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Newsletter for May, 2007

The first fifteen days of May are the among the best of the year, weather wise, if the sun is not yet too hot like it WILL BE in June or the last days of May. I will try to find time to sit outside and enjoy my garden like I will not be able to do until after October. I am not talking about working in it like I will do, if I can, on weekends, but enjoying it in the night air and candle light. This will hopefully be that nice period when the heat, mosquitos, rain and wind will all be at a minimum and good company, conversation and a gentle breeze are all we need to enjoy ourselves.




I am among those who worry that Cinco De Mayo is being celebrated with more gusto than other holidays, especially those days given lesser accord like - San Jacinto Day, Texas Independence Day, Flag Day, and Veterans's Day. Let's celebrate them all with gusto, it only takes getting into it (the official purpose of the holiday or alternate reason which is an excuse to party).


Many have asked if you can send in updates of children and other status changes or if I would change the pictures taken when somebody was a child in exchange for a more adult picture. The answer is YES. Send them to me and I will make the changes as I can get to them. Please note I do not usually write when someone died or why - as this genealogy is most often a celebration of each person's existence. I do think medical histories are important as are the cold facts of life, I choose to let others do that part if they wish to and I appreciate the info as it is usefull.

I prefer the anecdote that best illustrate's a person than their Curriculam Vitae.


I wrote the piece about the WWII POW in Fukuoka, Japan because I was asked to help and a great story unfolded which I felt deserving of sharing. The story was just a part of a greater story - that of a generation of people who undertook great personal sacrifice to stop tyranny against people they never knew in places they never would have known about except for the actions of a whole generation from many countries that drew a line in the sand.

That generation is leaving us and the sacrifices they made beginning to fade as they do. This should not happen. Their sacrifices, their efforts should outlive their lives and those of their children and their children's children into many more generations so that the lessons learned in history do not have to be repeated because we forgot or failed to remember the accomplishments of the Great Generation.

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