K. San Patricios:

The following list is taken from the book, Shamrock and Sword by Robert Ryal Miller; his being the most complete list found in the research. Enlistment and desertion dates are from U. S. Army records.

Name/ Birthplace/ Age/ U.S.Army Unit /Enlisted/Deserted/ Comment


Akles, Hezekiah W. /Winchester, W.VA./ 28/ Co. H, 3rd Arty./ 05/04/'46, 3/21/'47/ First joined Lancer Escorts of the Mexican Army, drummed out of U. S. Army - 6/1/'48, stayed in Mexico City after war.

Aloif, C.

Alvarez, Ignacio Mexico Officer, recipient of Angostora Cross of Honor.

Antison, Patrick/ Londonderry, Ireland/ 24/ Co. E, 4th Inf./ 12/25/'45, 11/14/'46/ Hung.

Appleby, John/ Donegal, Ireland /25/ Co. D, 2nd Arty./ 07/20/'46, 06/24/'47/ Hung.

Arce, C. D. N. An officer.

Bachelor, Ramón B. Lieutenant, recipient of Angostura Cross of Honor.

Bachmiller, Michael After the war, operated Saint Patrick's Pharmacy in Pachuca, Mexico.

Baldwin Not his real name, it is a name he assumed after the war. He roamed Mexico after his Mexican wife died.

Bartley, John/ New York, New York/ 23/ Co. H, 3rd Arty./ 09/08/'46, 03/21/'47/ Drummed out of U.S. Army 06/01/'48; he stayed in Mexico City after the war.

Benedick, John/ Hamburg, Germany /23/ Co. F, 6th Inf/. 09/ /'46, 06/19/'47 /Hung.

Bingham, George

Bowers, John /England /22/ Co. F, 3rd Arty./ 08/21/'46, 03/21/'47/ First joined the Lancer Escort Company in the Mexican Army.

Brooke, John /Somerset, Pennsylvania /16/ Co.F., 6th Inf./ 01/13/'47, 07/20/'47/ Pardoned by General Scott on account of his youth.

Burke, Richard /Ireland/ Sergeant/, formerly a civilian resident of Mexico.

Burns, Michael /Wicklow, Ireland/ 28/ Co. A, 6th Inf/. 09/23/'46, 04/11/'47

Calderón, José M. /Mexico /Major/, Adjutant to Lt. Col. John Riley in the post war unit; Commander of unit stationed at Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.

Casey, Patrick /New York, New York/ 21/ Co. F, 4th Inf/. 11/04/'46, 08/ /'47/ Hung.

Cassady, John /Dundalk, Ireland/ 25/ Co. I, 8th Inf./ 08/04/'46, 07/15/'47/ Drummed out of U.S. Army 06/01/'48, stayed in Mexico City after the war.

Cavanaugh, John Dublin, /Ireland /23/ Co. E, 8th Inf. /11/26/'45, 10/19/'46/ Hung.

Chambers, John /England /Drummed out of U.S. Army 06/01/'48.

Conahan, Dennis /Londonderry, Ireland /27/ Co. I, 7th Inf./ 01/26/'45, 10/04/'46/ Hung.

Cuttle, John /Ireland/ 23/ Co. B, 2nd Inf./ 04/25/'46, 11/29/'46/ Hung.

Dalton, Patrick /Mayo, Ireland /21/ Co. B, 2nd Inf./ Captain, second in command to Riley and Commander of one of the companies. Hung at San Angel.

Dalwig, George /Bremen, Germany /22/ Co. K, 2nd Arty. /10/04/'44, 07/18/'47/ Hung.

Daly, John /Cork, Ireland /27/ Co. F Mtd Rifles /07/16/'46, 12/10/'46/ Drummed out of the U.S. Army, 06/01/'48.

Delaney, Kerr /Tipperary, Ireland/ 23/ Co. D, 4th Inf. /08/13/'45, 11/14/'46/ Hung.

Donaley, Thomas /Ireland Sergeant/, formerly a civilian resident of Mexico.

Doyle, Matthew /Lieutenant

Duhan, Roger /Roscommon, Ireland/ 21/ Co. F, 6th Inf. /11/24/'46, 01/23/'47/ Lieutenant, the only San Patricio prisoner who escaped and rejoined (Deehan) the Mexican army.

Eglen, William

Ellis, Edward /Co. I, 2nd Drgns/ Released as his enlistment papers could not be found.

Fany, Carlos /Hung.

Fitz-Henry, Henry /Great Britain

Fischer, William /Machias, Maine/ 26/ Co. D, 1st Arty. /10/29/'46, 11/01/'47/ Was still in Mexican service in April, 1848.

Fogel, Frederick K. /Germany/ 24/ Co. K, 2nd Drgns. /05/13/'46, 07/23/'47/ Hung.

Frantius, Marquis T. /Rockland, New York/ 32/ Co. K, 3rd Inf. /04/03/'46, 07/23/'47/ Hung.

Fritz, Parian /Cumoree, Pennsylvania/ 22 Co. F, 6th Inf. 08/21/'46, 07.20/'47 Hung.

Garretson, Robert W. /Messina, Italy /22/ Co. H, 3rd Arty. /02/05/'45, 06/13/'47/ Hung.

Geary, August /Great Britain

Green, Joseph

Groot, Othon de /Prussia

Hamilton, John

Hanley, Richard /Limerick, Ireland /26/ Co. A, 2nd Arty. /03/18/'44, 07/17/'47/ Hung, earliest known deserter.

Hart, Barney /Ireland/ 21/ Co. K, 2nd Arty. /03/24/'46, 06/07/'47/ Hung.

Hogan, Roger /Tipperary, Ireland /24/ Co. I, 4th Inf. /11/23/'46, 07/21/'47/ Hung.

Hoginn, John

Horacs, John

Humphrey, James /Scotland/ Captain, he was a doctor and was in Mexican service since 1842. He was one of the leaders of the San Patricios who revolted at Paredes.

Hynes, John /Ireland/ Formerly a civilian resident of Mexico, he escaped after the Paredes Revolt but was captured with the Serrano Indians.

Jackson, George W. /Philiadelphia, Pennsylvania/ 21/ Co. H, 1st Arty. /06/01/'46, 02/14/'47/ Hung.

Keech, William H. /Tompkins, New York /26/ Co. F, 4th Arty./ 09/09/'45, 05/27/'47 /Hung.

Kelley, James /Cork, Ireland /30/ Co. C, 3rd inf./ 08/10/'44, 11/15/'45 /Operated a silver shop in Taxco, Mexico after the war, as late as the 1950's the shop, Kelley's Silver Shop, was still there.

Kenney, Harrison /Berkeley, Virginia /25/ Co. E, 4th Inf.

Klager, John W. /France /24/ Co. K, 2nd Drgns/. 06/02/'46, 07/27/'47 /Hung.

Linger, John

Little, John /Kildare, Ireland /25/ Co. C, 2nd Drgns/. 08/01/'45, 04/08/'46 /In Mexican service from evacuation of Matamoros until after the war.

Longenhamer, Henry /Darmstadt, Germany /25/ Co. F, 2nd Drgns. /05/18/'46, 08/06/'47 /Hung.


Lusk Elizier S. /Albany, New York/ 26/ Co. C, 3rd Inf./ 02/18/'47, 07/21/'47 /Hung.

Lydon, Martin /Galway, Ireland /25/ Co. D, 7th Inf/. 12/13/'45, 11/11/'46 /Hung.

Lynch, John

McClellan, Hugh /Ireland /24/ Co. A, 8th Inf./ 08/27/'44, 11/13/'46 /Hung.

McCormick, John

McDonald, John /Edinburgh, Scotland /28/ Co. A, 8th Inf./ 08/25/'46, 07/22/'47 /Hung.

McDowell, Gibson /Wilmington, Delaware /31/ Co. A, 8th Inf./ 09/29/'46, 04/20/'47 /Hung.

McDowell, James /Galway, Ireland /24/ Co. K, 7th Inf./ 10/07/'46, 03/31/'47 /Hung.

McElroy, David H. /New Orleans, Louisiana /16/ Co. E, 6th Inf. /, 07/08/'47/ Enlistment papers were lost, released on account of age.

McFarland, James D. /Montreal, Quebec/ Captured with Hynes among the Serrano Indians after the Paredes Revolt.

McHerron, Edward H. /Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/ 60/ Co. G, 4th Arty./ 02/10/'47, 07/21/'47/ Released on account of his age and that his son was a good soldier.


McKee, Alexander /Ireland/ Co. H, 3rd Arty./ 03/21/'47/, Drummed out of U.S. Army, 06/01/'48.

Macky, Laurance /Dublin, Ireland /32/ Co. K, 3rd Inf./ 06/29/'46, 11/12/'46 /Hung.

McLachlin, Lachlin /Scotland /24/ Co. F, 6th Inf./ 10/29/'46, 02/19/'47 /Hung.

Mahon, James /Dublin, Ireland /24/ Co. H, 8th Inf./ 09/04/'46, 06/27/'47

Maloney, Patrick /Ireland /23/ 5th Inf./ 09/28/'46, 08/07/'47/ Lieutenant, one of the leaders of the Paredes Revolt.

Manzano, Camillo Mexico Lieutenant


Mejía, Enrique Mexico General, in whose brigade the San Patricios fought at Buena Vista.

Mestard, Agustin Lieutenant

Meyers, John A. Hanover, Germany 23 Co. G, 5th Inf. 01/08/'46, 11/07/'46 Hung.

Miles, Martin Ireland 30 Co. H, 3rd Inf. 11/08/'46, 07/22/'47 One of only two sentenced to being shot (more honorable than being hung) but he was subsequently only drummed out of the U. S. Army.

Miller, James Arkansas Co. F, 7th Inf. 08/ /'45, Drummed out of the U. S. Army 06/01/'48.

Millett, Thomas Lower Canada 23 Co. D, 3rd Arty. 08/28/'46, 03/25/'47 Hung.

Mills, James Oswego, New York 21 Co. H, 3rd Inf. 04/28/'45, 04/04/'46 Was in Mexican service from the evacuation of Matamoros until 1848. Drummed out of U. S. Army 06/01/'48.

Milford Sergeant, tried to stop Paredes revolt.

Moreno, Francisco R. Spanish Florida Major, Commander of the San Patrcios from Buena Vista through Churubusco, recipient of Angostura Cross of Honor.

Morstadt, Auguste Baden, Germany 33 Co. I, 7th Inf. 01/27/'46, 11/03/'46 Lieutenant, hung.

Murphy, John Mayo, Ireland 28 Co. C, 8th Inf. 12/09/'45, 04/06/'46 In Mexican service from the evacuation of Matamoros to the end of the war.

Neil, Peter Galway, Ireland 32 Co. B, 4th Inf. 11/06/'45, 11/19/'46 Hung.

Neuer, Henry Germany 19 Co. D, 4th Arty. 05/18/'46, 08/05/'47 Was placed in San Patricios against his will, he was re-instated in the U.S. Army.

Nolan, Andrew Down, Ireland 22 Co. G, 4th Arty. 09/22/'45, 11/20'46 Hung.

O'Brien, Peter Ireland Formerly a civilian resident of Mexico, nevertheless he was drummed out of the U.S. Army 06/01/'48.

O'Conner, Francis Cork, Ireland 30 3rd Inf. 12/07/'46, 03/08'47 Hung, though he had lost both his arms and legs and lay dying in a hospital.

O'Conner, William C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 25 Co. K, 1st Arty. 08/14/'45, 11/21/'46 Hung.

O'Connor, Thomas Ireland

Ockter, Henry Osnabruck, Germany 27 Co. D, 4th Arty. 11/29/'46, 08/06/'47 Hung.


O'Leary, Santiago or Saturnino New York Captain

O'Sullivan, Michael Ireland

Outhouse, William Portland, Maine 28 Co. I, 2nd Inf. 02/12/'47, 06/18/'47 Hung.

Parker, Richard Dublin, Ireland 25 Co. K, 5th Inf. 07/01/'45, 11/08/'46 Hung.

Peel, Ireland Lieutenant, among the leaders of the Paredes Revolt.

Popes, Henry

Price, John England 21 Co. F, 2nd Inf. 11/25/'45, 02/20/'47 Hung.

Rhode, Francis Stettin, Prussia 23 Co. I, 2nd Drgns.11/17/'46, 06/13/'47 Hung.

Riley, John Galway, Ireland 28 Co. K, 5th Inf. 09/04/'45, 04/12/'46 Major, Non-Hispanic leader of the San Patricios; still in Mexican (Reilly) ` service as late as 1850.

Riley, Thomas Ireland 24 Co. H, 3rd Inf. 07/13/'45, 04/04/'46 A veteran member of the unit from the evacuation of Matamoros until (Reilly) the war's end.

Rocher, Daniel

Romero, Elizio

Rose, John Oldenburg, Germany 29 Co. F, 6th Inf. 10/05/'46, 07/01/'47 Hung.

Schafino, Francisco Mexico Colonel, first Commander of the unit.

Schmidt, Herman Hanover, Germany 26 Co. D, 3rd Inf. 08/24/'44, 11/27/'46 Hung.

Sheehan, John Ireland 26 Co. G, 5th Inf. 06/13/'45, 11/13/'45 Deserted twice, hung.

Smith, Charles Frankfort, Germany 26 Ordinance 09/06/'46, 12/28/'46

Spears, James Scotland 26 Co. D, 7th Inf. 12/21/'44, 11/01/'46 Hung.

Stevenson, John Armagh, Ireland 32 Co. H, 5th Inf. 08/04/'46, 05/27/'47 Awarded the Angostura Cross of Honor and promoted to First Lieutenant after his efforts at Buena Vista.

Sutherland, John Scotland Lieutenant, a resident of Mexico since 1841; he was deported for allegedly plotting to assasinate General Mariano Arista.

Thomas, Samuel H. Batavia, New York 31 Co. C, 6th Inf. 01/30/'47, 07/22/'47 Drummed out of the U. S. Army 06/01/'48.

Thompson, Henry Scotland Lieutenant, was in Mexican service from evacuation of Matamoros to the Paredes Revolt.

Vader, John

Venator, Henry Germany 27 Co. I, 2nd Drgns.04/16/'45, 06/13/'47 Hung.

Vinet, Poland Sergeant

Vosbor, John

Wallace, William A. Scotland 26 Co. C, 3rd Inf. 01/01/'47, 07/21/'47 Hung.

Ward, Edward Drummed out of U.S. Army, 06/01/'48.

Wheaton, Lemuel Ashtabula, Ohio 20 Co. A, 6th Inf. 09/12/'46, 07/07/'47 Hung.

Whistler, Henry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30 Co. E, 4th Arty.01/15/'47, 07/17/'47 Hung.

Williams, Charles

Wilton, John England Sergeant, drummed out of U.S. Army, 06/01/'48.

Winitt, Luis Great Britain Sergeant.

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