divorced in June of 1982. They still remained friends and it was not just for the kids. Joe died at 75 years old, the oldest Moran male of our family on July 31, 1995. He died of lung cancer having smoked unfiltered cigarettes such as Pall Mall, Lucky Strike and Camels for too many years though his death certificate said ventricular arythmia. and heart disease.

Joe's nephew Bob Moran helped Inge and Charmaine plan the funeral and clear up Joe's estate.

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