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Newsletter for April, 2008

Spring has sprung here in Texas and I have decided to share some views of my flower garden for anyone interested and if not, I know I will enjoy seeing them again as I review these pages now and again. This new item will be found in the Miscellany section. The other new topics, The Security Industry as I know it and the Sasebo Dam story are still being worked on.






Some of you readers who have something to offer need to send some content for the new TexHis Rangers Section. This section is available to history teachers to use to promote the writings of their students.

The Celtic Connection continues to get good comments and the occasional additional content from readers who had relatives mentione and offered more about them.


We are adding a link to the Kilbefad Times Google Group hosted by my cousin Kate Sullivan


We have already stated above that we are adding two new topics, My Garden Views and The Security Industry as I know it, also as an adjunct to the Japanese POW section we are going to relate the new activity regarding the Soto Dam Memorial story.

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