Charles MORAN Jr. was born in 1859. He married Sara Roberts in about 1862. They had the following known children:

Mary E. MORAN born in 1886, who married Walter J. MEREDITH. They had four children:

Walter J. Meredith Jr. born in 1908

Charles M. Meredith born in 1909

Elizabeth Meredith born in 1911

George G. Meredith born in 1919

Sarah A. MORAN born in 1888.

Edward W. MORAN born in 1892.

William Charles MORAN born in 1896 and died in 1926. He married Florence Gertrude GROVE who was born in 1891 and died in about 1971. They had at least one child:

Edward William Moran who was born in 1917 and died in 1965. He married, first, Jennie TUCKER who was born in 1919 and died in 1975. They had two children:

Daniel Michael MORAN born in 1941. He married Frances Georgeanne RITZHEIMER and had one child:

Julie Catherine MORAN born in 1963.

Robert Edward MORAN, born in 1942 first married Elizabeth Ann TIEDEKEN. They had three children:

Robert John Edward MORAN born in 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Marianne Joann MORAN born in 1961. She married George NEAL who was born in 1961. They had one child:

Jaimie Lynn Neal born in 1986

Kenneth Jack MORAN born in 1962 married Deborah NEAL who was born in 1963. They had two children:

Michelle Elizabeth Moran who was born in 1981

Lisa Marie Moran born in 1987

Robert Edward MORAN married, secondly, Tora. They had no children.

Robert Edward MORAN married, thirdly, Denise. They had three children:

Norman born in 1945 married Vosha MYZAGLOD who was born in 1948. They had four children:

Norman MORAN born in 1965

Joseph MORAN born in 1966

Jack MORAN born in 1969

Angel MORAN born in 1975

Sharon MORAN born in 1948 married William Vergil LOONSTYN, Sr. who was born in 1945. They had four children:

William Vergil Loonstyn, Jr. born 1964, he married Marie Antoinette YANELLI who was born in 1965. They had three children:

William Peter Loonstyn born 1983

Lisa Marie Loonstyn born 1988

Alyssa Anne Loonstyn born 1993

Joseph Michael Loonstyn born 1965 married Stacy M. Guarracino who was born in 1970.

Michael Loonstyn born in 1965

John Loonstyn born in 1967 married Kimberly Ann KAUFMANN who was born in 1970.

Denise Ann MORAN born in 1953 married, first, Francis McMONAGLE. They had one child:

Francis Charles McMonagle born in 1975. He had a son:

Francis McMonagle

Denise Ann MORAN McMONAGLE married secondly, Edward Charles Alwine who was born in 1938. They had two children:

Jane Elizabeth Alwine born 1990

Daniel Edward Alwine born 1992

Edward William MORAN married, secondly, Regina FITCH born in 1926. They had three children:

Jeannie Moran born in 1958

Edward Moran born in 1960

Bonnie Moran born in 1960

Source:Robert John Edward Moran shown above as son of Robert Edward MORAN and Elizabeth Ann Mary TEIDEKEN. He also has a TEIDEKEN genealogy which he displays on his home page on the World Wide Web of the Internet at

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