Hugenot Morans, since 1641 then Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia


William H. Moran emigrated from Ireland to France in 1641 during a food shortage. He founded a family in France that became Huguenots (16th and 17th Century Protestants). His wife and children are not known. We do know his grandson, Thomas Henry Moran born in 1735 in Paris, France.His family emigrated to America after his birth arriving in Virginia in either 1835 or 1836.

We do not know the name of his parents, his siblings nor his wife. Thomas Henry Moran died in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1829. We know a boy, not the oldest, left and moved to northern Missisippi where he was a Baptist preacher. We know the correspondent F.P. Moran is a descendant of this Moran. We do know the name of two of Thomas Henry Moran's twelve children:

Madison Moran born about 1816. He moved from Virginia to live in Northern Arkansas where he was a Bpatist minister. Madison married about 1837. The name of his wife is not known. He had at least seven children:

Wade Moran born in 1838 married a woman named Lou. Only two of their children's names are known:

Henry, the oldest

Mattie, a girl

William "Bill" Moran born in 1840 was known to have married and to have had several children, but their names are not known. He died in Waco, Texas.

Pink Moran born in November of 1842 married a woman named Nancy in 1861. They had seven boys and one girl. Only four are known:

Luther Moran born in 1872

W. H. Moran born in 1874 who married Minnie Taylor in 1900. They had a daughter, Alta Moran, born in 1907 who married Wylie Jordon in 1928.

Joeab Moran born 1877

Alexandra Moran who never married

Rasy Moran

Ed Moran born in 1848. He married three times. First to Mattie Brown. They had five children. Second he married the sister of Mattie Brown, Annie Brown and they had five or six children. Lastly he married a Mrs. James with whom he had four children.

Monroe Moran born 1850 had one daughter who had several children and grandchildren

Marmaduke Moran born November 7, 1819 was the youngest of the boys in the family. He was apprenticed out to a tradesman as a young child. The tradesman was a tailor and Marmaduke was with him for ten years. Marmaduke Young Moran resented his family placing him away from the family enough so that when he was old enough he left on his own, never looking back.

At twenty-one, Marmaduke Young Moran, like his brothers, became a Baptist Minister. His career as a circuit rider covered several states: Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. He served as a pastor in several churches in Arkansas serving Baptist congregations in: Warren, Star City, Montongo, Oak Grove, Randall, Monticello and Palmyra. He served three times as the President of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention and helped to found Ouchita College.

Marmaduke Young Moran married Mary Agnes Herndon, January 29, 1849 in Memphis, Tennessee. They had twelve children, seven boys and five girls. Maramduke Young Moran died in Palmyra, Arkansas on November 23, 1883.

The children of Marmaduke Young Moran and Mary Agnes Herndon were:

Sarah Jeannett Moran born 12/13/1849 in Nashville, Tennessee. Called Jennie, she married Quinn P. Tucker 12/12/1867 in Star City, Arkansas. Tucker killed a man in 1869 and the family moved to Texas where he killed yet another man. Sarah was killed by a steetcar in Santa Anna, California where she was living with her son, Arthur Tucker Young in August3, 1926.

Anna Marie Moran born 01/23/1852 in Nashville, Tennessee. Anna was deaf and dumb. She lived most of her life with her sister, Grace. She died of burns from a gas stove while visiting her sister Emma in Glendale, California 7/12/1935.

Henry Rhodes Moran born 12/3/1853 in Nashville, Tennessee. He, like his father, became a Baptist preacher serving Arkansas ( LaGrange, Holly Springs, Atkins, Forrest City) and Texas (Terrell, Will's Point, Lewisville, Nevada, Royse City, Eastland, Bangs and Zephyr). In 1884, Henry Rhodes Moran moved his family by covered wagon from Palmyra, Arkansas to Wichita Falls, Texas. All of the early genealogical material came from the papers of Henry Rhodes Moran. He married Martha Hall Gardner 9/8/1861 in Warren, Arkansas. They had twelve children, three of whom are known:

Leon Stanley Moran married Mrs. Frances Pearl Powell Plunket, the widow of George Plunket. They had three children one of whom coincidently had the same name as my mother, Frances Marie Moran.

Grace Clare Moran who married Burrell Bloomer Evans, wrote the book, The Gardner, Wheeler, Moran and Herndon Familes. She incorporated the information found in the papers of Henry Rhodes Moran in the Moran portion of that genealogical effort.

Ann Mary Moran married Andrew Watson Burnett. They had a daughter, Gwendolyn Winifred Burnett who married Orison Whipple Hungerford. Their son, Orison Whipple Hungerford, Jr., changed his name to Ty Hardin and was a famous movie and televison star.

Charley William Moran was born 6/13/1855 in Nashville, Tennessee. He married Roxie Anna Miller 12/25/1877. They had eight children.

Grace Truman Moran born 9/5/1857 in Nashville, Tennessee married George Dawson Stedman on 12/18/1877. She was the keeper of the Moran family bible.

James Barto Moran born 4/5/1862 in Bolivar County, Mississippi married Mary Ella Dupree 12/10/1884 in Star City Arkansas. The lived in Glendale, California.

Emma Catherine Moran born 5/14/1864 in Monticello, Arkansas married Judson Kenyon Coplin 2/14/1884 in Star City, Arkansas. They lived in Glendale, California. They had three children.

Thomas Edward Moran born 5/6/1867 in Star City, Arkansas married Minnie Cunningham 1/3/1889. He was a lawman and was killed July4, 1931 by a man he was trying to arrest. Thomas and Minnie Moran had seven children. One of whom, Myrna Madolyn Moran, is mentioned in the Moran Chonology in the appendix. She had married Warrant Officer James Loyd Peel of the U.S. Marine Corps and was living in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack on December 7th, 1941. She was home alone with their daughter, Diane when the attack came. The house was located six blocks from the Naval Station at Pearl Harbor and three blocks from Hickham Army Air Field, two of the Japanese targets, so she saw plenty of action. At one point a Japanese planed dived toward her as she stood in her backyard holding the baby and watching the spectacle. The pilot waved and then began to strafe her. She was missed but exploding shrapnel pierced her dress and burned her side.

Marmaduke Young Moran, Jr. born 12/18/1869 married Myrtle Blythe 12/24/1891. They had nine children.

Ruth Ray Moran born 10/14/1874 in Star City, Arkansas married Benjamin Franklin Tucker 12/31/1891 a first cousin to Quinn Tucker who married Marmaduke Moran's eldest daughter, Jennie.

Source: Grace Clare Moran who married Burrell Bloomer Evans and wrote the book, The Gardner, Wheeler, Moran and Herndon Famiies

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