Frequency of the surname Moran by population in the United States showing the states that have more Morans than others.

The color of each state indicates how frequently you will find someone with the Moran surname in each state. For instance, if a state is colored red, then 1 in 100 people (or more) in that state have the surname Moran. Similarly, yellow means approximately 1 in 300 have the surname, green means 1 in 1000, and blue means 1 in 10,000 (or less).


In 1850 (the first year figures were posted for this graphic), you will note there are more Morans in Rhode Island than any other state. Texas is next but that can be accounted for in part by the Hispanic Moran families begun by Irish soldiers in Spanish service in Neueva Hispania. Louisiana is next and both Spanish and French Irish connections come intoexplaining the numbers. New York, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky round out the highest concentrations of Moran families in the United States in 1850.

By 1880, you can see the Texas and Louisiana numbers are down and Morans are spreading into states west from the midwest. In 1920, the numbers in Missouri are down and except for Nebraska jumped to the Pacific coast except for Oregon which did not have as much manufacturing.. The large numbers in Montana reflect the mining and lumber jobs that were held by many Irish. The Morans did not go in strength into the deep south except for Georgia which had a large Irish population at Savannah. The area of Millidgeville, Georgiaalso had and has a sizeable Moran clan. The Morans did go south into Arkansas, Oklahoma and by the 1990 Census were in every state with healthy numbers with slightly greater concentrations in Massachusetts and Connecticut and New York and New Jersey. Only Utah and Mississippi were states who while they still gained in Moran population do not have as many families as do other states.


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The map below charts the location of Moran listings in the "White Pages" in more recent years (2006):


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