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Newsletter for May, 2010

My garden has been the focus of my time the past few weeks. It is time now to relax and watch it grow - with the necessary maintenance. I plan my flowers so I can move them into shadded areas when the sun gets too hot, as it does here on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Summer and the hot is not too far away. I was on the beach just yesterday with two of my grandchildren - just to walk, feel the spray and wind and enjoy the vista , and of course, the children's play.

The opportunity to rejoin the rat race did not present itself, so I am still enjoying my involuntary retirement. I will continue to work on changing that.

The last two weeks saw the numbers of visitors to the site jump to over 1500. Consistent visits from people in Israel, Malaya, Monaco, Japan, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, China, Morocco, Russia, Thailand and Italy added to the usual visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium. The majority of the visits were to the Moran Genealogy pages and the Celtic Connection To Texas History pages with a growing number of visitors viewing the Vought Aircraft pages.

To my Dutch friends of Crossmolina, Edmond and Aine Van Estrik- my computer crashed and one of the things lost was your e-mail address. Please contact me so I can respond and regain your address.


Nothing new was added to this section



Some new material was added to the Moran Coats of Arms (Appendix iii) and to the section on Other Morans, the Morrens and Meurrens.

Some material was added to the Morans On The Web section. Some new material on locations named Moran were added to the Moran Introduction Section.


There are two sides to every story and in my direct family's case that other side of the Moran family is the Traynor family. Of course this changes as you go back or forward in generations, but in the case of my Father, his mother's maiden name is Traynor. That makes all my Father's brothers and sisters (13) and their children, and their children, etc. related as well. Kate Sullivan, daughter of my Father's sister Kae Moran (Sullivan), has built a website showing the Traynors and all the allied families. It has gotten to be quite a genealogical database and has provided many finds including the interrelationship of several of the same families over the generations and finding a large number of cousins in New Zealand. Kate Sullivan, daughter of Jim Sullivan and Kae MORAN Sullivan, who put together the TRAYNOR family genealogy. can be reached at this e-mail address:kategalway@yahoo.com That site is http://www.tribalpages.com the username is "Traynor" for the ID ( password), please e-mail Kate.


No new material added in this section.


As I stated in the beginning of this newsletter, my garden got the focus of my attention the past several weeks - therefore there are additions to the My Garden Views Section.

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