G. H Curtiss and 1909 Curtiss Biplane which won at Rheims, France in 1910

Ely taking off from USS Birmingham in 1910

The Mustard Plaster at Cicero Air Field, 1911

Sexton Monoplane at Cicero, 1911

Dwight-Lund Quadraplane at Cicero 1911 - 1912

The Beech National at Cicero, 1912

Blaney Low Center of Gravity Monoplane at Cicero

Roy Francis Aircraft at Cicero

Partridge - Keller biplane at Cicero

McCormick-Romme at Cicero

McCormick Romme in San Antonio, 1912

Chance Vought in a Wright Model B at Cicero, 1911-1912

Day Tractor Biplane with CMV on left, Mickey McGuire to his left then DeLloyd Thompson and Andrew Drew

Cicero Airfield as taken from the air by Chance Vought in a Wright Flyer. The flat roofed hanger on the right is the McCormick Hanger.

In front of the building in the upper right was the Lunch Room shown below.

Wright Flyers in an early Air Show

Wright biplanes at Kinloch Air Field, Missouri

Wright Flyer below a Wright Flyer

U. S. Army on parade at Sam Houston in San Antonio, 1912. Picture taken from the roof of the hanger CMV was using for McCormick - Rome Umbrella Plane. Note photographer on the roof in lower right corner of picture.

Unknown bat winged aircraft

Martin Convertible Aero Yacht

Helicoplane by Viscount Decazes in Villacoublay, France, 1913

de Bothezat

de Bothezat

Wright Aero Boat, 1913

Lillie Tractor

Robinson in Lillie Tractor taking off from Montreal for Ottowa

Mayo - Vought - Simplex taking off, 1914

Wright Martin Model V with 150 hp Hispano Suiza engine, 1916

Chance Vought worked on the H-8 Curtiss Flying Boat when he was employed by the Curtiss Aircraft Company in 1916. Only one was produced and it was sold to the British. There were a number of Curtiss H Flying Boats all based on the H-4 "America" design shown here but each with larger engines and bodies up to the H-16.

Curtiss H- 8, 1916

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