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Newsletter for October, 2010

My brother Bob did not survive his cancer, he will be missed. Though 13 years seperated us, we remained close friends. His shocking discovery of stage four cancer when he appeared to be in the best of health and his death just over three months later- should remind us all how tenous, vunerable and fragile are our lives. We should each make the necessary preparations for the enevitable but not always predictable end.

The weather has been an important factor this past month with hurricanes and tropical storms in abundance and with the attendant rain and wind. The biggest beneficial part of it is the reduced temperatures, though it does drive up the humidity sometimes. The garden has had more than enough rain and has shown itself very healthy. At least that which survived the hot summer.

The website is still getting close to 2,000 visitors a week. The following is a list of countries and organizations that logged on:

1 net - network infrastructure machines and organizations
2 com - commercial, for-profit organizations

3 mx Mexico
4 de - Germany
5 edu - 4-year, degree granting colleges/universities
6 ca - Canada
7 fr - France
8 ie - Ireland
9 in - India (Republic of)
10 nl - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
11 nz - New Zealand
12 se - Sweden
13 ar - Argentine Republic
14 be - Belgium
15 cn - China (People's Republic of)
16 org - miscellaneous, usually non-profit, organizations
17 uk - United Kingdom
18 us - United States of America
19 au - Australia
20 br - Brazil (Federative Republic of)
21 co - Colombia (Republic of)
22 es - Spain
23 gov - United States federal government agencies
24 gr - Greece
25 id - Indonesia (Republic of)
26 info - Afilias .INFO registry
27 is - Iceland
28 it - Italy
29 jp - Japan
30 mil - US military
31 pt - Portugal
32 tr - Turkey
33 tw - Taiwan, Province of China
34 uy - Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
35 vn - Viet Nam (Socialist Republic of)

As you can see, we have a broad spectrum of interested parties.

To my Dutch friends of Crossmolina, Edmond and Aine Van Estrik- my computer crashed and one of the things lost was your e-mail address. Please contact me so I can respond and regain your address.

The Celtic Connection to Texas History

I did post the picture of the Union soldiers that are reportedly paroling at Sabine Pass after the Civil War.


More pictures posted on the Moran Websites, there are some new Coats Of Arms, and a map showing the line in Mayo where Cromwell's Settlement Act was in effect (on the other side, East, of Carrowkeel.


There are two sides to every story and in my direct family's case that other side of the Moran family is the Traynor family. Of course this changes as you go back or forward in generations, but in the case of my Father, his mother's maiden name is Traynor. That makes all my Father's brothers and sisters (13) and their children, and their children, etc. related as well. Kate Sullivan, daughter of my Father's sister Kae Moran (Sullivan), has built a website showing the Traynors and all the allied families. It has gotten to be quite a genealogical database and has provided many finds including the interrelationship of several of the same families over the generations and finding a large number of cousins in New Zealand. Kate Sullivan, daughter of Jim Sullivan and Kae MORAN Sullivan, who put together the TRAYNOR family genealogy. can be reached at this e-mail address:kategalway@yahoo.com That site is http://www.tribalpages.com the username is "Traynor" for the ID ( password), please e-mail Kate.


New pictures of the V-85G in German service

More pictures of the Aero Car under Temco Aircraft

Expanded the photos of the antecedants of the V-143

More pictures added to the German Mail Plane section under V-Corsairs, V-85G

New 3 Views of the V-300

Included a sub-section in Experimental Photos for Round Aircraft Designs

In the update section on the company 1977 - 2009 showed the evolution of the company that is Vought through all its name changes, locations and logos.

A new section - Vought and Helicopters was added.

Placed a picture of the Cuban QO-1 in the V-Corsairs section as well as some other V-Corsairs.


Added a picture of my yellow shrimp plant in the Garden Section as well as more pictures of other plants. Most of the new pictures are in the Garden II section and include plumbagos, elephant ears, azaleas, and the Esperanza bush as well as the garden swing.

Updated the Hook'em Horns .PPS

The Wake Island Section now has a history of the Morris Knudsen Company

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