Peter Meyrick (Merrick) is shown in the 1833 Tithe Applotments of Crossmolina Parish as leasing land in Ballyscanlon. A John Meyrick (Merrick) is leasing a much smaller parcel of land close by. The genealogists at the North Mayo Genealogical Centre believe John to be Peter's son born in about 1800.

John Merrick married Catherine Noone who was born in about 1809. They had seven children:

Bridget Merrick born about 1833. She married Patrick Caden February 18, 1855. They lived in Carrowkilleen. Bridget and Pat Caden had seven children:

Mary Caden was baptised December 10, 1855. She married Michael Moran of Carrowkeel on January 3, 1876. They had nine children covered in the Moran genealogy.

Anne Caden, baptised on August 6, 1859.

Bridget Caden born August 13, 1865

Margaret Caden born January 22, 1868

Ellen Caden baptised February 3, 1870.

Sarah "Sally" Caden born March 18, 1872

Pat Caden born September 6, 1874

Martin Merrick of Ballyscanlon married Bridget Gallagher. They had one known child:

Jane (Catherine) Merrick born March 21, 1886.

Mary Merrick born in about 1847 married John Hegarty of Ballycastle. They had the following known children:

Catherine, born February 25, 1870, married William Healy of Rathoma March 26, 1901.

John, born July 26, 1871.

Peter born March 18, 1873

William born 18 March, 1875

Mary born February 10, 1878

Bridget baptised November 13, 1879.

Honoria baptised September 18, 1881.

Martin born June 29, 1883

Thomas baptised October 15, 1885

Catherine "Cate" Merrick of Rathcreevy baptised October 29, 1849 married Matt Turnbull of Rathduff on February 6, 1877. They had the following known children:

Anne born January 22, 1878.

Margaret Kate born August 1, 1879

Thomas Merrick born about 1849 married Kate Geraghty of Cloghans May 16, 1884. They lived in Cloghans and had the following known children:

William born August 15, 1884

John born August 25, 1885

Thomas born July 3, 1887

Peter Merrick married on February 19, 1871 Ellen Dowd(O'Dowd)* of Tullysleva in Rathduff Church. They lived in Rathbane and had the following known children:

Maria (Mary) born April 7, 1872. She died at age 16

John born January 29, 1874 died April 5, 1916 in Butte, Montana

Catherine "Cate" born February 15, 1876.

Patrick born June 8, 1878. He married Honor Murphy December 1, 1901 in the United States. Patrick Merrick died December 11, 1934 in South Dakota.

* Peter Merrick died between 1878 and 1883, his widow Ellen O'Dowd Merrick married Peter Noone on September 30, 1883. Their daughter Bridget Catherine Noone married James Munnelly sometime before 1905. A Bernard Munnelly is listed as a source regarding Tullysleva in the North Mayo Genealogical report on the Merricks.

William Merrick baptised August 19, 1853


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