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Newsletter for July, 2008

The oppressive heat of July is upon us. But nonetheless there has been some new work done on the sight as indicated below. This is good because of forces at work that will take my time in other directions away from working on the website for the immediate future. I will be back on the beat as soon as I am able adding anything new that I find to the different areas of the website as well as making the corrections which I will collect and enter when I can.

Most of you who visit this site are interested in either the Texas history or the Moran Genealogy data. This means you have some appreciation of history. I would ask you to take a moment to read in the Miscellany section the story of Peter Hansen and then the Soto Dam story. These are stories relating to American POWs in Japan in WW II. Some of the families of those who died in Japanese hands found it necessary to go outside of our governent and the Japanese government sources to find answers. They have found a community of individuals "on the net" who have done an amazing amount of research and personal effort to find answers and many an American family has found the answers they needed about their loved ones from these special people.

I believe the Soto Dam story, when the city of Sasebo Japan makes corrections on the memorial there commemorating the POWs who helped to build the dam along with Japanese counterparts and died in the effort, will be headline news sometime in 2009. But to understand the whole story you need some background. The Peter Hansen Story will give you this as will following the many links thereafter. If nothing else you will be helping to remember those who gave their lives for this country and all to often are forgotten by most Americans.

TxHis Rangers

I encourage one of you Texas History teachers out there to send in some of your better student's work so they will see their work "published" and be encouraged to write more about Texas history.

The Celtic Connection

You will have to look close to find additions, but they have been made. Most are corrections or additional details to items already posted.


The family has asked for privacy reason to not posts the Kibilfad Times, so they will not be avaiable through the website.


The Soto Dam section is now posted and I have given in to my long felt alumnae allegiance and posted some University of Texas graphic material for those of you who share my support of the Longhorns.

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