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Newsletter for February, 2010

Brrr it is still cold outside, snowing, sleeting and raining all at the same time. A good time to stay inside by a cozy fire, reading a book, sipping an enjoyable refreshing beverage of your choice. Days like this make it hard to get out of bed let alone get out the door. The dog feels the same way.

It is a good day to work on the ole website and so I will and tell you what has been done lately.



The Confederate section has some new material and updated material. Most of the new work has been the illustrations for the last two chapters, 19th Century Texas and 20th Century Texas.

There has been a new picture of Billy The Kid discovered that shows him with Doc Holliday as a deputy along with Jesse James and another known outlaw. It has been posted in the 19th Century Texas section.


No new material has been added to this section.


Last month this section grew from a simple listing to beaucoup content. Some early aircraft pictures have been added.


No new material has been added to this section.


Viewing of the website has grown in the past month by a sustained average of a 100 hits a week. For the longet time we were averaging about 500 unique visits a week, that number is now above 600. Visitors are still coming mostly from US, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but there is a steady log in each month from Mexico, Denmark, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Poland, Italy, Finland, Hungary and Israel.

I am working on getting better placement with the search engines and hope to improve the numbers even more.

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