H. Mier Men

Born In Ireland -

Patrick Usher, was later a Chief Justice in Jackson County.

Archibald "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Patrick Lyons

Robert Crawford

John Lacey

Thomas Murray

Patrick Mahon

Daniel McDaniel

Samuel McLelland

Patrick H. Daugherty

Born in Scotland -

Thomas Coville

Malcolm McCauley

Ewen Cameron

Others with Celtic names -

Patrick Lusk, his mother was a sister to General John Coffee, who fought under Andy Jackson, and after

whom John Coffee Hays was named.

William Ryon, who helped lay out Austin.

Freman W. Douglass

Joseph D. McCutchen, who was wounded and author of the diary used as a source.

William F. McMath, who was the assistant surgeon.


Samuel McDade

Frank Hughes

David Allen

Malcolm McCauley

William Scott

Charles McLaughlin

Campbell Davis

Cyrus K. Gleason

William Moore

John McGinley

Samuel C. McFall

Daniel McDonald

Bigfoot Wallace

Henry Whalen

James MacMichen

John McKindel

John McMullen


J. Vaughn

William McLeyea

Daniel Sullivan

A.J. Roark

Charles Kelly

Francis Riley

James Burke

John Fitzgerald

William Cody

Michael Cronigan

Patrick Bray

Jeremiah Findley

John Fitzsimmons

Edward Fitzgerald

Edward Linn

Michael Cahill

John Corrigan

Samuel Walker

William Mosby Eastland

Daniel Davis

Thomas Jefferson Davis

William Kinchen Davis

William Davis



Asa Hill

Charles Hill

Jeffrey B. Hill

John C. C. Hill

Frank Hughes

A. Jackson

Edward B. Jackson

John E. Jones

Thomas L. Jones

Wiley Martin Jones

William Preston Stapp (mother was Nancy Shannon)

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