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Newsletter for January, 2009

That last job did not work out, so I am out looking for another during the worst recession I can remember in my lifetime. Add to that I am no longer a "young and up coming" in fact I am an old codger, making the challenge more interesting.

We had something very spectacular happen last month. We got four inches of snow that stuck to the ground, roofs, cars but not the roads or sidewalks. It came late at night. When I went outside to take it in there were almost as many camera flashes going off as there were people outside. my wife and her two sons were having a snowball fight at about 2 AM and inviting me to come outside ........ I stayed inside comfy and warm by the fireplace. The next morning it was all gone and by Noon we were back to 70 degrees. It was like something out of Twighlight Zone.

This month we are on the weather roller coaster, three days of warm weather, followed by two or three days of cold weather and then repeat. We need to enjoy it as a break from the hot and hotter cycle of the summer.

I did not vote for Obama, but he is now my president and I am looking forward to discovering what the "change" is going to be about and how it will effect me and mine. It is unfortunate that he has several major problems on his plate immediately that he must address before he can make those changes.


There is not much to add here, this topic is essentially done except for the corrections and the occasional "find" to make it a little better or more inclusive. I am disappointed I could never get a Texas History teacher to take up the TexHis Ranger project. I will again place that menu item and topic in the suspend file until the right person does come along, or I win the lotto and publish a Texas History magazine.


This is another subject that is essentially completed in that I basically ended new data being entered beyond the year 2000. But, I am expanding and updating the Moran material. For the most part this has been done for me by my cousin Katie Sullivan with her work on the Traynor website of which the Morans are an allied family. I am happy to support her efforts in keeping up with the marriages, babies, and accomplishments of our kin.


Some new graphics have been added as well as some corrections


Alas, there seems to be very little interest in this topic so, I find it difficult to generate the energy to work on it.


This is the place for me to write about other interests of mine and it has expanded of late to include some new topics. In the Hook 'Em Horns Section, be sure and "Open" the .ppt file rather than download it. It is a 54 mb file

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