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Newsletter for September, 2008

Despite multiple tropical storms and potential hurricanes in the tropics, it is good to note the possibility of cooler weather for the Texas Gulf Coast. This means we will this or next month - go from triple digit to dual digit "feels like' temperatures. I will soon (probably October) be able to go out into my flower garden and rescue it from all the flora I did not plant, but insidiously grows on its own.

I have been working at a new job since July and that means long days and little time to do anything but eat, sleep and get ready for the next day. But I have pledged to myself I will work on both my flower garden and my garden of special interests on this website before Thanksgiving. Both need some serious attention. Though there have been few questions from those who visit regarding Vought aeroplanes, most of the attention has been on the Moran genealogy and Texas history, I have decided to spend some time on the subject since I am an author of a book on the subject. This book is cited by the National Park Service. This website originally was going to be about that topic. I put the other topics up as I had recently finished them and the book had been out for some time (1978). Since then it has been all about the Morans, Texans and American POWs in the Pacific from WWII with only a rare question about Vought subjects. During my research and writing of the book AEROPLANES VoUGHT and in the years since it was published, I have collected a number of drawings and pictures to add to the story.

It is now eight years since I began this website. It has had to change ISPs three times and endure long periods of questions mounting up, but I do get to them all eventually. It is a great pleasure to note that the questions have come from all over the world and that many people have offered corrections and suggestions that have only made the site better for their input. The inclusion of my aircraft material especially the Vought related items will complete what has been on the menu page since its inception but with little on the subject.




There is not much to add here, this topic is essentially done except for the corrections and the occasional "find" to make it a little better or more inclusive. I am disappointed I could never get a Texas History teacher to take up the TexHis Ranger project. I will again place that menu item and topic in the suspend file until the right person does come along, or I win the lottoand publish a Texas History magazine.


This is another subject that is essentially completed in that I basically ended new data being entered beyond the year 2000. But, I am open to expanding and updating the Moran material. For the most part this has been done for me by my cousin Katie Sullivan with her work on the Traynor website of which the Morans are an allied family. I am happy to support her efforts in keeping up with the marriages, babies, and accomplishments of our kin.


This is the place for me to write about other interests of mine and it has expanded of late to include some new topics. Look for the Soto Dam story to garner some headlines in 2009 which will be duly noted in that section of Miscellany.

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