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Newsletter March, 2009

It is that time of year again where we come out of the winter lassez-faire attitude and expend more energy outside. I am particularly referring to getting my flower garden back into shape after the ravages of hurricane Ike and the winter. We still have a cold snap or two left here on the gulf coast of Texas, so I will not be planting much. Mostly, as the weather permits, I will be getting the grounds in shape for that function in early April. No major changes planned for this year though if the spectre of economic decline looms any closer or should I say any larger, I will consider putting in some vegetables this year.

I am not working yet, other than working to find work or on my various personal projects. I will accept less than I have earned to ask for as salary at the end of this month to get back to work so there will again be more regularity in my life, the challenge of meeting expectations, contibuting to the greater good, keeping the mind and body in shape and of course earning some money. I can certainly see how not working can make you older faster.

Obviously, I have had more time to spend on the website. This has allowed me to clean things up here and there to make some additions and to chase down some of those very minor historical questions. An example of which I just finished- the lyrics and singing of Zozimus' (Michael Moran) "Finding of Moses". It was very satisfying to finally close the book on this subject since it first piqued my interest years ago.More additions and expansions are noted below.

I have been closely following the website statistics of late and am proud to note that despite three changes of IP address since we began the website, it is still getting regular visits from many places. The changes have hurt the website in its search response placement. Also, the few links that were out there to the website, which also effects search results ranking were using one of these old addresses and that too depressed web surfers from landing on the site. Most of you who visit, found us once and return for another visit. We appreciate that. Most of our visitors are from the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland. There is a consistent record of visitors from Finland, Poland and Rumania. The Moran Genealogy gets the most hits with the Celtic Connection to Texas History second. For a good while the information on WWII POWS in Japan was receiving visitors, but that seems to have cooled now. The Aeroplanes Vought section has gotten the least attention and thus work in that area is on the back, back burner.

I do not really have the volume to justify it, but for those of you who do visit and since my website host provides the service free with my basic package, I am going to offer merchandise emblazoned with website specific graphics. In return to the website host, I will provide them a link at the base of the Index page. I encourage any of you shopping for web hosting, and other services, to consider mine, 1&1 Web Hosting. My first IP, oh so long ago (in those days the IP hosted your web page as well), was CompuServe ( I do not remember why I left them, except I vaguely remember they got absorbed by AOL and I did not want to be associated with AOL), which was followed by Southwestern Bell from whom the site won an award but then got into a copyright dispute because someone wrote them a letter making a claim I had used his deceased father's material. They shut down the site without ever hearing my side (which was subsequently validated when it was shown not only did I have permission to use the material and that it was properly attributed ) then we went to Everyones Internet which was sold to Peoples PC which did not host websites. Now my IP is AT&T-Yahoo and my website host is 1&1.

The Celtic Connection to Texas History

Several of the Appendices have been updated or graphics added. The Confederate Texas section had some items added. A large expansion on the Battle of Palmito Ranch was inserted as a result of my getting new information and being touched by the Battle of the Palmito Ranch Diorama story which is also posted.

That section listing the Celtic units, or units made up mostly of Celtic soldiers in the Civil War has been expanded to make use of new information and graphics. Some of these graphics (paintings of Civil War scenes) have been around for some time. I have hesitated to make use of them because of copyright issues. I have had a few on the website for several years now without any problem, so I am encouraged to use them. I will take them down if anyone (owners) objects but I hope by showing them along with information on how they may be purchased I am helping the artists enough they will allow it.


I have some new pictures and am in the process of posting to the various pages (people) to whom they refer. I am in the process of writing a new Other Morans section that will address the Spanish Morans and the subject of the Black Irish. My thanks to Eduardo Moran Dosta of Cuernavaca, Mexico for continuing to feed me information on this subject and for his subtle, unspoken, insistence to include it on the website beyond what is there now.

I have already mentioned the "Finding of Moses" information above, this is in the Moran Chronology appendix which has also had some other additions made to it.


There are two sides to every story and in my direct family's case that other side of the Moran family is the Traynor family. Of course this changes as you go back or forward in generations, but in the case of my Father, his mother's maiden name is Traynor. That makes all my Father's brothers and sisters (13) and their children, and their children, etc. related as well. Kate Sullivan, daughter of my Father's sister Kae Moran (Sullivan), has built a website showing the Traynors and all the allied families. It has gotten to be quite a genealogical database and has provided many finds including the interrelationship of several of the same families over the generations and finding a large number of cousins in New Zealand. Kate Sullivan, daughter of Jim Sullivan and Kae MORAN Sullivan, who put together the TRAYNOR family genealogy. can be reached at this e-mail address:kategalway@yahoo.com That site is http://www.tribalpages.com the username is "Traynor" for the ID ( password), please e-mail Kate.

Kate is in Ireland now and no doubt will return with some information to share. I am anxious to hear it and to share it when she provides it.

TXHIS Rangers

This section was developed for others to pursue, but as they have not - it is being restored on this website to see if it can get going. It is for students of Texas History of all ages but particularly for the younger ones to give them a forum in which to participate, get recognition and hopefully begin a life long appreciation of history.

I am going to place this section into a subdomain to which I will provide access to anyone interested.


I have succombed to nostalgia and posted items from my alma mater, The University of Texas and my high school, Killeen High School. The latter because they are having a 50 year reunion of my graduating class (1959) this March.I hope to share with you stories from that reunion



I keep saying I am going to work on this section, but the website statistics, which I check regularly, do not show sufficient interest in this area to warrant a great deal of effort. So, I am not doing anything at this time. I will however still respond to e-mails on this subject.

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