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Newsletter for April, 20079

Another Spring has sprung, only this time we are springing back from Hurricane Ike as well as the usual. The garden is already in, just need to add a few extras. The place I like to buy my flowers from seems to have closed or maybe they are playing it safe with regard to the weather. This is the earliest I have gotten my garden planted. I needed the work and the exercise. I will share pictures when things start to bloom.

I am still working on many of the things mentioned in last month's newsletter. I did finish the articles on the Punjab Queen Moran and the Morans on the Titanic. They can both be accessed from the Moran Introduction unit (Mrn2b.htm) in the Moran Genealogy section.

I am still working on the Celtic Cowboy store and will soon have a few test merchandise items for visitors to think about purchasing.

I was unable to go to my 50th year high school reunion at the last minute, so I will not have the follow up on that article. I have created an item for the store for all my fellow Kangaroo fans.



This month, on the 18th, those of us who still honor the efforts of Dick Dowling and the boys at Sabine Pass, are going there to meet at 9:00 AM to pitch in and help the State get the park in shape for its opening later in the month. Hurricane Ike covered the park in at least 8 foot of water, so that quite a bit of damage was done. Texas Parks and Wildlife has passed the responsibility for the park to the Texas Historical Commission. These two agencies and the Friends of Sabine Pass Battleground will make up the people working on the park on April 18, 2009 from 9 AM until about 2 PM. A lot of work has already been done, this is for the finishing touches.

0900-0930 Registration

0930 - 1400 Volunteer Assignments

...........................Assemble and install new picnic tables

...........................Pick up trash and debris from park

...........................Replace soil and sod around base of Dick Dowling statue

...........................Clean debris and remove from inside WWII ammo magazines

1400 Leave the park better than we found it !!!!

A wood cut engraving showing Evans trying to light the ammunition storage at the Alamo will be added as will a pictures of Fritz Tegener and drawing of Adrian Kenedy.


Work continues on the subjects of Hispanic Morans, the "Black" Irish and Morans from the Moors? Hopefully they will be done this month. There is also going to be an addition to Other Morans.



The city of Sasebo, Japan has budgeted funds for the correction of the Sasebo/Soto Dam Memorial plaque. The work is expected to be completed this year but probably not in time for the annual memorial service. We will keep you posted. This action in itself is historic and appreciated by the families of those whose names will be on the plaque (POWs and Japanese) who died while building it and by those interrested in history being corrected where needed to make it accurate.

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