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Newsletter for May, 2008

Believe it or not there is new content available, read on. Some of the things I said I would do I have yet to do and somethings never mentioned are done. I have edited some of the pages that had double borders so that the words do not bleed into the second border.

Enjoy the fair weather, for soon the heat, humidity and mosquitoes (here off the Gulf of Mexico) will soon be chasing us indoors.

TxHis Rangers

I encourage one of you Texas History teachers out there to send in some of your better student's work so they will see their work "published" and be encouraged to write more about Texas history.

The Celtic Connection

No new content here, but there have been some edit changes to make corrections or to clean up a page or two. It was good to read in some of the forums where people were glad to see the Celtic Connection back on the web.


I still mean to add the link to the Kilbifad Times, the genealogical effort done by my Cousin Katie, or to make the issues available.

Patrick E. Moran has offered a correction that has been made in the section regarding the Morans of Offaly.


I have not yet added the Sasebo Dam story, but it is coming when I can find the time to put it all together. Much of the editing regarding the two border type pages was done in this section.

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