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Newsletter for March, 2007

The age in which we live is truly amazing when compared to past eras. We have worked hard and smart to reduce the drudgery of work or to make our work more efficient. This in turn has given us more time, but we do not make use of this time to continue some of the better traditions of by gone days. We, as a society are more selfish and inwardly focused than before. Some of this is because of how transient our lives have become. We do not live in the same neighborhoods all our lives as was once done. Job changes of our parents or single possessory parent and then our own careers to advance in promotions and compensation drive us to different locales and environments. Our loyalty to community is thinner than it once was. It could be better. Military families were able to keep the simple courtesies we extend to our neighbors from station to station, in fact it was something that helped them cope with the constant change.

What courtesies am I talking about that are now by general practice no longer done? When applying for a job or to participate in an event of some kind in which volunteers are encouraged, everyone fills out the necessary paperwork that is reviewed and the better candidates are notified of their selection. Those not selected are not sent the traditional "thank you for your interest but …" letter - they are simply ignored. This has extended to return telephone calls. We quickly call those we need or want to assist us in some way, but when it comes time to call those who asked to be included and we have decided not to use or invite them - our silence is the only message they receive from us. An explanation I have heard offered is that we have to be more productive with our time.

Another example is in our driving. Driving in traffic today has become, in some cases, a competition, with your goals or needs above those of anyone else. There is little consideration for others. Rarely do I see anymore, a car stop and let another into the traffic flow and then the driver of the other car give the wave of thanks. I do see it, just not as much as I once did.

At the grocery store, you are standing in line with your grocery cart or two over laden with goods to be bought and brought home - standing behind you is a pregnant women with a jar of pickles and a pint of ice cream, or a man with a loaf of bread. Why do we not allow them to pass ahead of us and let them on their way instead of having to stand there while you discuss pricing, coupons and how to sack your cold goods?

There are other examples about our society not being as nice as it once was, I feel sure you are aware of it, especially when you are the one slighted. There is only one way to change this and that is by example.



I hate to sound like an old fogey, but of course at 65, that is what I am. This month and next feature three of the most important days in Texas history. March 2 is Texas Independence Day celebrating when Texas officially declared itself seperate from Mexico, March 6th is the day to Remember The Alamo and April 21 is San Jacinto Day. None of these days will be celebrated like they used to be in Texas. If we did not get the day off from school then we had an assembly or otherwise were told the significance of the day. Today in Texas, ironically, Cinco De Mayo is celebrated with more enthusiasm and public participation than any of the days mentioned. It celebrates a victory by Mexico over the French in Mexico. Like St. Patrick's Day, it has become larger than its original meaning and for many just an excuse to party. While I like to party as much as anyone else, I would like to see the people living here (in Texas) remember the important days of our history in a celebratory manner.


I have talked with many Hispanic Morans in recent days and am always amazed to find they know their name is not of Hispanic origin and is of Irish origin. Recently I talked with some Mexican Morans who pronounce their name without any Spanish accent but rather the way the Americans pronounce the name. This particular family has been in the United States for five generations living in South Texas. Former State Trooper Jose Moran tells me he goes by Joe and that his Grandfather was known as Patrick Thomas Moran not the Spanish - Patrico Tomas Moran.


I have been giving some thought to including a section on the security business in Texas in the Miscellany Section, something I have been involved in the past nine years. If there is any interest in this give me a message please.

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