Morans of County Offaly, Ireland and Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia

Patrick Edward Moran and I met through happenstance at the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston, Texas. I was doing research on my Moran family and he on is. His family was from County Offaly. Pat went on to publish a book on his family entitled Moran Exodus From Offaly. His book has much more detail and some beautiful Coats of Arms prints. His book can still be purchased from him by writing:

Patrick E. Moran

2114 Sieber

Houston, TX 77017

Patrick recently, (April, 2008), asked me to take out the supposition of the name of the Moran who was the son of James Moran who married Elizabeth Rice and went on to marry Ann Gorman. This suppositon was not reflected in his book and was made later. Patrick has returned to his original position that the name is not known or supported with fact. For the record the unsupported name that was offered was "Thomas" which was an educated guess that can not be supported with better evidence.I have honored Patrick's request and made the correction.

Patrick's Morans go back to Mughron, Chief of Hy Failgi in about 841 A.D. One of the decendants of Mughron founded the Sept Murchadain in about 1000 A.D. His descendants took the name O'Murchadain. Some later decendants were known as O'Murchain. The English anglicized that to O'Morrin or O'Moran. Those parts of the Sept that retained the O'Murchadain name were anglicized as O'Morahan. Still later the O' was dropped and the names became Morahan, Morrin and Moran.

The earliest Moran from Offaly that Patrick Moran found in his research was a John Moran who was transplanted in Ireland in 1653-1654. but he can not document that this man was related. He was able to find a Moran family transplanted from the Edederry area of County Offaly to Kilrush in County Clare by the Cromwellian Acts that was related.

James Moran who was born about 1654 married in 1672 Elizabeth Rice.

They had one known son and his name is not supported with any data. Patrick together with another family genealogist, Nolan Moran, who lives in North Carolina, believe from the best evidence available that his name was John Moran based on a naming pattern they discovered. For details on that pattern read his e-mail to me:

Gerry, here is a copy of a message I sent to my very distant cousin, Nolan Moran, who lives in North Carolina, and who is another major researcher on our Moran family lines. I have received a response from him, and we both now believe that the husband of Ann Gorman, parents of our original immigrant, Gabriel Moran, was probably named John Moran. This message will explain in detail how we have come to this conclusion. So, based on our present thinking, the earliest line would look like this: James Moran & Elizabeth Rice, John Moran & Ann Gorman, Gabriel Moran & Elizabeth Villett, William Thomas Moran & Eleanor Higgs.

Nolan, you will notice from the summary I posted on GerForum a couple of days ago, that we worked backward from William Thomas Moran Jr., son of "Buck" Moran, to determine the probable names of his father and grandfather. Jr. was known to be named William Thomas Moran Jr. - appeared on some records that way. Well, that would prove that his father was William Thomas Moran Sr.; and that was supported by the information told to you by some old-timers that Sr.'s nickname of "Buck" was often used to identify the seniority of the father of a Jr. And then you had guessed that Buck's father might have been another William Thomas Moran. And then we just changed our mind to believe that Eleanor was really Eleanor Higgs instead of Eleanor Lock; that was based on that estate settlement just provided to us, which identified her father as Samuel Higgs. The fact that she then named her second son Samuel Higgs Moran was really the clincher - the kid was given the full name of her father. And that fact shows the very high probability that Eleanor and her husband William were using the common tradition of the time to name the second son after the father of the wife/mother. But if they were using that system, that would also be very strong evidence that Buck's father was also named William Thomas Moran because Buck was the oldest son. The tradition did not just deal with the naming of the second son. The tradition was that the first son, if not named after his father, would be named after the paternal grandfather, and the second son after the maternal grandfather. In this case, the first son - "Buck" was named after his father, who was the first William Thomas Moran, son of Gabriel.

Now, let's go back a generation. Gabriel and Elizabeth (Villett) Moran had four sons: John, Peter, Andrew, and William Thomas. Now, isn't that interesting? Their second son was named Peter - named after Elizabeth's father, Peter Villett! So, they were apparently using the system for naming their male children too, weren't they? Therefore, since their first son was not named after his father, Gabriel, he was probably named after his paternal grandfather, the man who was married to Ann Gorman! That man was probably John Moran! At one time I had made the wild guess that Ann Gorman's husband might have been named Thomas - only because our William Thomas Moran was the first known to have a name of Thomas, which seemed to just come from nowhere. I have changed my mind on that completely. I now believe Ann Gorman's husband was probably named John Moran.

And now, let's look a bit further: what about the other children of Gabriel and their naming patterns for their children? The oldest son John: Not sure about the order of birth of his children, but the way we have them listed is the order of listing in John's will, so it is probably correct. First son: Meveral Hulse Moran (named after John's step-father, second husband of his mother - remember Gabriel died rather young, so Meveral Hulse would have been like a father to John). Then the second son was named Gabriel (named after the child's paternal grandfather). And then the third son was named John Jr., named after the child's father. This is right out of the tradition hand-book! Now we look at Gabriel's second son, Peter. We have identified only one known son, and then 5 others who were possible sons. The known son was named John Moran - there's that name again, but not exactly in accordance with the tradition - he went back one generation too many to get that name. Now let's look at the other son of Gabriel - Andrew. His wife was named Mary - and we believe she was probably a Barber. We got the names of his children from his will, listed in the order he listed them. First son named Jonathan (longer version of John, the kid's paternal great-grandfather (they went back one extra generation too - just like Andrew's brother John above). Second son was named Andrew, named after the kid's father (not exactly the traditional system there). And then note the first daughter was named Mary (apparently after her mother). And then the next daughter was named "Sarah Barber Moran," probably the full name of the kid's maternal grandmother.

All of these families were using the exact tradition of naming children after themselves or the grandparents of the children - or some very close variation of that naming system, sometimes going back to the great-grandparents.

end of e-mail

It is known the son was born in 1673. He married Ann Gorman in c.1691. That there was a son who married Ann Gorman is not in dispute, only his first name. Ann Gorman Moran lived to be nearly 100 years old, dying in 1773. This Moran family had the known following children:

James born c.1694 married Susannah or Ann SHIRLEY. Only one known child is known:

James Shirley Moran, was a minor at the time of his father's death in 1774. He later married a woman named Margaret, possibly, Cunningham. James Shirley Moran held many offices during his life including: Deputy Clerk for New Hanover County, North Carolina; Sheriff of New Hanover County; Register of New Hanover County; Justice of the Peace; Justice (court judge). He was also a member of the Sons of Liberty as early as 1770. The Sons of Liberty were one of the first organization in the colonies to support the American Revolution.

Gabriel born c.1692 he and his brother James came to America in between 1710 and 1714. Gabriel settled in Charles County. Maryland. He married Elizabeth Villett in c.1710. They had the following known children in Charles County: John, Peter, Andrew and William Thomas.

John Moran born in c.1711 died c.1791 married first, Rebecca Hulse born c.1711 and second, Mary Lyons. His residence was known as Dearbought. John Moran's will named four children:

Meveral Hulse Moran married first Nancy Thomas. Their children were:

Meveral Moran, Jr who married a Priscilla

John Moran

Mary Moran married either Benjamin or Zacariah Sothoron

?Caleb Moran

Gabriel Moran born June 3, 1730 married first, Susannah Canter* and second, Margaret Wood. The known children of Gabriel are with his first wife and in no specific order as birth dates are not known:

James Moran married Jane Helling on May 14, 1780

Susannah Moran married Joseph Johnson

Luke Moran married a woman named Elvinda ?.

John Peter Moran married a Nancy.

Rebecca Moran married on October 15, 1785 to Allen Brightwell.

Leonard Canter Moran married Catherine, probably, Turner.

Sarah Moran on January 6, 1794 married Harrison Posey.

Alexander Moran married Mary Ann Posey

Mary Moran married Benjamin Estep

William Canter Moran

Gabriel Moran

*Unfortunately I have contributed to some confusion of this indiviual's name by posting on this website earlier, the name of Sarah as his wife.

The will of William Canter of Charles County, Maryland the father of Susannah Canter Moran, written in 1798 and provided the USGenWeb Archives by a Tom Mahieu,, settles the matter regarding the name of the wife of Gabriel Moran son of John who was son of Gabriel Moran who was born circa 1691 in County Clare, Ireland and moved to Charles County, Maryland and married Elizabeth Villett in Maryland between 1711-1714. Wiiliam Canter names his daughter, Susannah Moran, and his Son-In-Law, Gabriel Moran, in the will.

John Moran, Jr. married first, probably, Sarah Canter and second, Elizabeth Cusick. From the first marriage he had the following children:

Henry Moran born c1762 married Sarah Young

Charles Moran born c.1763 married Ann Davis

Elijah Moran born c.1765 married first, Lucrice Canter and second, Priscilla ?.

John Moran born c1766 married Lydia Musgrove (Canter) Edwards.

Ann Moran married Robert Davis

Rebecca Moran married her cousin Andrew Moran son of Andrew and Mary Moran.

Mary Moran married c.1809 Zacariah Canter

Jane Moran

Elizabeth Moran born c.1778 married c.1799 James Lyon

William Moran married c.1770 Rebecca Barber. They had the following children:

John Myvert Moran born c.1772 in Charles County, Maryland

William Moran born c. 1774 married Mary Barber April 4, 1795.

Edward Barber Moran born March 18, 1776 and married Letitia Clay May 10, 1810. Letitia was realted to Henry Clay the stateman..

Samuel Thomas Moran born c.1778

Gustavus A. Moran born c.1780 in Charles County, Maryland married Lydia D. Edwards.

Elizabeth B. Moran born c.1781 married William B. Cordell.

Henry Moran born c.1783 never married died in 1823.

Benjamin Moran who served and died in the Revolutionary War.

Peter Moran born c.1725 probably married Sarah Canter. Their children were:

John Moran who married Lydia, probably, Canter

?Hezekiah Moran married February 11, 1778 Rachel Lyon

?Joseph Moran

?James Moran

?Peregrine Moran married January 8, 1784 Eleanor Barber


Andrew Moran born c.1726 died c.1791. He married Mary probably Barber. Andew Moran's will named the following children:

Jonathan Moran

Andrew Moran married Rebecca Moran daughter of John Moran Jr

Robert Moran married a woman named Sarah

Mary Moran married Peter Cartwright

Sarah Barber Moran married Robert H. Ward

Zacariah Moran

Benjamin Moran

William Thomas Moran born c.1729, died in Halifax County, North Carolina in February 1797. He married Eleanor Higgs (see e-mail quote above. Originally it was supposed her name was Lock until the will of Samuel Higgs became known to the family in 2008). Eleanor died in Baldwin County, Georgia on 6/5/1809. William Moran fought in the Revolutionary War with Maryland troops. He was joined by his sons William Moran Jr. and Bazil Moran. They fought in North Carolina units. William Moran was a Private in the 6th Maryland Regiment from June 6, 177 until May 25 1787 and participated in: Sullivan's Raid on Staten Island, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Valley Forge, Battle of Monmouth, Battle of Stoney Point, Battle of Camden. In 1780 was transfered to the Ist Regiment of Maryland. With them he served in the Battles of: Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk's Hill, Ninety -Six, and Eutaw Springs. William and Eleanor had the following known children:

William Thomas Moran, Jr., died May 14, 1830. He married Delilah Man in 1780. Three of his grand children the sons of William Thomas "Buck" Moran and Elizabeth Moran were captured in the Battle of Gettysburg by Union soldiers: Samuel Mitchell Moran participated in Pickett's Charge. He was wounded on McPherson's Ridge and died of complications from a wound and subsequent amputation of a leg 23 years later in 1886; John "AJ" Moran who was captured at Gettysburg and died as a POW and George W. Moran who died as a POW. Thomas "Buck" Moran himself served in the Civil War with the 26th North Carolina Regiment, He in later life married Melinda Allen.

Gabriel Moran died September 20, 1810. He married Anna Robards.

John Moran died March 7, 1801 in Chowan County, North Carolina. He married Winnea Harrell in 1787. They had the following children:

John Moran, Jr born c.1790

Charles Moran born January 4, 1794 married Luvenia Brown December14, 1816.

Elizabeth Moran married a man named Hunter.

John, Jr. and Charles were good friends of Sam Houston and of Andrew Jackson. Charles named one of his sons Samuel Houston Moran

Mary Moran

Bazil Moran, he died in 1805. He married Nancy Harvey in 1787 and Winnie Blackstone in 1797.

Samuel Higgs Moran, died November 1798 in Baldwin County, Georgia.

James Moran, died in about 1790. He married and had four children. We do not know the name of his wife or the order of birth of the children:

John - born in Halifax County in 1773, married Martha Russell July 10, 1810 and died in Pike County , Illinois September 3, 1853.

William - married first Lucretia Pemberton and second Ruth Fitzgerald. Served in Geogia Militia during War of 1812.

Polly - married William Duncan in September 5, 1809

Jesse - born in late 1784 in Halifax County, North Carolina

He married Bethena Bailey in Baldwin County, Georgia September 16, 1808 and died in Tallapoosa, Alabama in 1855.

Jesse and Bethena Moran had the following children:


Mary Martha Moran was born 1809, died pFebruary 15, 1871. She married on February 12, 1838 Abner Belcher.

William J. Moran was born 1811 died January 8, 1869. He married Rutha Gyns on December 29, 1832. She was born in 1814 and died in 1871.

James Madison Moran was born 1814 died pFebruary 15, 1871. He married a woman named Eliza in about 1842.

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Washington B. Moran was born in 1815, died on March 15, 1880. He married first Malinda Belcher on October 11, 1839 and second, on January 9, 1848, Martha Aldridge. Washington Moran served in the Civil War in Company C of Reader's Battalion, Alabama Infantry.

Lucinda Moran was born 1816, died c.1842, married David B. White in Troup County, Georgia in 1832.

Seaborn G. Moran was born September 2, 1817, died on August 19, 1902 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He married first, on August 1, 1845, Elizabeth Millford and second, on December7, 1867, Elizabeth Smith. He served in the Civil War with Company C, Reader's Battalion, Alabama Infantry.

Louisa Eliza Moran was born 1819, died pFebruary 15, 1871. She married on January 7, 1846, James Davidson.

Charity P. Moran was born in 1820 and died on pFebruary 15, 1871. She married on July 22, 1841, Nathan Phillips in Georgia.

Samuel J. Moran was born in May of 1821. He died March 21, 1905 in Howard County, Arkansas. His first wife was named Lucinda. They were married in in about 1848. On September 25, 1867 he married his second wife, Elizabeth M. Ballard and his third wife, Fanny E. Killgo on August 22, 1889 in Howard County, Arkansas. Samuel Moran served the Confederacy in the Civil War with Company D, 34th Regiment, Alabama Infantry. He was wounded in the right arm.

Rebecca A. Moran was born in 1826, she married in c.1843 the widow of her sister Lucinda Moran, David B. White. Rebecca died pFebruary 15, 1871.

The date February 15,1871 means there is a document in the papers relative to the settlement of the estate of Bethena Moran that shows these Morans were still alive and therefore survived `past' the date of the document which was dated February 15, 1871.

John Milner Moran was born in December of 1827. On December 3, 1848 he married Arena Amanda Roberts in Tallapoosa County, Georgia . She was the daughter of Zimriah Roberts and Harriet Banks Roberts. John M. Moran served in the Civil War with Company D, 34th Regiment of the Alabama Infantry. He was wounded in a leg. John Milner Moran and Arena Moran had eleven children:

Elizabeth Ann "Baloney" Moran was born in August, 1849. She married on March 28, 1871 in Tallapoosa County , Alabama, Benejah H. Presley.

Taylor Leroy Moran was born in 1851. He married Sebra T. Orrick in Tallapoosa, Alabama on November 28, 1871. He died in Pike County, Arkansas in c.1898.

Seaborn Zimriah Moran was born January 21, 1858. He married Emma Jane Caldwell on December 2, 1875. He died in Navarro County, Texas on October 1, 1949. Seaborn and Emma Moran had nine children:

Oclie Moran born November 2, 1876 in Tallapoosa, Alabama died June 7, 1878.

Seaborn Alvin Moran was born September 13, 1878 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He married on December 22, 1895 first, Safronis Aldonia McLain and second, on January 1, 1935 in Navarro County, Texas Willie Thelma (Elliott) (Hervey) McNutt.

Arrena Eliza Moran was born December 9, 1880 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married John Wesley Horn on January 22, 1898. She died March 12, 1969.

John Mitchuck Moran was born July 14, 1884 in Talapoosa County, Alabama. He married first, Mary Etta McLain on May 11, 1902 and second, Jewel (McHenry) Johnson on May 1, 1962.

Lula P. Moran was born September 8, 1887 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama and died October 10, 1887.

Hattie L. Moran was born October 9, 1888 in Pike County, Arkansas. She married John William Woodall on January 28, 1903. She died in Pike County in in 1907.

Felix Fenton Moran was born July 20, 1891 in Pike County Arkansas. He married Grace Daphne Fabian on February 15, 1914. Felix Moran died in Grimes County, Texas on June 1, 1942. Felix and Grace are the parents of Patrick E. Moran who wrote the book Moran Exodus From Offaly.

Dallas Francis Moran was born July 29 1894 in Pike County, Arkansas. He married Mary Dela Woodall on March 4, 1912. He died in McLennan County, Texas on August 28, 1959.

Eley Elmer Moran was born January 7, 1900 in Pike County, Arkansas. He married Bonnie Ashcraft in 1918 and died in McLennan County, Texas on November 19, 1957.

Continuing with the children of John Milner Moran and Arena Amanda Roberts Moran:

Alice Moran was born in April 1860 and died c.1870.

Augusta "Gussie" Moran was born in 1861, died about 1880.

Almina Frances "Nin" Moran was born in November 1862. She married Asberry Biggs Henthorn in 1881. She died November 27, 1929.

Ada Ann Palmyra "Pal" Moran was born June 16, 1865. She married Henry Elias Babbitt in 1881 and died in Pike County, Arkansas on July 12, 1937.

Francis Marion Moran was born in February, 1870 and died c.1885.

Lelia Lee Moran was born March 6, 1872. She married first, Lee Roy Ray in 1891 and second, Jacob Levi Smallin on August 4, 1909. She died in Pikes County, Arkansas.

Luella Virginia "Gean" Moran was born June 6, 1873. She married first, William Self in 1889 and second, Ruffus K. Parker on July 21, 1904. She died December 26, 1962.

Cora Bell Moran born June, 1877 married John W, Watts. Cora died c1910 in Pike County, Arkansas.

Joshua C. Moran was born in 1830, married on May 30, 1850 to Louisa Hughes and died in 1871. He also served in Company D, 34th Regiment of the Albama Infantry during the Civil War.

The following are the children of William Thomas Moran and Eleanor Moran continued:

Elisha Moran was born c.1766, died in Baldwin County, Georgia in 1807. He married Frances Trice, daughter of John and Mary Trice. They had the following known children:

William Moran was born 1790, died November 1870 in Baldwin County, Georgia. He married in c.1817 Temperance Goslin.

Jesse Moran was born 1791, he married Frances "Fannie Trice July 15, 1819.

John Benjamin Moran born c. 1792 married in 1810 Martha Russell. He served in the War of 1812.

Eleanor "Elly" Moran born 1795 married Joseph Simpson.

James W. Moran born in 1800 married January 1, 1826 Jane "Jensie" Trice, a cousin

Elizabeth "Eliza" Moran born in 1802 married first, Willis Yates in December, 1823 and second Greene M. Wayne on June 15, 1842.

Joseph Moran

Elizabeth Moran

Sarah Moran

Elinor Moran

Susana Moran

For more information on these families and their descendents, please check Patrick E. Moran's book Moran Exodus From Offaly. Also of interest is a subsequent book by Patrick entitled Our Royal And Noble Ancestry in which Mr. Moran outlines the of descent of some Moran families from Offaly who are descended from Roman emperor, Charlemagne and the Plantagenet kings of England

Source: Patrick E. Moran


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