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Newsletter March, 2011

The weather has been really nice of late. I can not decide if it means we are out of the cold or if it is a trap to lull us into shorts and t-shirts just before another blast of winter cold reaches out to us. I am spending most of my free time getting the garden ready for its re-emergence from the coldest winter we have had in years. I am not planting anything ... yet. Just straightening things up and getting ready to bring it back to life

The new job has taken so much of my time, I have not been able to post some new things I have found (you see I am still looking). I am collecting them and will get them on the website as I can.

This time last year the website was getting two thousand visitors a week, we are now comfortably receiving three thousand visitors a week from all over the world. We even had a visitor this past week from the island of Niue (near American Samoa in the Pacific Ocean)

The Celtic Connection to Texas History

I have a number of paintings I am hoping to post soon. Here is an example: The painting by Tom Freeman is of the Harriet Lane when it fired the first shot of the American Civil War challenging the ship Nashville approaching Fort Sumter.


There has been nothing new to post in this section.


There are two sides to every story and in my direct family's case that other side of the Moran family is the Traynor family. Of course this changes as you go back or forward in generations, but in the case of my Father, his mother's maiden name is Traynor. That makes all my Father's brothers and sisters (13) and their children, and their children, etc. related as well. Kate Sullivan, daughter of my Father's sister Kae Moran (Sullivan), has built a website showing the Traynors and all the allied families. It has gotten to be quite a genealogical database and has provided many finds including the interrelationship of several of the same families over the generations and finding a large number of cousins in New Zealand. Kate Sullivan, daughter of Jim Sullivan and Kae MORAN Sullivan, who put together the TRAYNOR family genealogy. can be reached at this e-mail address:kategalway@yahoo.com That site is http://www.tribalpages.com the username is "Traynor" for the ID ( password), please e-mail Kate.


There is nothing new to share in this section.



There are paintings to be posted to this section as well as some newly found pictures, also the V- List has been promised for a while now.Here is a sample of one of the paintings. It was painted by noted aviation artist Mike Machat:

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