Ryan Model 72

Vought O-28 (candidate for a U.S. Army aircraft competition it did not win)


VS 44A


VS 44A

VS 44A in New England Air Museum

VS 316

PATA Scaled Test Bed

The hard carrier concept and proposal known as Armadillo

Shown as an example of one of the many, many imaginative proposals offered the government

The company took the work on the MACV platform above which was developed for the military but did not find funding and produced the commercial ...

KID all terrain Vehicle, and it swam


Gamma Goat

Gamma Goat deployed in Grenada

Air Trans People Mover Dallas-Fort Worth Airport


B-2 Spirit


B-25 Mitchell built in faciltiy later occupied by Vought

Breguet "Atlantique" worked on by Temco at Greenville

C-17 Globemaster III

Canadair Regional Jet


Gulfstream V

Pampa Jets

Panther 800

Sikorsky H-60s


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Vought PA 6 missile

Regulus I

Regulus with landing gear being flown remotely by accompanying aircraft

Regulus II Missiles

Regulus II advertisment

Regulus II missile on submarine





ASM 135A


In May 1986 the prime contract for development of ATACMS was awarded to Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV), and shortly thereafter, the missile designator MGM-140 was assigned. The first flight of an XMGM-140A missile occurred in April 1988, and in December of that year, low-rate production started. The MGM-140A ATACMS became operational in January 1991, and began to replace the MGM-52 Lance SRBM. In U.S. Army service, the ATACMS missile is also known as M39. LTV's missile division was aquired by Loral in 1992, forming Loral Vought Systems, which was in turn purchased by Lockheed-Martin in 1996. The current prime contractor for ATACMS is Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Fire Control.





LTV Crossbow

One of the more interesting of TEMCO's subcontracts was this B57 with a Bomarc missile casing on the nose

TEMCO GDD-1 for US Weather Service

TEMCO XKDT "Teal" target Drone

In the 1960s, TEMCO was a subcontractor on the Convair Terrier Missile

TEMCO Corvus missile

Super Pinto

DC 10

V507, full scale mock - up of design that lost out to F-14

VFX design (V507) mock-up lined up beside an A7 and F8

Representing the thousands of smaller projects Vought worked on over the years is the OSCAR


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