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Newsletter for June, 2009

My flower garden has already felt the wrath of the sun and its heat. I have had to move potted plants to more shade and have lost some fragile plants. All in all it is still in good shape. I have planned it so I will still have some color in August.

Cleaned out the garage in a big way for the first time in more than ten years. Saw many items I had forgotten about. I amazed friends and family by actually allowing items to be removed from the garage for sale or for pick up.

Not being permanently employed has allowed me to catch up on a number of website projects. They are described below. I have a few good prospects going that will put me back into the grind again.

I enjoy hearing from the visitors to the site. We are still getting good traffic with most of it coming from the US, Canada, Ireland Australia, NZ and consistent but small numbers from Mexico, Finland, and Pakistan.

I have not "opened" the as advertised "store" yet as I am not quite satisfied with the few products that will be offered, mostly t-shirts with unique website graphics.


.......TXHIS (Texas History)

Still dormant awaiting life.


........Restating what is fairly new in this section: Morans On The Titanic, Punjabi Queen Moran (Sarkar Moran), Hispanic Morans, Black Irish, Moor Moran. ........There is new material in Coats of Arms, Other Morans and Celtic Tribes Appendices.

.........There is an explanation of Moor's Head use in heraldry since several Morin Coats of Arms feature one.


.......New graphics in Revolutionary Texas.



.........Alas, there seems to be very little interest in this topic so, I find it difficult to generate the energy to work on it.


......New pictures from my flower garden, awaiting word on the Soto Dam Memorial, cleaned up Japanese Foreign Policy Prior to 1942, updated the UT .......Longhorns .PPS,

.....This newsletter is for the readers of the website maintained by G. P. Moran at celticcowboycompany.com. The website contains information on a range of subjects ......including Irish history, Texas history, Moran Family genealogy, and other subjects of interest to G. P. Moran and readers of the site.

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