Firefighter Mike Moran became an overnight sensation by going on national television and telling Osama bin Laden to "Kiss my royal Irish ass!" Mike is shown to the right.

His wildly popular expression of post-Sept. 11 anger is memorialized in a song that quickly found its way onto radio stations across the nation. Called "The Ballad of Mike Moran," the song features the words the FDNY's most outspoken fireman uttered on stage at the Concert for the City of New York broadcast on VH-1 Oct. 20.

The ballad is performed by the San Diego group "The Chamber-Made Brigade" and features the words:

"In remembrance of my brothers, who from earthly bonds did pass/ Osama, step right up and kiss my royal Irish ass."

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Authors Doug Cogan and Christopher Storc told Moran proceeds from the CD will go to relief efforts.

Moran's brother John, an FDNY battalion chief died in the disaster.

Javon Moran baseball player for Auburn University >








Michelle Moran of the University of Missouri who competed in the Hepatholon in 2001.


Robert D. Moran, the first Secretary of OSHA. He was appointed by President Nixon.




Television personality Julie Moran

The castfrom the television show Happy Days which featured Erin Moran (center)

Erin Moran was born on October 18, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, the youngest of six children. She did her first television commercial at the age of six and became a regular cast member of two television programs, "Daktari" (1968-69) and "The Don Rickles Show" (1972), long before "Happy Days." She also made guest appearances on many other shows, including "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," "My Three Sons," and "Family Affair." Moran had parts in several films as well, including the 1968 Debbie Reynolds movie, "How Sweet It Is," and "Watermelon Man" in 1970.
After several seasons on "Happy Days," Moran continued her role as Joanie Cunningham in the short-lived spin-off "Joanie Loves Chachi." When this series was cancelled in 1983, she returned to "Happy Days" for the final season. Her work since then includes three episodes of "Love Boat" and one guest spot on "Murder, She Wrote."

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Oscar Moran, President of LULAC 1985-1987

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