Peggy Moran, Hollywood starlet, shown with an actor playing the mummy in Mummy's Return a 1942 motion picture. She began with Warner Brothers. She appeared in films with Gene Autry, Bela Logosi, Melvyn Douglas. She also appeared in several Universal Studio films. There she was in films with Deanna Durbin, Victor MacLaglen, Jackie Cooper, Johnny Mack Brown, Broderick Crawford, Wallace Ford, Dick Foran, Johnny Mack Brown, Bob Cummings, William Frawley, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Albert, Roy Rogers and the first Abbot and Costello movie. Later she starred in the television series the Cisco Kid.

To the left Peggy is drying "Mummy" Tom Tyler



Below Peggy is with Wallace Ford on the left and Dick Foran on the right on the set of The Mummy's Hand.

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Robert Moran immigrated to Seattle in 1846. He found work as an iron worker. Later, as a successful businessman he owned the company. The company built the U.S.S. Nebraska and other U. S. Navy ships. He became Mayor of Seattle. A national park, Moran National Park on the San Juan Island, is named for him. Moran's estate on San Juan Island was called Rosario and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.






< Captain John "Jack" Moran of Company D, 37th Illinois Infantry better known as the "Fremont Rifles." Moran joined in August of 1861 and by May of 1866 was made Major.






Famous painter of the American West and termed the Father of the American National Parks, Thomas Moran when he was eighteen years old. >











Marshall Moran set out from Chicago in 1929 to join a Jesuit mission on the Asian subcontinent. Over the next six decades he became one of the continent's most remote celebrities, a pioneer priest and educator, and one of the "rare ones" among the world's amateur radio fraternity, at home in the heart of the Himalayas. In both India and Nepal he taught the sons of the rich and the poor, the powerful and the unpretentious alike. From simple beginnings he set the first standards for modern education in Nepal. His call sign, 9N1MM, was known by so many that in time, he became known far and wide as "Father Moran of Kathmandu". In his biography of Father Moran, the anthropologist and writer Don Messerschmidt brings the story of Fr Marshall D. Moran, SJ, to life. It is a remarkable story of quiet accomplishment.


Pictured to the right is one of the more obscure Morans to be in the movies. She was Priscilla, also seen as Prissilla, Moran. She was born in November, 1917. Very little is known concerning Priscilla. She was born in poverty and moved with her family to Hollywood after a doctor advised them to move to a dry climate for tuberculosis. She was spotted at the casting office for The Toll of the Sea and hired on the spot. Alternatively abandoned, kidnapped and sold by her father she was at one time taken in by Jackie Coogan's parents. Her earnings were eaten up in medical bills and burial costs for her mother. Her father sold the rights to her acting and physical custody of her for $35,000 and absconded with the money, then died leaving her penniless. After her grandmother took control of her, she no longer acted.




His emminence, Cardinal Patrick Moran of Sidney Australia

Patrick Francis Moran was born in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland. His mother's brother was Cardinal Cullen. He took Patrick to to Rome at age 12. Patrick was ordained when he was 19. Thirty-five years later, he was appointed Archbishop of Sydney, Australia in 1884. In 1885, he was made a Cardinal.



Film star Pauline "Polly" Theresa Moran of Chicago starred Max Sennett films. She went on to a successful career in films, vaudeville, radio and stage. Among her films were Dangerous Females with Marie Dressler, Alice In Wonderland, Adam's Rib with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.






From 1924 to 1931, film actress Lois Moran appeared in over 30 motion pictures, including three of the best-known titles of the day: Stella Dallas, The Road to Mandalay, and Mammy.









Ironically, she is better remembered currently not by aficionados of movies but by those of popular music and of Jazz Age literature, for she starred on Broadway in two famous George and Ira Gershwin satires and was a personal inspiration to novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. Indeed, her involvements with the Gershwins and with Fitzgerald would qualify her for renown had she never made a film.










Earl Steffa Moran became one of America's best known pin-up artists after Life magazine ran an article on him in 1940, he was also well known as a cover artist. The early forties where also a time of some hardship for Moran following his bitter divorce from his wife Mura. After the divorce had been settled he moved to Hollywood and comenced painting film stars along with his calendar work for Brown and Bigelow. One of his most famous models whilst in Hollywood was the young Marilyn Monroe, who modeled for Moran between 1946 and 1950. Earl Moran continued to paint for Brown and Bigelow well into the late fifties before deciding to retire to paint fine art subjects. He signed with Aaron Brothers Galleries and continued to paint for collectors until 1982 when his eyesight started to fail. Earl Moran died on the 17th January 1984, in Santa Monica.

Although Earl Moran utilised a variety of mediums, e.g. oil on canvas in the 40's and oil on canvasboard in the 50's, he most commonly worked in pastels. His work can often be recognised by his heavy use of light and shadow.

The big hit of 1949 was American tennis playerGertrude 'gorgeous gussie' Moran's lace panties, which, according to the press, were responsible for considerably more box office receipts at the All England Club.






Terry Moran joined ABCNEWS in 1997, and was named a White House Correspondent in September 1999. He reports for Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and other ABCNEWS broadcasts



Daniel Thomas Moran, the Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, Long Island New York receiving his appointment in 2005.

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