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Newsletter for June, 2008

Summer, 2008 is upon us. A time when those of us on the Gulf of Mexico coast stay in our homes and venture out only to work and at night. At night we must be wary of the mosquito who at its very worst can carry disease and at the very least an irritable sting. And all the while, we must keep an ear out for the latest weather advisory, lest we may have to run for our lives!

The boards cut to fit the windows are all accessible as are the pylox clips all in a box. Evacuation plans have been mapped out like a military exercise, noting what zip code zone we are in (determines when we can go when the word is given). The evacuation route is complete with contraflow lanes, fuel depots and comfort stations all marked. Canned goods, dry food, water and camping gear is being collected and put in a ready place. Medicine, important documents, the pets leashes and pet food over and above normal rations is being stored.

This year brings improvements in how the government manages an evacuation after the example of Hurricane Rita. But, it also brings higher fuel costs - making evacuating a more costly alternative than before.

Having survived Alicia, Allison and Rita, unless the next uninvited storm is worse than any of those, we are boarding up, stocking up and hunkering down. If the warnings rank the storm higher than any we faced, we will head to Katy, Texas and dear old brother Bob's.

Moran Genealogy -

There are more graphics from Moran websites (after the Moran Chronology)and more Morans Here and There (follows, but attached to the Moran Chronology). There are some new additions such as the map of the State of Lara in Venezuela showing the municipality of Moran and a graphic showing white pages listing for Morans in 2006 both additions are in the Introduction. I finally found a map of Wales I thought best showed the period I wanted.

There are some corrections offered by visitors to the site made in the Other Morans genealogy area

Miscellany -

The Soto Dam project is still being written awaiting the final section, the Japanese unveiling of the new memorial.



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