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Newsletter for March, 2010

The weather was most unusual this past winter with the coldest February in years and a dusting of late snow. That in itself is unusual to state as we do not usually have snow let alone a late snow. In fact it snowed twice this winter.

The flower garden is a project awaiting resurrection, something that will be begun this month as I inventory what was lost to the frost and what needs replacing. Since it was a colder than usual winter I lost more than usual. Most of the hibiscus are still intact, I only have a question of two of twelve.

All the subjects seem to be in their final stages as I have fairly well exhausted all research avenues in the Celtic Connection, Moran Genealogy and Aeroplanes Vought subject areas. I will continue to keep my eye out for any new material to add, but I see and find less and less of anything new.

The website statistics show a jump in visitors since the new material on Vought aircraft and early naval aircraft has been added. During the month of February we averaged over 1,000 unique visits a week. The places viewing the website are about the same as last reported: US, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Russia and Denmark are all frequent visitors and Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, India, Brazil, Italy,Switzerland, Finland and Malaysia have all made more than one visit.

The material being looked at in order of frequency is Moran Genealogy, Celtic Connection, Aeroplanes Vought.


No new content here, but there have been some edit changes to make corrections or to clean up a page or two and to add better graphics. The Confederate section seems to have gotten most of the attention.


I did not add any new material other than make a few corrections in this section in the past month.


There were just a few more photographs posted to this section.


This Spring should be when the Soto Dam Memorial is finished by the City of Sasebo, I hope to have pictures of the ceremony and the memorial posted here.

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