VI. Margaret Helen Moran

Margaret was the sixth child and third daughter of Bridget and Patrick Moran. Margaret "Peg" Moran was born April 7, 1920, the first of her siblings to be born in a hospital. She was a frail child. Her father forced her to drink the juice from Roast Beef whenever it was served as a means of building her up.

She was her mother's helper for many years. When she was old enough, she got a job and helped with expenses at home.

After her father died, Peg, as she was called, took over many responsibilities in the house. Her mother was in a state of shock, her husbands death caught her completely by surprise. Peg became quite the cook under her mother's tutelage. The outside exposure at her job with the Gillette Safety Razor Company allowed her to grow socially. She started with Gillette on the bottom of the ladder and was able to climb and progress in their organization to heights she never dreamed she could attain. Peg Moran was a very popular employee at Gillette and participated in many company sponsored events and clubs. One of her favorite activities was participating with the Gillette bowling team.

Peg Moran never forgot where she came from and kept in touch with her friends from school and the neighborhood. Her hobbies and interests included bowling, roller skating, ice skating, skiing, swimming, horseback riding and dancing.

Of them all, dancing was her favorite pastime. As you can see from these hobbies, Peg was always fit and trim. Her job allowed her to buy her own clothes and she did it with style. Peg Moran was a fashion plate. She loved clothes and they did her justice. She wore veils, feathers and all kinds of hats and looked good in them all.



In Ma's pantry in 1949, front row - Peg with Jimmy Hynes on her left and unkown on her right. Behind "unknown is Peggy Carr, then another "unkown" then Tommy and a cousin I should remember and then Eileen. On top is Bernie.


I remember my Aunt Peg as the leader of the girls in the family. Sister Joseph Bernadette was away in the convent and Rita was incapacitated. Though there were still three boys born to the family there were also two more girls. Peg was the oldest of the girls, other than Rita, in the house and kept the others in line as best she could. As you can tell by her hobbies, Peg was very active and not just in sports. One of my earliest memories of Peg was her and her little sister Eileen taking me on the streetcar to Brookline to pass out literature for Harry Truman in 1948.



She never lacked for boyfriends, but when she met Jim Hynes of the Boston Police Department, she knew he was the one. They were married and had two daughters, both were difficult deliveries.

When Peg Moran was 43, she developed a horrible pain in her back. She entered the hospital for tests and some exploratory work, but she was released without an answer to her problem. It wasn't long before she was back in again, this time for four months. She died of Acute Hepatitis with renal complications. Peg Moran was only 45 when she died May 26, 1965.

The children of Margaret Helen "Peg" and James Patrick "Jim" Hynes were:

Patrice, born November 7, 1952, who married James McCune, an engineer. They have two children:

James Patrick born November 17, 1983

Brendan Michael born October 18, 1986

Marie, born April 29, 1957, married Michael Doolan. Marie came to visit my family in Texas when she was in high school. She got such a kick out of the fact that the local grocery store was called "Piggly Wiggly" that it would send her into hysterics everytime we mentioned it. We got her a Piggly Wiggly uniform to take back to Boston with her, where I pointed out there was a grocery chain by the name of Roche (pronounced roach) Brothers. Somehow that wasn't as funny. Marie and Mike have two children:

Sean Michael born July 21, 1991

Patrick Daniel born September 13, 1994

Jim Hynes was very distraught after the death of Peg. His was very fortunate later to find a lovely second wife in Louise, who was a marvelous mother to the two little girls.

This section written with the help of Patrice and Marie.

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