X. Thomas Bernard Moran

Thomas "Tommy" Anthony Moran was born March 22, 1928. He served in the U. S. Navy during WWII. Tommy had a long and distinguished career with the Boston Police Department. He married Margaret W. Carr on October 12, 1951 in Boston. Tom and his family moved into the upstairs part of his parent's home while his mother and sister Rita lived downstairs. This arrangement meant that Tom would maintain the house, doing what needed to be done despite a busy schedule with the police department and as a father to a growing family. While most of his brothers were loud and quick to dominate a conversation, Tom was the quiet one of the family, certainly of the "second group of kids" as Frank and John the two oldest also had quiet sides. Tom was also sometimes referred to as the "Good Son" as he was in less trouble growing up as the others. All the Morans were very active and if that meant crossing a line or two, no problem. They did not draw those lines.

In October, 1969 Tom Moran is on th front page of the Boston Globe in a story about the daily life of a policeman.

It reads in part: Patrolman Thomas B. Moran, 41, is stationed in District 4, the busiest police district in Boston, which includes the South End and Back Bay. A plain-clothsman dealing mostly with the drug and vice problems in his district, Moran is a soft-spoken, blue-eyed and highly regarded police officer. In a lengthy interview that takes up most of an internal page, Tom Moran begins by telling a little about himself -

I've have been a policeman for 18 years, six years in Mattapan in Station 19, and 12 years in District 4 in the South End. I am married, have seven children and I live n Dorchester where I have lived all my life. I make $160 a week, base pay. I work 40 regular hours a week and from 15-25, closer to 25, hours extra a week.

He then makes a few observations -

There are an awful lot of jobs we didn't bargain for when we came on. We thought it was all cops and robbers. One minute you're hitting somebody with a night stick; an hour later you're delivering a baby. Being a polceman, with the things you have seen over the years, your mind probably helps you because you forget the worst things, dead bodies, burned victims, murder victims. Our officers are being called pigs, hit and abused day after day, month after month by one group or another, be it strikers, hippies, students, Negroes, Puerto Ricans - all of whom have a beef. Things aren't going the way they want them to..they cause trouble, so the police are brought in and we're the subject of their abuse..every night someone is there to abuse you. The police are paying pretty heavily for the ills of society and suburbia.

Two months later Officer Tom Moran won Police-Man-Of-The-Month honors along with two other officers working a stakeout that capped a year long investigation which allowed authorities to arrest a man who moved an estimated $5 million worth of drugs a year.

Tom Moran displaying the check that came with the award from the Boston Record American Sunday Advertiser.















Tommy and Peggy had seven children:

A. Thomas "Tommy" Joseph, born July 19, 1952, is a graduate of Salem State College. He is now a Superintendent of schools in South Carolina. He married Janet "Jan" Corning. They had four children:

1. Leslie Bridget

2. Christine

3. Susanna

4. Thomas

Tommy and Jan divorced.

B. William "Billy" Patrick, born August 8, 1954, is a graduate of Holy Cross University, Georgetown Medical School and Bowman Gray Medical School. He is a medical doctor. Billy married Deborah Holden and they have two children:

1. Sarah

2. Matthew

Billy and Deborah divorced.

C. Paula, born February 15, 1957, attended Fisher Junior College and the University of Massachusetts. She married Ronald Everett. The have a son:

1. Ronald.

Paula and Ronald are now divorced.

D. Christine, born March 28, 1958, is a graduate of Boston State College. She married John Hawkins. They live in Greenville, North Carolina with their two children:

1. John Michael

2. Michelle

E. Timothy Francis, born July 18, 1959, attended the University of Massachusetts. He married Leah "Sandy" Twidwell and live in Dorchester with their two sons:

1. David

2. Alexander

F. Patrick John, born September 3, 1960, is not married. He lives in South Boston.

G. Richard "Richey" Bernard, born January 17, 1963, married Sheree Vitiello. They live in Wakefield, Massachusets and have a daughter and a son:

1. Ariana

2. Michael Thomas

Tommy and Peggy divorced.

Margaret "Peggy" CARR Moran became involved in health care when her children were grown and gone. Thus began a second career, one she worked at with a passion. She was a founding member of Dorchester's Little House Health Center. In 1986 she became the office manager at Savitz and Wainger Medical of Boston and was instrumental in the success of that practise. She served on the Board of Directors of the New England Medical Center.

Peggy also served her community and neighbors by being a member of the Columbia/Savin Hill Civic Association and on the board of Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses.

That her voluntary service was effective and appreciated is reflected in her having been named a member emeritus of the House Council of the Dorchester Little House Health Center in 1993. In 1994, the Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses honored her by naming Peggy CARR Moran as one of thrity outstanding citizens of Dorchester. In 1998, she was named one of 25 outstanding Boston seniors.


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