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Newsletter for January, 2010

A new decade and a new year, time for some fresh start. Winter, however, is a hard time to begin something so... I will put it off until the Spring. What am I talking about? I don't know, I just think at this cusp of time, one should make some new beginnings. I will give it some thought until I am through hibernating.

As to the website, Aeroplanes Vought got all the attention in both effort and visits. There are several good "finds" in the section for those interested in early aviation photography. That area (early aviation) is not limited to Vought aircraft, though there is an emphasis on early naval aviation.

A sitemap has been added to the bottom of the Main Page for those who need it, it was mostly added to assist the search engines.

The Celtic Connection

You will have to look close to find additions, but they have been made. Most are corrections or additional details to items already posted.There was an emphasis of work in the Confederate Texas section.


I am still looking for a good copy of the Hy Fiachrach Map by John Donovan. If any one finds one please share it or point me to it please.


The Soto Dam section is awaiting action by the Sasebo city committee. They will probably wait until Spring to begin or to have the new memorial presented.

The Pan Am Clipper section had some graphic malfunctions which were working and then just quit for unexplained reasons. They are back up.

The University of Texas Longhorn Power Point slide show may have some sound problems associated with it. I need feedback from those of you encountering problems with what browser, OS and Power Point version you are using if you are having problems. I am hoping for a victory at the BCS National Championship Bowl to encourage an update to the presentation.

I have tried an HTML version of the .PPS but it can not do the justice Power Point does to it. Some of you may not get the sound files when you download the presentation, if this is so drop me a line and I will send you a ZIP file with the sound files.


This section has been touched up in a very minor way.


As stated above this is where all the latest work has been done. Line drawings and photographs are plentiful and the subject matter is not limited to Vought, though that is where the emphasis or connections are. If you have an interest in early aircraft, take a stroll through the Photographs, Early Aircraft section and see some interesting approaches to aircraft design that actually made it to the runway.

This section is mostly supplemental to the book, AEROPLANES VOUGHT or the paperback, THE CORSAIR AND OTHER AEROPLANES VOUGHT. To get a full understanding of the material, you need to read the book, which is in the section, before browsing the files under NEW MATERIAL.

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