As we have viewed in the text and appendices and now on the web, the extended Moran family includes all the people, places, companies and things Moran; we have learned that:

There is a Moran marine side as represented by shipping, tug, builders and yacht sales.

There are several engineers and engineering companies Moran.

More than a few Moran bars, pubs, taverns, restaurants, cafes, diners or other places exist to further the hospitality aspect of the Moran nature.

There are Moran names on beer and wine.

Morans are in Real Estate, Sales and Marketing endeavors.

We raise sheep and horses, care for dogs and cats.

We are in the travel business and light manufacturing.

We design parks and have parks named after us.

There are state parks, city parks and county parks named for us.

We have been and are in the grocery, distribution, moving and trucking businesses.

We have written books, magazine articles, and poems.

We are in the movies from the earliest days to the present. Television too and radio, are a part of our talent.

We are in management, consulting and law.

Architects, builders, home services are well represented by Morans.

Chefs, cooks are among us including a famous one in Paris, France.

We have factoring, photography, comedy in our skill set.

There are churches with our name on them. There are church leaders named Moran.

We have schools named for us, teach and administer in schools from Kindergarten to Graduate School.

We paint, enjoy and have made achievements in other parts of the Arts.

We operate ranches, hotels, marinas, hunting projects, mountain climbing expeditions

We have been inspectors in construction, as well as constructors themselves.

We can teach you golf, build and/or maintain a golf course for you.

We farm, grow flowers and produce.

Many of us can sing or play music, we have recordings and albums that have done well.

We have won beauty pageants including Miss World (twice).

We are in electronics, data storage and protection.

We have and manage hospitals, clinics, rest homes, funeral parlors and have cemeteries named for us.

We have played and ecelled at football, tennis, soccer, basketball, hockey, horse racing, bicycle racing, baseball, fishing, boxing, rugby, auto racing, just about any sport you can think of and done well at it.

There are towns, boulevards, streets, roads, circles, squares, and trails named after us.

We have run for and won most major political offices.

There have been many ships and boats named for us.

Police, firefighting and military are areas of our specialty where we have excelled and won honors including at least two Medals Of Honors.

There are important medals named Moran.

There is a stamp, cigar, many buildings, lakes and mountains named for us.

Car repair, car sales, dealerships, motorhomes, they all have many Moran representatives.

Magic is an artistic domain populated with Morans.

The name is associated with leather and saddlery.

Laundry, housekeeping, domestics, janitorial services, we have done it all.

Lumber, woodworking, furniture, gardening, fencing, landscaping, tree servicing - we do it all.

Our name is on one of the best made knives in the world.

Computers, software, communications we are there too.

There are Moran museums.

Printing, floor stores, materials, metals, plastics and flowers, all areas with our name among them.

Auctioneering, shoes, boots, plumbing, mining, tunneling are some of the less known endeavors of the Morans.

So you see, we Morans are a diverse and accomplished group. If you are a Moran you can take pride in the family name being well represented in the broad aspect of man’s endeavors.

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