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As a result of this website we are able to fill in some of the research of T. Whitley Moran. In his article, The O'Moran Septs and Coats of Arms in the IRISH GENEALOGIST, T. Whitley Moran mentioned Morren, Morian and Morin as names to be found in France or Belgium. He notes further that a cadet line of Morans fled to the low countries and has a coat of arms similar to the Offaly Morans but altered in the crest and motto.

Peter Meurrens, of Belgium, having seen the website contacted us with information from his family based on a book written about the people in the tombs of the Hesbaye region of Belgium. The book, Tombs de la Hesbaye by Leon de Herkenrode, was written in 1845. Peter's mother was a Morren and he thinks his name as well goes back to a common root - Moran. In the book about the tombs an entry regarding Petrus Morren buried in the Heythuysen church cemetery shows the family coat of arms of three stars (but with seven points instead of the six known previously also the swan's wings on either side of the crest star which was believed, by some, to relate to their flight to Belgium. The motto, in Latin, is the same as that of Ireland Morans - Lucent In Tenebris, They Shine In The Darkness).

It cites the research of a Sir William Betham, who was at one time the King's man in charge of coats of arms for all of Ireland. He traces the family back to Mochan and Moran the grandson and grandgrandson of Eibram, Chief of the O'Ferrals. Other names that emerged from these two were Morun, Morin, O'Moran, O'Morran and O'Morren.

In 1522, King Henry VIII appointed an Egide Morren, a Catholic, to be an ambassador. Egide had two sons: Albert and Eduard. Albert had three sons: Henri, Eduard and Erwin. Eduard died a martyr to his faith. Henri had three sons: Erwin, Pierre, who became a Dominican, and Bavon. Bavon had three sons: Lambert, Hilaire and Vincent. Vincent, a Catholic priest died for his faith and Lambert was a Provincial of the Jesuits. Hilaire had to leave England in 1605 when the Jesuits were expelled from England because of his brother's position with the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). He went to Brussels, Belgium and established the name there of which Petrus, buried in the tomb at Heythuysen, was a part.

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The following is written after receiving the information above. This disseration was written by and from the research of Patrick E. Moran and extends the family line while making some corrections.

Descent from Morans of Offaly
to Morren Families in Belgium and America

by Patrick E. Moran with the assistance of Renilde Pausch and Morren family in Belgium and Peter Muerrens

Egide Morren (Egide is French; it would be Gilles in English. He was granted Arms and ennobled by King Henry VIII in 1522, and made ambassador of the king. He was almost certainly the chief of the Moran sept in Offaly, who accepted the king's offer of peace in exchange for recognition of Henry as the supreme ruler of the area and surrender of his land to the king, under the king's policy of "Surrender and Regrant." The land would then have been granted back to him to rule as a baron of England.)

note from P.E. Moran - Renilde thinks that Egide was perhaps not even living in Ireland at the time of his granting of arms and being made an ambassador. He was more likely living in England. She bases this on some things she has read about the family in Belgium. She thinks part of the family was already living in Belgium by 1522 - long before Henry's break with the Church . And their becoming ambassadors for Henry might have even preceded the enoblement of Egide and his recieving the Arms.

Part of the family already being in Belgium is probably the reason Hilaire and his family fled there when religious persecution got too close to home.


Egide Moran had two sons:
Albert Morren (King's counselor in 1549)
Edouard Morren (Chamberlain of the king in 1550), had a son:
..Henri, who became chamberlain of the king in 1591.

Albert Morren had three sons:
Henri Morren (English general)
Edouard Morren Father of:
..Egide, who was martyred for his Catholic faith.
..Ervin Morren Senator; and father of:
...Ervin, who became a Catholic archbishop, and Lambert, who became a senator of the king.

Henri Morren had three sons:
Ervin Morren, (Died without descendants.)
Pierre Morren (A Dominican)
Bavon Morren (Ambassador)

Bavon Morren had three sons:
Lambert Morren (A Jesuit provincial)
Hilaire Morren (Governor)
Vincent Morren (A priest, who was martyred)

Hilaire Morren (One brother, Vincent, had been murdered; another, Lambert, was a Jesuit provincial, and the Jesuits were being expelled from England, following the "Gunpowder Conspiracy." Fearing for their lives, Hilaire and his family fled to Brussels, Belgium, in 1605, early in the reign of King James I. Ironically, Hilaire died of a stroke on the very day he arrived in Belgium, as he was leaving church!) He had three sons:
Edouard Morren
Amand Morren
Jean Morren (Father of Jean Christophe Morren)

Amand Morren is said to have had two sons:
..Martin-Francois Morren (Governor of Fortress de Leau in Brabant, Belgium)
..Deodat-Lambert Morren (But, according to an old document belonging to the Morren of Peer, Deodat-Lambert was a son of a Jean Morren, instead of Amand.)

Another genealogical fragment pertaining to the Morren family of Peer mentions that all the Morrens of Leau, St. Truiden, and Peer descend from Amand Morren by his son, Martin-Francois. It then adds, "One notices among them a Jacques Morren, who married Marguerite Moels." Some have interpreted that to mean that Jacques was a son of Martin-Francois, but the document does not exactly say that; it merely says that he was "among them," a rather uncertain way of noting his presence. In addition, his birth date of c.1580 as pointed out by Dr. Peter Meurrens, when compared to other known dates in this line of descent, precludes his being a child of Martin-Francois. While probably related, they were more likely in the same generation, probably cousins. Also, that birth date - in St. Truiden - suggests descent from someone in the line who went to Belgium before Hilaire's flight there in 1605.


Jacques Morren, born c.1580, in St. Truiden, Belgium; died 9-2-1636; married 1-17-1601, Margaretha Moels, born c.1580, died 5-16-1652. They had:

Simon Morren, born 2-26-1604, died 10-12-1669.

Simon Morren, mayor of Peer, Belgium, married (1), 8-27-1635, Ida Van Baussel, born 9-17-1614, who died c.1652, after giving birth to six children, the first of whom was:

..Pierre Morren, died 8-25-1727, in Heythuysen, Belgium, at age 87. (Pierre is French,
and would be Peter in English, Petrus in Latin. His tombstone is shown in the book,
Tombes de la Hesbaye, by Leon de Herckenrode, published in Ghent, Belgium, in 1845;
and illustrates his Coat of Arms, which is almost identical to the Moran Arms of Offaly,
as described by T.Whitley Moran in the November 1970 issue of The Irish Genealogist,
an annual publication of The Irish Genealogical Research Society of London.)

Simon Morren married (2), 9-1-1653, Margaretha Heusdens, born c.1620, died 4-13-1722, at age 102, by whom he had eight children, including:

..Jacobus Morren, born 3-10-1662, died 10-13-1736.

Jacobus Morren married Anna Fymen, who died 5-2-1748. They had ten children, including:

..Michael Morren, baptized 1-8-1698 and died 12-10-1769, in Peer, Belgium.

Michael Morren married 2-27-1724, Catharina Aechten. They had:

..Maria Helena Morren, born 11-15-1729, died 1-14-1798.

Maria Helena Morren married 2-10-1764, Hubertus Laurentius Nottay, born 8-15-1720, died 6-27-1786. They had:

..Maria Catherina Nottay, born in 1768, died in 1858.

Maria Catherina Nottay married Thomas Vissers, born in 1764, died in 1807, named Knight of Opitter, Belgium, on 5-21-1792. They lived in the Castle of Opitter, and had:

..Maria Coleta Vissers, born in 1804 and died in 1884, in Opitter, Belgium.

Maria Coleta Vissers married (1) Rutger Moors, a teacher in Opitter, who died young. She married (2) Guillaume-Henri Van Horen, a doctor. She and her first husband had:

Maria Helena Florentina Moors, born 4-22-1835, died 1-8-1902, in Opitter, Belgium.

Maria Helena Florentina Moors married Martinus Lamers, a customs official, who was born 4-20-1819, in Maastricht, Netherlands, died 2-27-1907, in Opitter, Belgium. They had:

Andre Lamers, born 9-14-1878, in Lanaken, died 12-23-1959, in Antwerp, Belgium.

Andre Lamers, a district school superintendent, married Bertha de Backer, who was born 5-20-1882, in Mol, Belgium, and died 6-5-1969, in Turnhout, Belgium. They had:

Lodewijk (Louis) Lamers, born 4-25-1917, in Mol, Belgium.

Louis Lamers, a teacher and business owner, married Hortense Gielen, a teacher, who was born 7-8-1919. In March 2010, they were still living in Tampa, Florida, and Wildwood, Missouri. They had:

Renilde Bertha Lamers, born 2-27-1951.

Renilde Bertha Lamers, a middle school foreign language and ancient civilizations teacher, married Jack Mathias Pausch, a professional musician and middle school music teacher, who was born 4-30-1951, in St. Louis, Missouri. In March 2010, they were still living in Defiance, Missouri. Renilde, and her family and Morren family. Renilde assisted in this paper.


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Note: All dates expressed numerically refer to Month/Day/Year, and may differ from dates
shown in European sources, where dates are usually expressed as Day/Month/Year.
Names are presented in several languages, as found in original source documents:
French, Latin, Dutch, and English.

More on the Morren and Meurrens Family of Belgium and France

The Meurrens family has their origins in the Flemish part of Belgium. The name changed from Morren to Meurrens at the end of the 17th century in Lubbeek, a village between Leuven and Diest. The name Morren comes from O'Moran, an Irish clan having their origins in Offaly. The family goes back to Mughron (841) who was Chief of Hy Failgi. This became the family O'Failghe and is the origin of the word Offaly. One of his decendants founded the clan Muchadhain also called Morahan in about 1000 AD. Muchadain was a chief who ruled Magh Aoife (Mayiffey) in east Offaly. Later the name became O'Murchain and then O'Morrin and O'Moran.
From royal descendancy, they had very important positions under the English kings (Henry VIII awarded them the family crest in 1522), but being Irish catholics, they had to escape England during the religious turmoil, after half of their family having been decapitated. That's how they arrived in Belgium. The first Belgian Morren had important positions in Brussels and Zoutleeuw and further in Limburg, but one son went to Lubbeek, a village devastated by the Geuze war, and his descendancy became simple farmers.
"Lucent in tenebris" (they shine in the darkness) is the family motto.

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We received the following letter in French from Michel Goldschmidt who took his line back to Bavon Morren and among other revelations, revealed the origin of the famous Belgium Botanists, Morren - Charles and Edward Morren.


Je suis francais et je suis tres interrese par votre site sur les MORAN, ma grand mere est nee Marthe MORREN a Bruxelles , Belgique , son pere etat Edmond MORREN Notaire. Je fait la genealogie de la famille et je remonte jusqu'a Bavon MORREN comme l'explique Peter MURRENS.

Pouvez vous me donner l'adresse de Peter MURRENS car nous sommes de la meme famille ou lui communiquer mes recherches et mon adresse

143 bis rue de SILLY
92100 boulogne
Descendants of Bavon MORREN

1 Bavon MORREN

2 Hilaire MORREN d: 1605 in Bruxelles Occupation: Gouverneur


4 Jean Crhistophe MORREN

5 Jean Christophe MORREN d: in Thisselt

5 Lambert MORREN b: 1663 d: 1716 in Bruxelles (B) Occupation: Notaire royal à Bruxelles

6 Jean Christophe MORREN

6 Lambert Jean MORREN b: 1684 in Bruxelles (B) d: 1761 in Turnhout (B) Occupation: Greffier au tribunal du Brabant

+Barbe VAN SOMEREN b: in Bruxelles (B)

7 Ignace Lambert MORREN b: 1729 in Anvers (B) d: 1796 in Bruxelles (B) Occupation: 1757 Notaire Royal Bruxelles

8 Pierre Francois MORREN b: 1765 d: 1844 in Bruxelles (B) Occupation: Notaire Royal Bruxelles

+Caroline WILLARD

9 Prosper Francois MORREN Occupation: Notaire royal Bruxelles

+Rosalie Isabelle Henriette DELVAUX d: 1857

10 Paul Pierre MORREN b: 1834 in Bruxelles Occupation: Notaire

10 Jules François Jean MORREN b: 1835

10 Edmond Pierre Jules MORREN b: 1 octobre 1838 in Bruxelles (B)

d: 17 mars 1894 in Bruxelles, Jette st Pierre (B) Burial: Bruxelles , Jette MORREN-VAN BEVERE cp 247 Occupation: Notaire

+Adélaïde Céline Laure VAN BEVERE b: 16 décembre 1846 in Bruxelles (B) m: 20 décembre 1864 in Bruxelles (B) d: 1 mars 1929 in Ostende (B) Burial: Bruxelles , Jette MORREN-VAN BEVERE cp 247

8 Charles Ignace MORREN b: 1773 in Gramont (B) d: 1837 in Molenbeek-St-Jean (B) Occupation: Medecin militaire

+Marie Catherine POPE d: 16 avril 1810

9 Charles François Antoine MORREN b: 3 mars 1807 in Gand (B) d: 17 décembre 1858 in Liège (B) Occupation: Proffeseur à l'université de Liege For details use this link >

+Marie Henriette Carolines VERRASSEL b: 1812 in Bréda m: 25 avril 1830 in Liège (B)

10 Charles Jacques Edouard MORREN b: 2 décembre 1833 in Gand (B) d: 28 février 1886 in Liège (B) Burial: Robertmont Liege Occupation: Botaniste

+Euphémie XHIBITTE m: 1869 d: 19 juin 1920

10 Félix Charles Arthur MOREN b: 1835 in Gand

10 Elisabeth Marie Henriette MORREN b: 1836 in Liège (B) d: in Ostende (B)


10 Pauline Prospérine Dorothée MORREN b: 1844 in Liège (B)

10 Caroline Eugénie Hortenses MORREN b: 1847 in Liège (B)

7 Jacques Joseph MORREN b: 1730 in Bruxelles Occupation: religieux de l'ordre de sr François

7 Jean Charles MORREN b: 1731 in Bruxelles Occupation: religieux de l'ordre des Chartreux

7 Charles Joseph MORREN b: 1736 in Bruxelles d: 1831 in Grammont

*2nd Wife of Lambert Jean MORREN:

+Jeannne Vanden NESTE

3 Armand MORREN

3 Edouard MORREN

2 Lambert MORREN

2 Vincent MORREN



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