RESOLVED That we view with feelings of the deepest regret, the manner in which the Gover't of the Republic of Mexico is administered by the present dynasty - The repeated violations of the constitution - the total disregard for the law - the entire prostration of the civil authority; and the substitution in the stead of military despotism, are grievances of such a character, as to arouse the feelings of every freeman, and impel him to resistance -

RESOLVED That we view with feelings of the deepest interest and solicitude, the firm and manly resistance, which is made by the highly talented and distinguished Chieftain - General Santa Anna, to the numberless Encroachments and infractions, which have been made by the present administration, upon the constitution and law of our adopted and beloved country.

RESOLVED That as freemen devoted to a correct interpretation and enforcement of the Constitution, and laws, according to their true Spirit - We pledge our lives and fortunes in support of the same, and of the distinguished leader, who is now gallantly fighting in defence of Civil Liberty.

RESOLVED That the people of Texas be invited to cooperate with us, in support of the principles incorporated in The foregoing resolutions.

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